: bugsplat
Hello friend did u fix it ? it will be very good if u can help me.
Únholy (EUW)
: Disconnecting with Low Ping and High FPS
Hi guys did u fix it ? Can u help me ?
: LOL disconnects during loading screen
Hello how did u fix it ?
: University Internet blocking League?
I have this problem at my own pc can u help me ?
Shacauto (EUW)
: Connexion problem
Hello did u fix it if u did how ?
sasanbamiri (EUNE)
: conecting problem
Did u fix it id u did how ?
NovaKit21 (EUNE)
: Im getting an ERROR, Like help please.
Snu1fy (EUW)
: BugSplat
Hello friend did u fix it can u help me I have the same bug.
Mas7er (EUNE)
: PLS PLS PLS Help me :(
https://ufile.io/pqtji here
Rioter Comments
DanielBacos (EUNE)
: Unable to get patch 6.23
Did u fix it I have it now


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