: LEC team pass watching mission
did you find any answer? i have watched 2 G2 games one of them being over 50 min and i am still 0/3
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: It will most likely fall on deaf ears, Shen mains asked if his regular sword could be made smaller on his pulsefire skin since the model of his regular sword is even bigger than his Spirit Blade. But sadly nothing. Then again you might get the prestige K/DA Ahri treatment where the issue with the colour of her tails was changed within less than a day.
at least shen got a normal face xD , but yeah i hope that they will see how much it has been meemed recently and fix it
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Ðeathwish (EUNE)
: Skin Increase sales and better skin for the zed mains
its the new skin , and many people are dissapointed in it it woud be better for their sales and better for us mains to get a better skin im just giving them a suggestion , in the end they decide what to do
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