: i agree with u. i know many people that quit league because of one of the reasons above. it really is slowly dying but i think they poker on the new players and on the addicted ones. people that wont see how league is changing are one of these two groups. unexperienced or addicted.
Totally true. Game companies have many tools and methods to make a game super addictive. This is simple marketing. But the problem is, they dont learn because the game is never really dying. Long quited people come back. New players rise, especially now, that its one of the most watched games on Twich TV. We are used and took advantage on. We are not being treated as a community but more like a brain washed audience that has infinite patience with the game
Hemșo (EUW)
: so what? if you really think that you're addicted seek for help. stop letting a game control the quality of your life. Can't women meet other women? It's 2018, be openminded
You misunderstand the situation. I can stop playing the game. Everyone can make a break for a few days/weeks. The problem here is this game calls you back. Stopping is easy, quiting is hard, and guess why. They dont benefit from people quitting, and they have special tools and methods to make a game super addictive. No one is "sick" for being addicted to a game. Most people would reply "how do you I dont have a gf". The problem is, i wont involve presonal relationship statuses on a Game Forum. And neither should you.
: Agree
Dotn forget to upvote, so this message can get to more people.
: just saying what i feel about riot games. i rather watch a game that i dont even play than watch 1 %%%%ing game of their lcs (that they are promoting during the ''technical issues'') ill bet the vieuwers count is so low they need to shutdown euw just to get more people watching.... Welcome to League Of Legends The game thats broken since 2010 gets a lot of money globally still cant fix returning problems...
Exactly. I saw a good post about this, that was about something like its not a game anymore, but rather a Sport. This is however could not be a problem, if the casual playerbase got the same attention. Just imagine this idea: League of Legends continues on the same road and become a complete Pro game, and the casual playerbase gets a League of Legends 2 with moderate or less game changes and more palyer contribution. This would be great. Or make a League of Legends PRO. I think professionals should be divided from casual players this way the game could go two healthy ways that both playerbases can enjoy. Not to mention that every balance is decided on stats and numberes recorded on high elo games. If a champ is "too weak" in high elos, it gets buffed everywhere, even if it was unplayable against as a lower elo player (best example is Master Yi)
Hydnoras (EUW)
: >Can we aggre on that Riot Games is one of the worst gaming companies ever? No, we can't agree on that. While i agree with some of your points to an extent, Riot games is still literally one of the best gaming companies that exists today. Mention even one that you think is better.
Blizzard can manage, how many games exactly? And all of them are top tier online games that clash with League today. But im not here to compare company profits and anythning like that. An online game has an important part, which is community. While other games like RPGs have "audience" (well most RPGs have onlyine parts too), an online playerbase is always different. Each player should be considered as critics, as long as they can make reasonable complains/satemens, and each player should be taken seriously on the same level. For instance, could you get back your right to play after you got permabanned on every aco%%%% you had? No you could not. But NA Streamers can. Or could you make changes in the game by screaming "go kiII yourself Riot" in your stream, and complain about "current meta"? No, you would probably get banned. But an NA Streamer wont. An NA Streamer will get his main champ buffed and will get a Keystone that is fiting for his main role This game, I am sure, has one of the most creative and contributing playerbase, even though we are mostly ignored. We tolerate every unfair punishment we ever get, and still come back and play. We tolerate all these bad turns and changes and still come back and play. And I never felt any appreciation from them, even though I'm still here and playing this game that many other would have already quit if they were me.
MasterKota (EUNE)
: riot is a joke. Everyone knows it. But u cant do anything about it. Its too late. Please quit this game and helps urself.
And here comes my answer for my own question >Could you stop playing it and quit if it took a really bad turn that would ruin your experience?< No I couldnt. Im addicted. But there is one thing. The worse the games get, the more joy one succesful game can bring. I dont ask anyone to leave the game. I ask everyone to fight to make a difference. In many parts of life, quiting is always easier, but staying and working on making a difference can help more people and not just yourself.
: This happened because the Chinese fat cats at Tencent bought Riot in Season 5. Game is pile of steaming shit.
So that is the reason for this big turn. They really just sold out the game? And let it take turns they dont even want? Some people dont even respect their own creations.
Igfotz (EUW)
: EUW has had so many problems it's not even funny. I would be glad if they at least TOLD us the reason for this. But this can't be expected, because all resources of the smol indi geme compony are in more meaningful departments, like creating a sound for each emote
This is another big fail. Putting effort in unneccesary things like the one you mentioned, while the game is falling apart. Mission progress is been down for at least 6 hours now, but at least the dabbing penguin has a bass boosted audio.
Hemșo (EUW)
: man if u really are that dedicated to rant about a FREE game, from which the developers HAVE to make a PROFIT without actually making the game p2w, you should really think about getting a girlfriend
You talk like its hard for them to make profit. Last rear League was the highest income online game if you didnt know. It beat other not-free games. And the last part of your comment is really personal so I dont think its fair to say anything similar, regarding the fact that I might even be a girl.
: Riot Has Lost It
Please read the discussion on the following link. This posts topic doesnt fit the context and will probably be removed. https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/XXiZYGvi-can-we-talk-about-league
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