Banium (EUW)
: Abilities lag at 6-10 Minutes of the game (Abilities delay keyboard)
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Have had same problem 30 min to the game the pop up comes and leaves me from the game. It got resolved when i deleted lol and reinstalled it. However now it almost worse lagg wierd noises and sound goes off approximetly 10min into the game. Might be some sort of virus i think.
Druscari (EUW)
: Player behaviour is appaling: Tired of some support players
i agree whit you 100% 25 year old myself. Support main here. You say supports are the thickheaded. But ADCs are 10 times more annoying. If your cooldown on abilities are down and cant save them when they get cought ADCs blame you for everything. So i guess it goes both ways. ps the real challenge of this game is to handle the toxicity and make people better human beings online.
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: lol minimizes in the beginning of the game
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graabbuu (EUW)
: %%%%, same thing happens to me. Usually it takes me out to homescreen 2 times in the same game, it was only one when it started. The first one nearly after spawning and the other one lvl 1-2 or so. It just messes your preasure those first 2 lvls which can be so deciding on what you are playing or who you are if you get taken out and you were in a bad spot its 100% first blood to the enemy. I dont remember a recent update on windows. Can you tell me if it was optional or a must to one? Ive seen your 2 day old post. I dont get why riot doesnt help...
me too no Windows update cant figure out what the problem is. Eveygame 1-3 times minimize to desktop
: lol minimizes in the beginning of the game
well it is gamebreaking when you get killed sometimes you get so far behind that you cant do a comeback. And it happens every game now. And if problem is not solved i think i quit lol
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Atto (EUW)
: League Minimising out of Windows Every Game
yes same problem someon pls respond
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: Game Semi-Crashing
same problem pls riot respond


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