: Why do you not respect pings? Need an answer
I try to keep an eye on mid lane when I'm top/bot, so I usually don't need pings. I don't think it's a matter of "why do you not respect pings" but rather "why do you ignore the information map gives you". {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: Dear Riot
I think it's unfair that two players, with the same misbehavior, are treated differently. The rules had to take into account the date the punishment was issued, as a chat restriction is way lighter from a chat restriction followed by an exclusion from the end-season rewards, for the exact same violation. I hope the Rioters in charge will be able to give you the time to make up and prove you have changed your ways, so they can be able to give your rewards. {{sticker:vlad-salute}} -edit- P.s. if you have demoted to honor lv0, you have to admit you were kind of asking for it, as I think the first punishment gets you to lv1. So, probably you will have to start behaving more responsible in game. However, I hope all goes well.
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: Why we are still having "Toxic Players"?
If the poll was "have you ever get punished" I would pick "Yes _plus_". Because of fear :P. But fear also leads to anger :v and so sometimes gets a _minus_. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: > BUT PERMA BAN FOR PLAYERS IS NONSENSE, cuz when you give them perma ban they open up new account so where is the punishment in that a) The punishment is that you lose everything. Quite a punishment, don't you think? It basically combines all the punishments you just suggested yourself. How can a combination of all those punishments NOT be a punishment? b) Most permabanned players do NOT create another account. Some do, sure, but most don't. > If something is not been improved for 5 years etc. That's not the case. There have been plenty of improvements in the last 5 years. > who have just made mistake in their accounts and got their long term accounts banned. No, you don't lose your account by just making a mistake. You lose your account by being a jerk to other people multiple times despite being warned about and despite being explicitly told that they will lose their account if they continue to do it. > AND I REALLY DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY NOONE IN THIS FORUM SUPPORTS THIS PLAYERS Because they are jerks. No one likes jerks, especially not in their games. > First of all, I think we should now when someone reports you like honor. No. This was already tested in the past. It stressed the hell out of people, because even completely innocent players get reported frequently. Unless you have absolute trust in the report system, that' stressful. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. It's best if people do not know about all those bullshit reports they are getting. > I even just learned if someone reports you randomly it slows your honor process That is entirely incorrect. Actually being a jerk, that slows down your honor process. Reports have no effect on anything, except that they trigger an investigation of your behavior. Thats the ONLY effect reports have on any system. The result of that investigation can have an effect on things like honor, but it won't if the reports were just random and you were innocent. > Most of you are saying "They had 3 chances to get perma ban". Yeah, but they didn't take it serious WHat kind of excuse is that supposed to be? "Yes, I got a fair and clear warning but I didn't take it seriously and just ignored it and continues to be jerk, so it's not my fault". What the hell man. If you don't take a very clear warning seriously, that's your fault, no a problem of the system. > Did you ever got banned? No? Okey maybe not now but when you get banned; this is gonna happen you will write a post explain us what happened. You make it sound like getting banned is something that just randomly happens to you. It doesn't, it only happens if you are causing it. So no, it's not ever going to happen to me and most other players, because we do not break the rules. > -Shoud they have warning? Why not? Warn them so they can like "Ohh fucfuc%%%% I do this I am getting many report" So it may cause feedback on them. SO we can have less toxic player. As explained before, this was already tested. It stressed people out and, more importantly, didn't actually help. It didn't reduce toxicity. Just knowing that many people reported you is not a sufficient punishment. > they can show these players our feed back They can't. Because people would immediately use that feature to insult others. > Let people engage their account, do not make it easy to get new account. Ask for phone number like you did for the clash tickets. It is easy to get e-mail but not phone number. + you can learn identy from phone number also so it is easy to control it. There are legal problems with that. I'm not a lawyer, I can't really explain it in detail, but there are massive legal problems if you try to identify the players behind the accounts and even limit them in some way by not allowing them to create another account. It's not that easy, sadly. If it would be that easy, Riot would have done this years ago. And they did, in fact, in Korea...the only country where this is legal. There is no way to prevent people from creating more accounts, due to either technical or legal problem. It sadly simply isn't an option. > It is virtual good, they deserve to have their account exist. Otherwise to me it is stealing these player money and time. Yeah, but that's just you. In reality they don't deserve shit, neither legally nor ethically. They broke a contract, so legally they don't deserve anything. By breaking the contract they lose all rights the contract granted them, it's as easy as that. And ethically it's okay too because if you mistreat other people, you deserve a punishment. And if you don't stop although you are warned (multiple times even), then you ABSOLUTELY deserve it. > Sorry but we are giving our time/money and we don't have right to own it properly You might wanna read the Terms of Use of those other games. You don't own those accounts either. Riot is in no way special regarding this. > But I am just trying to find a solution for all. We all do. Sadly you oversimplified the situation and the solutions you have in mind do not work. If it would be that easy, the problem would have been solved years ago. But it's a highly complicated problem and there is no such thing as easy solution for it. > Instead make them only communicate by picking from common sentences Why would you take away free communication from ALL players, just because a tiny minority has no manners or self control and misbehaves? Doesn't it make way more sense to only target those misbehaving players? How do all the other innocent players deseve to have a fun tool taken away? > If we all unite we can make them change samething. That is, sadly, an overly romantic perspective on the situation. This problem is not going to be solved by really really wanting to change things. It's more complicated and frustrating. There needs to be research, there needs to money that is invested, there needs to be global networking so not only Riot fights toxicity but ALL game devs and there needs to be a slow improvement of gaming culture over years or decades. > Statistics-wise the pool make no sense cuz only one who are using boards are most of the time player who have no problems That actually couldn't be more wrong. The average happy player has no reason to visit the boards. People mostly come here when they have some kind of problem or when they want to complain. You can hardly find a more "problematic" player pool than the boards.
> No, you don't lose your account by just making a mistake. You lose your account by being a jerk to other people multiple times ... > ethically it's okay too because if you mistreat other people, you deserve a punishment. I am playing a game with you. Suddenly I decide to go afk because my support (whom I flamed from the start of the game) "stole my kill". I write "bye" and go afk in the fountain. You are 6 minutes into the game, and you need to go on, for -at least- another 14 mins until you surrender because i won't. You (the mid laner) write me a couple of naughty words and I respond accordingly. After the game I report you and you get punished. **Legally** you broke the contract. But **ethically**, two things: a) Was I one of those victims that the EULA creators had in mind, in order to protect from players like you? b) Is it ethical to issue a penalty, by ignoring the conditions that lead to your behavior? Even though you were responding to an awful situation I put you in (verbally and in-game). I am not saying legal, but **ethical**. I accept you cannot manually police millions of games per day, but ethical is a strong word when you have no choice other than choosing the lesser of two evils.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ðequñ,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=GMjrQ06W,comment-id=0003000100000000,timestamp=2018-09-15T10:14:46.252+0000) > > _Nope_. > We disagree about the missions' requirements What the _quack_ are you talking about mate? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
RayleighTT writes > i just got a mission who **require **a team of 5 to play yasuo That's **a requirement** of the mission. You are fine with that requirement, because you reply with > Riot made a PvE event that encourages team/friends play RayleighTT **does not like** that requirement because he finds it a drawback to search for four people with the same goal. **I agree** with RayleighTT, **you disagree** with RayleighTT. That's an **arguement**. I.e. **We disagree about the missions' requirements**. Is the _quack _ clear now? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ðequñ,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=GMjrQ06W,comment-id=00030001,timestamp=2018-09-15T03:28:44.598+0000) > > So your reply is "i don't care". No, it isn't. My reply is: > [{quoted}](name=Febos,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=GMjrQ06W,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-09-14T14:18:35.297+0000) > > How dare they?! Riot made a **PvE event** that encourages team/friends play, in a team-based game, like in other PvE games?! Absolutely preposterous! I can't find the "I don't care" anywhere. Would you be so kind and show me where it is?
_Nope_. {{sticker:poppy-wink}} We disagree about the missions' requirements, but nothing good will come out from a long argument over it. Cheers! (The only arguments i stick with are about Yasuo)
Cypherous (EUW)
: > is that your intention to make people search players on board for this event mission:??? Oh noes, how dare riot make you communicate with players using the numerous communications options like the boards, or the subreddit or any of the numerous discord servers, oh woe is me > stop doing so trash missions , just put your brain when doing the missions cause this is obvious really hard mission to achieve if you no find people to play with ! Or you could use yours to find players doing the mission, rocket science, it is not > No one on the entire board have this mission anymore Citation needed because you're on the boards and you need it, ergo the entire board hasn't completed it, ergo there are people who still need it > tell me how i can tell them to don't instant lock on something else when i que I mean its almost like the hardest missions require a premade group or something, i mean its not like such a feature exists or anything
> Oh noes, how dare riot make you communicate with players using the numerous communications options like the boards, or the subreddit or any of the numerous discord servers Sounds more like a Social Skills Event than Odyssey: Extraction :P
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=RayleighTT,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=GMjrQ06W,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-09-14T13:27:42.347+0000) > > i just got a mission who require a team of 5 to play yasuo, > how the hell i can find players who have this mission in my friend list, > how the hell i can find them in que , i search board for players with this mission, > i**s that your intention to make people search players on board for this event mission**? How dare they?! Riot made a **PvE event** that encourages team/friends play, in a team-based game, like in other PvE games?! Absolutely preposterous! https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/mobile/000/023/180/notsurprisedkirk.jpg Get rid of whoever had that idea! {{champion:35}}
So your reply is "i don't care". Riot probably agrees.
: Every single game my lane opponent: "Garen you suck! Garen noob champ! Garen you bronze!"
Well, what can you do. I'm not a Yasuo fan. Should Moe say "ok, i'll quit play him". I mean.. it's none of your business if people complain. Riot should worry about negative feedback not you. However, if you are concerned about your opponents' feelings, then play Ashe top and lose. They will feel better. One last thing. Do you think Garen is the only champion people complain about? Off the top of my head: Illaoi, Darius, Fizz, Zoe, Zed, Vayne. Have you ever heard anyone say "wow Illaoi, that play over there with the tentacles was amazing". Of course not. Probably "wow not broken at all" and stuff. _ "Close your heart to their desperation. Close your heart to their suffering. Do not allow yourself to feel for them. They will not feel for you."_ - Yasuo
: it just pisses me off how easily adc's can scale and take kills from you without your consent but they are the first ones to %%%%% when someone "kill steals" them the person above accused me of grieving for taking kills when my teamates were all dead which was a LOL topkek material
Just ignore them. The goal is the nexus. It's always better if carries take the kills, but it's not always possible. Sometimes they have to settle for assists and good farm, which are enough.
: snowballed when we were already winning and doing fine and not by their own merit but by kill stealing seems like that was just for show and stats instead of a necessity
You are right. I found an article that sais: "One of the most important things ADC need to master is good farming. Kills are rather just a nice addition to regular farming. In late game ADC are capable of dealing huge damage. If they die, the team loses its driving force." Oh wait, you are wrong. Sorry.
: I once got an afk xayah adc and i was apc/support or whatever i dont remember what champ i was doing fine and the damn xayah reconnected at level 1 and waited for me to get nasus low hp and before i finish him she Q'd and got the kill did she get me to where i was in that situation? of course not she was just an afker/freeloader on free kills i got "a sorry bro" but ofc she didnt mean it and ofc she easily snowballed because of that easy kill while i work hard to get every kill when i am not fed (adc's amirite) it's super annoying to be honest none needed that xayah to be fed, just to play and not be an afk douche also please stop underestimating me when i play support it doesnt mean i am a weak player who cant get people killed without an adc that's hardly the case most adc's i get are %%%%ing useless whiners and i deal more damage early game than they could ever do and no i dont believe you need a fed adc to win games sorry (well there are desperate cases where i need adc's to be fed but they are rare) tl;dr adc meta is cancer most adc's are the real kill stealers and id rather feed myself or mid laner than them any day (ofc a good adc will feed himself by himself)
> i got "a sorry bro" but ofc she didnt mean it and ofc she easily snowballed because of that easy kill while i work hard to get every kill when i am not fed OH NO! SHE SNOWBALLED! THAT'S SO DISGUSTI- Wait, what?
: Unreasonable Perma ban RIOT PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT LEAST
I am very sorry for your ban- honestly. But.. i mean.. how hard is it to stay away from chat? Seriously people, just don't use it if you are short tempered. I mean.. it's the same post every single time. It's so sad. Do you know how many punishments would not have issued if chat didn't exist? I don't understand you guys, you'll make me cry {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: The life of a support main in low elo...
Congrats and ty for the advise.
Ladrac (EUNE)
: So hyped for the NEW YASUO SKIN <3
I guess they wanted someone to have synergy with Malphite. Tbh i like that they are a team but can also play as one.
JayceGatsby (EUNE)
: Sure looks sick. here is animated trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fn8648VGMKM Sick new skin trailers indeed.
: im hype to see mode, stages like "Star Guardian mode" . But skins are "meh" , saw better ideas here on boards than this. For skins: 3/10
Star Guardian mode was awesome. Except for the conditions to earn the Legendary Guardian icon. I still have nightmares about this.
xMem0 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ðequñ,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Wp2T1xKH,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2018-09-10T06:48:54.091+0000) > > Basically a booster. i am looking for a fun time and all those i've been matched with last 40 games are superbad. if posting this is what it takes to find a person... why not
No, it's great finding nice people to play with. Of course i'm also sorry for you last games. It's just, the comment looks like a list with basic requirements for employment :P Hope you find someone soon. Gl and hf.
: "Kat players haven't been playing Kat in general...
"Kat players haven't been playing Kat in general" That's wonderful news! Thank you Kat players. Keep it up.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Answer these questions
1. {{champion:157}} 2. Warrior Princess {{champion:15}} 3. {{champion:99}} 4. skill-wise Rank 1. If only rank, Gold 5. Zero Drive. But if it has to be an actual weapon then maybe Kuro and Shiro. 6. {{champion:61}} as she cannot turn into one of them 7. Sir Daniel Fortesque / Canal Vorfeed 8. T-1000 {{champion:51}} 9. The Sword of Omens 10. Sleepy :P
Astare (EUNE)
Isn't it weird that the matchmaking system assumes a Diamond player in solo Q, will behave wildly different in the same exact format, just because it is renamed flex? And as such, doesn't take his solo mmr into account- at all. For me it's funny, but that's how it works.
xMem0 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Arnoter,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Wp2T1xKH,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-09-09T17:11:10.068+0000) > > Do you mean a Hypercarry, somebody like Heimer, Yasuo or Swain Bot? All traditional adcs and some other carries like yasuo are welcome, if anyone not sure if their champ gets into the category they are free to ask. Also what i meant by carry is a person that see many opportunities. If you don't see any opportunities you are bad player. Just compare bronze 5 to gold. Golds know how to abuse ranged vs melee matchup. Compare those to the ones that do it plus they track the cooldowns, they see much more opportunities and thus is how u carry. Carry basically means to kill everyone. You see opportunity u trade and kill.
Viscious (EUW)
: Having the problem of switching mains every single week
I suggest Ahri. She plays mid which is a vital lane, as you are able to assist everyone anywhere. You can gank bot from there and you can also help your jungler and guard objectives, especially dragons. You will also learn to check the map frequently. Also Ahri isn't too complicated and has a high damage potential. Regarding Riven, if enemy denies you kills, you are done. He doesn't even have to be a good player, just play tank and stay under tower. Also you have no control over bot or dragons.
: toxicity is not a number 1 problem in league of legends for the million times. People sucks in game knowlage. Thats the number 1 issue that creates toxicity. If adc cant farm- its tilting, if top dies 5 times in 10 minutes- its tilting. If our jungler dont have hands or minimap ON - its tilting. If enemy mid roam 5 times botlane and our mid is lost in time and space- its tilting. I hope u get my point.
I guess either the game has to become simple, or matchmaking system has to work wonders. Because getting all players on the same level is impossible.
KatScrlpt (EUNE)
: Riot pls listen to what you community wants
I'm part of the community and i don't want that.
: Ye ill gladly post it here, keep in mind i know im BMing bit i dont agree with the ban. Im just talkign back after someones whining. I mean, as i read it now, the text alone looks dumb, if whole chat was included, would be better. Game 1 In-Game MorphiumCZ: well see MorphiumCZ: wow MorphiumCZ: pls dont be that yasuo MorphiumCZ: ok bot lost MorphiumCZ: pro champ MorphiumCZ: looks like even u can play him MorphiumCZ: wow MorphiumCZ: quality team again MorphiumCZ: wow MorphiumCZ: ur both bad MorphiumCZ: typical yasuop MorphiumCZ: feeds MorphiumCZ: hate these palyers MorphiumCZ: ofc ur ping is bad MorphiumCZ: as usual MorphiumCZ: thats what u get MorphiumCZ: when u feed MorphiumCZ: ofc he will MorphiumCZ: idiot MorphiumCZ: stop feeding MorphiumCZ: and what did u do? MorphiumCZ: ur garbage MorphiumCZ: and u talk about jungler? MorphiumCZ: this game MorphiumCZ: is u being bad MorphiumCZ: and not jungler difference MorphiumCZ: its easier for yuo MorphiumCZ: to blame others MorphiumCZ: but ur garbage MorphiumCZ: dude MorphiumCZ: stfu MorphiumCZ: ur cant play jayce MorphiumCZ: he requires skil§ MorphiumCZ: which u dont have MorphiumCZ: u lost MorphiumCZ: 1v1 MorphiumCZ: ur bad MorphiumCZ: deal wiht it MorphiumCZ: see MorphiumCZ: ur bad MorphiumCZ: 1/4 MorphiumCZ: talks MorphiumCZ: u lost MorphiumCZ: top MorphiumCZ: cuz ur bad MorphiumCZ: garbage botlane has something to say? MorphiumCZ: u all MorphiumCZ: just whine MorphiumCZ: and suck MorphiumCZ: thats it MorphiumCZ: u rely on my help MorphiumCZ: cuz ur bad MorphiumCZ: and when u dont get hlep MorphiumCZ: u whine MorphiumCZ: like little kids MorphiumCZ: ur garbage MorphiumCZ: %%%%%% MorphiumCZ: just stfu and lose MorphiumCZ: moron MorphiumCZ: grow up MorphiumCZ: %%%%%% MorphiumCZ: or come say it to my face MorphiumCZ: report jayce, whining whole game MorphiumCZ: like little kid MorphiumCZ: jayce telling other players what to do? MorphiumCZ: u cant even play with jayce MorphiumCZ: why u talk? MorphiumCZ: %%%%%% MorphiumCZ: my fault yasuo is 7/13 MorphiumCZ: sorry MorphiumCZ: u died 8 times MorphiumCZ: %%%%%% MorphiumCZ: why u talk? MorphiumCZ: ur fault ur bad MorphiumCZ: not mine Post-Game MorphiumCZ: %%%%%%ed ass team MorphiumCZ: when u suck MorphiumCZ: its only ur fault MorphiumCZ: yes MorphiumCZ: cuz ur bad MorphiumCZ: so stfu MorphiumCZ: moron MorphiumCZ: u cant MorphiumCZ: so ban him MorphiumCZ: %%%%%% MorphiumCZ: what? MorphiumCZ: can u speak properly? MorphiumCZ: i dont understand this language MorphiumCZ: so ur bad at speaking English ? MorphiumCZ: ur the one whos baby MorphiumCZ: idiot MorphiumCZ: no one cares leona MorphiumCZ: ur whining MorphiumCZ: whole game MorphiumCZ: u will get reported MorphiumCZ: and jayce MorphiumCZ: idiots MorphiumCZ: stop whining MorphiumCZ: no one cares MorphiumCZ: u will still be bronze MorphiumCZ: yes MorphiumCZ: anyone can MorphiumCZ: not you tho MorphiumCZ: ur dum MorphiumCZ: u whine more MorphiumCZ: than u play MorphiumCZ: stop MorphiumCZ: whining MorphiumCZ: idiot MorphiumCZ: jesus christ MorphiumCZ: can u do somehting else? MorphiumCZ: apart from blaming others? MorphiumCZ: retared MorphiumCZ: come MorphiumCZ: say it to my face MorphiumCZ: idiot MorphiumCZ: i dare you MorphiumCZ: ur just a little MorphiumCZ: %%%%%%ed kid MorphiumCZ: keyboard warrior MorphiumCZ: dude MorphiumCZ: im much better than you MorphiumCZ: we lost MorphiumCZ: cuz ur bad MorphiumCZ: and botlane is bad MorphiumCZ: and yasuo is bad MorphiumCZ: not me MorphiumCZ: i use my brain MorphiumCZ: nto like you MorphiumCZ: so stop talking MorphiumCZ: idiot MorphiumCZ: yes MorphiumCZ: idiot MorphiumCZ: stop takling MorphiumCZ: in game MorphiumCZ: and the game will be better MorphiumCZ: w/O players like you MorphiumCZ: uninstall MorphiumCZ: the game MorphiumCZ: now MorphiumCZ: thx MorphiumCZ: ur just a moron MorphiumCZ: who cant accept MorphiumCZ: that ur bad MorphiumCZ: jusit accept it MorphiumCZ: and dont whine MorphiumCZ: no one is interested MorphiumCZ: in ur whining MorphiumCZ: so stfu MorphiumCZ: idiot MorphiumCZ: u cant MorphiumCZ: cuz ur bad MorphiumCZ: dont paly jayce then MorphiumCZ: jayce MorphiumCZ: requires skill MorphiumCZ: which u will never have Game 2 In-Game MorphiumCZ: ? MorphiumCZ: wasnt ks MorphiumCZ: i ganked MorphiumCZ: and killed MorphiumCZ: wow, kid is mad MorphiumCZ: but i still dont care MorphiumCZ: Reprot lb, afk MorphiumCZ: what exactly did i saY? MorphiumCZ: cooperate? MorphiumCZ: nice cooperation MorphiumCZ: tards MorphiumCZ: oh MorphiumCZ: ur premades MorphiumCZ: now i get it MorphiumCZ: all equally bad MorphiumCZ: be bad then, ill just farm MorphiumCZ: oh bot needs help? MorphiumCZ: lucian its u who sucks MorphiumCZ: not me MorphiumCZ: sorry MorphiumCZ: not my problem u dont see my pings MorphiumCZ: what? MorphiumCZ: English pls MorphiumCZ: garbage adc still whining? MorphiumCZ: i dont even read ur shiet MorphiumCZ: ur just bad MorphiumCZ: get over it MorphiumCZ: pro MorphiumCZ: stop invading MorphiumCZ: we have this botlane MorphiumCZ: u just let them have drake?š MorphiumCZ: braindead MorphiumCZ: ur either %%%%in slow MorphiumCZ: or blind MorphiumCZ: im just farming MorphiumCZ: suck however u want MorphiumCZ: im niot helping u MorphiumCZ: bot difference MorphiumCZ: eoe MorphiumCZ: wow MorphiumCZ: i did my job MorphiumCZ: u didnt MorphiumCZ: u just sucked and fed Post-Game MorphiumCZ: nice dmg MorphiumCZ: adc MorphiumCZ: dude MorphiumCZ: our bot MorphiumCZ: was even worse than you MorphiumCZ: nothing to do with me camping MorphiumCZ: can you read? MorphiumCZ: why would i gank MorphiumCZ: bad players? MorphiumCZ: and you are exeptionally bad MorphiumCZ: jungler is one player MorphiumCZ: there are other players Game 3 In-Game MorphiumCZ: without ap* MorphiumCZ: amumu no f MorphiumCZ: ye ye just build armor, garbage MorphiumCZ: you dont buy frined MorphiumCZ: friends MorphiumCZ: maybe u do MorphiumCZ: FFS MorphiumCZ: cooperate MorphiumCZ: cant even ste up a gank? MorphiumCZ: i baited u into being bad? MorphiumCZ: no, thats ur passive MorphiumCZ: ur not doing it alraedy? MorphiumCZ: oh well MorphiumCZ: if kid decided to feed MorphiumCZ: ok then MorphiumCZ: and midlaner MorphiumCZ: exactly MorphiumCZ: u suck even with zed MorphiumCZ: yasuo top has something to say? MorphiumCZ: thats why i dont gank u MorphiumCZ: ur garbage MorphiumCZ: lol MorphiumCZ: virgin draven talking to me? MorphiumCZ: u started whining MorphiumCZ: dumb kid MorphiumCZ: what sthe point helping you? MorphiumCZ: u troll MorphiumCZ: thats what u get MorphiumCZ: when u cry MorphiumCZ: why nto engage? MorphiumCZ: oh MorphiumCZ: cuz troll MorphiumCZ: are u all relatives? MorphiumCZ: cuz ur all equally %%%%%%ed Post-Game MorphiumCZ: for what? MorphiumCZ: u cried MorphiumCZ: whole game MorphiumCZ: thats what u get MorphiumCZ: ur fault MorphiumCZ: u flamed MorphiumCZ: andu didnt cooperate MorphiumCZ: tards MorphiumCZ: probably premade MorphiumCZ: ye sure MorphiumCZ: u ddidnt help MorphiumCZ: on puprpose MorphiumCZ: cuz ur garbage MorphiumCZ: wow MorphiumCZ: zed MorphiumCZ: thinks hes good MorphiumCZ: thats what u get MorphiumCZ: for trolling MorphiumCZ: and whining MorphiumCZ: wate MorphiumCZ: wait MorphiumCZ: xXXxXxGarbagexXxXx has something to say? MorphiumCZ: garbage kids unite MorphiumCZ: zed MorphiumCZ: pls MorphiumCZ: u cant even win with zed MorphiumCZ: adn u whine MorphiumCZ: thats what u get MorphiumCZ: when u cry MorphiumCZ: nice winrate MorphiumCZ: why still garbage V? MorphiumCZ: oh MorphiumCZ: u blame me MorphiumCZ: for ur dumb shiet MorphiumCZ: ok MorphiumCZ: still in this elo? MorphiumCZ: ok MorphiumCZ: so MorphiumCZ: ur a vir gin MorphiumCZ: and ur in this elo MorphiumCZ: how sad MorphiumCZ: do you have at least a job? MorphiumCZ: or still living with parents? MorphiumCZ: and still in this elo MorphiumCZ: i mean MorphiumCZ: how sad are you? MorphiumCZ: is that all u can say apart from suckin, zed? MorphiumCZ: 105 cs MorphiumCZ: with zed MorphiumCZ: WOW MorphiumCZ: garbage* MorphiumCZ: not lee sin MorphiumCZ: lee sin is the champ MorphiumCZ: oh MorphiumCZ: you must be parrot MorphiumCZ: repeating words MorphiumCZ: from humans MorphiumCZ: yep MorphiumCZ: :D MorphiumCZ: dont play MorphiumCZ: ranked MorphiumCZ: with zed pls MorphiumCZ: gj amumu MorphiumCZ: so pro MorphiumCZ: playing tanks MorphiumCZ: stack that armor MorphiumCZ: to cover all ur terribleness MorphiumCZ: in that armor MorphiumCZ: yep MorphiumCZ: now this zed MorphiumCZ: gtfo MorphiumCZ: and dont play ranked pls MorphiumCZ: nor multiplayer MorphiumCZ: you dont cooperate MorphiumCZ: and troll MorphiumCZ: im not you MorphiumCZ: please MorphiumCZ: i mean MorphiumCZ: who wouldnt lose with you MorphiumCZ: even i lost MorphiumCZ: loose? MorphiumCZ: whats that word? MorphiumCZ: i know what that is MorphiumCZ: but u dont MorphiumCZ: oooh MorphiumCZ: u meant MorphiumCZ: lose MorphiumCZ: ah ok MorphiumCZ: so MorphiumCZ: u suck at speaking English MorphiumCZ: probably unemployed MorphiumCZ: and ur Garbage V MorphiumCZ: so tell me MorphiumCZ: what else are you bad at? MorphiumCZ: can u answer? MorphiumCZ: or u can only repeat my words? MorphiumCZ: thats ur life dude MorphiumCZ: yea MorphiumCZ: afraid to admit MorphiumCZ: u cant even argue properly MorphiumCZ: ur just a little kid MorphiumCZ: probably in puberty MorphiumCZ: still living with parents MorphiumCZ: part time? MorphiumCZ: nice MorphiumCZ: cleaning in the kitchen MorphiumCZ: pro MorphiumCZ: like ur zed MorphiumCZ: get back MorphiumCZ: when u know how to bm MorphiumCZ: properly
Regarding the 2nd game where you are writting "wasnt ks i ganked and killed" "Reprot lb, afk", did you took a kill in team-fight and lb raged for that? I can relate so much to this. This attitude is the worse. Anyway, the point is, maybe you had a point to talk back. But in League you should not do that for three reasons. Reason one, you can report them (and no you shouldn't encourage others to do so in chat, neither you should proudly declare it) and that's the best way for you to defend yourself if necessary. Reason two, it's only a game' you are here to play and you shouldn't spend your energy doing something else (like chatting). Reason three, there will always be frustrated people on your way. Frustrated from their skills, their rank, their previous game/s.. it doesn't matter. You just cannot answer to every single one of them. Otherwise, each game would be a 30min debate. So get into a game, relax, expect anything from anyone, focus on yourself. Make good plays, take good decisions, appreciate any good teammate you will find and accept you must carry another who's making things difficult. And if that is enough, then you will win. Sometimes it won't be enough- who cares. It applies to everyone. Leave it behind. Improve. Have fun doing it.
BesniStakor (EUNE)
: https://comicbook.com/gaming/2018/03/01/league-of-legends-matchmaking-explained/#4
Ty for link. I hope this part here: “That said, we think there’s room for improvement here. We’re looking into some options, such as having better algorithms to get players to more accurate MMRs in a shorter time, or potentially ‘splashing’ small amounts of MMR from ranked into normals without a direct link between the two.” comes true, because, i just played against a Platinum 2 Draven main, and of course our team didn't even had a single Gold player. It was -how to put it- not very exciting to participate. Not quite pleasant. Imagine a balance scale with Platinum MMR in one pan, and ask yourself what MMR the other pan needs to balance. It blows my mind that it's still so confusing 8 years after, that we are still blessed enough to read enlightening articles, concluding this way "there's room for improvement". Yes, i think there is plenty of that.
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: Question: Do you still have fun playing League ?
Has anyone ever thought there is a chance that the competitive scene has an impact on the game? Maybe i'm wrong, but i am getting the impression that probably players see it more as a competitive e-sport and less as a fun casual game. I'm not implying that people want to actually be professional players. But maybe they prefer to have a quality game, rather than login and do some goofs with their friends. The fact, that competition has integrated so much into League as time passes by, could mean that nowadays the No1 thing is not to just play, but to play well. This also leads me to think that, since the majority is being labeled as "not good enough", has it's toll on how frustrated the average player is. About more than 60% of players are Silver and Bronze, and that's not something too exciting for a lot of people. Not counting the unranked accounts. Maybe most people are looking for quality games to improve and hone their skills nowadays, so they can one day climb the ladder, much more than kill some time and have fun. Maybe LoL has changed a lot since it's early days. Can't say for sure, but then again, who knows.
: ***
_The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple._
RogueDek (EUW)
: "Minorities are a class that need to be patronized in order for them to compete meaningfully to Men.
I am getting the impression that some people are forcefully trying to divide us into groups, something that none of us had ever wanted or even thought about. Probably because there is no reason to think about it - we are all people, each with their own personal struggles and hopes and dreams and motivations, and that's all about it.
ElZengy (EUW)
: which mains you like the most
Fiddle and Shaco definitely. I would say Urgot too, but before the rework.
: my life depends on this question!
He can't because i ban him.
: ***
I also think image links should end in _.jpg, .png, .gif_ etc. Except gifs, you can add [/img] at the end of the link for a full preview of the image. You won't be able to see previews until you post your comment. Check https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/rL385u11-how-to-boards-formatting for more information.
: feeling lonely. need replies
: feeling lonely. need replies
Shamose (EUW)
: Riot Games is proud of the sexism shown at PAX.
"To strive towards justice, we sometimes have to be harsh and exclusionary. And that's okay." - Maybe Hitler
: Why NA will always be better than EUW/EUNE
https://i.imgur.com/UZLaApE.png[/img] https://i.imgur.com/JeDkkjP.png[/img]
: ***
I won't laughed at if i apply for a job at Riot? Do i have your word?
Otivnaig (EUW)
: I Think Riot should fire Daniel Z Klein
Did he write "%%%% OFF" to his client? {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} Have you ever heard about unintentionally shifting into alternative universes? I feel like i'm in this new reality where these things actually happen. xD
: ***
In what position are men in the gaming world, that women aren't?
: As a new player, I consider this game a grind fest for champions.
Just a few thoughts: They are probably all nonsense, but i'll give it a try anyway. I am not saying i know the reason for sure, or that i have searched about it, just some thoughts off the top of my head. It can become a grind fest for champions, yea. I am on your side on this. Usually on most games you unlock characters much faster, or in some others, they may be all unlocked almost from the beginning or a little later. It's overwhelming when you have 15 champions to play when there are more than 100 not available. However, even though this could suggest that it may be a way to actually make champions purchasable to players who want more options very fast.. well.. maybe there is a more noble motive behind this: Which could be to reduce the creation of smurf accounts. Again, i am not saying this is the case, maybe the reason is something else, like implementing some kind of a reward system (which is kind of how i see it, tbh), however from my experience, people don't stick to their smurf accounts as much, because of the lack of content. So, yea, maybe it's an effort to help a little more the matchmaking system, by making new accounts less appealing. In any case, most (if not all) champions are viable, so you shouldn't worry about not having something "really good" right from the start. (I'd like to point out i may misuse the term "smurf" here, by meaning a second account. Yea, sry)
Coxis (EUNE)
: The Newbie Project - Volunteer Contest - Winners Announcement
The competition was tough! Congrats to all winners and participants and a big ty to the organizers who made this possible.
: It's not about gameplay it's only about wining
I think it's the quality of that game, that will satisfy me. If both teams know what they are doing and it's a close game, i'm having fun regardless the outcome. But if it is a stomp or players are toxic, winning or losing makes no big difference.
: Which champions do you think are the easiest to play and are unskilled
Eveninn (EUW)
: I'm out of touch with the current systems for such cases, but I'd be surprised if they didn't get punished as it is an action clearly against the rules/ideals Riot has set. (And there have been cases in the past where people get punished for... 'playstyles' that were very displeasing to teamamtes.) I actually tend to usually offer to swap with supports if they seem displeased by the role, but more often than not they are just like 'nah, can handle it for this game', let alone that I can't recall anyone getting upset to a point of trolling when autofilled. :o
> [{quoted}](name=GPet,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=fBwAAEFs,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-08-25T11:36:27.779+0000) > >I can&#x27;t recall anyone getting upset to a point of trolling when autofilled. :o ?? ?? This doesn't make any se- uh! platinum/diamond
Mr Hubson (EUW)
: Which champion is better to main and more fun to play, Braum, Thresh or Tahm Kench
I think Braum. Take that with a grain of salt, as an opinion from a higher elo player could be more helpful. However, i'll make an attempt to explain the reasons for my choice. 1) From those three, he is the most straightforward regarding what your teammates will expect from him. If you were playing in a premade team, all three would be valid. But exactly because Thresh and Tahm have many different things they can execute, and in different ways, it may get confusing for your teammates in solo queue. A teammate may dive thinking you would throw him lantern in time (that you didn't because you had to shield your midlaner). You start to ult with Tahm to get an unsuspected opponent in your jungle, and your teammate either misses it, or your tank comes with you. You "eat" your adc to protect him, but in reality he had heal and could win that trade. I think with Thresh and Tahm, there are just so many things that can go wrong. Probably because those two allow you to express your unique play style, which unfortunately your teammates cannot be aware of. 2) My biggest fear with Thresh was his q. You see, Thresh rly needs to land that q. So, let's say that you practice and you are doing great. The problem with that is, as you will eventually meet more experienced players, it may get harder to land it. And it would be so frustrating, to think that you invested so much time, for something so difficult to pull off. Don't get me wrong. Braum is quite challenging too, with q and ultimate not being point clicks. But in a way, he seems more safe to play. So to sum it up: Imho, Braum seems more straightforward and friendlier to play even against more challenging opponents (which is important if you plan to stick with that champion). As a last thought, i'm pretty sure there are more things to take into consideration. For e.g. which of these three have the most carry potential? Who is more active? Is there anyone who may influence the outcome of an even fight, more than the others? Well, i'm not sure, that's why i said maybe a more experienced high elo support could say. Anyhow, whoever you chose to play - have fun.
: I have a couple of questions about "Carrying a match"
Because "_Intentionally ruining the game for other players with in game actions such as griefing, feeding, or purposely playing in a way to make it harder for the rest of the team_" is a behavior that may be acted by Riot's Disciplinary System. I also wonder, what about the other two players, those who deserve to win? Will you do "justice" for them too?
: I Climbed To Gold
: battlemages like lissandra and morgana never fall off meta. and they are quite good against most assasins as well. Then there is also malzahar, who is great against assasins and also works well against tanks, thanks to his build being quite adaptible. His mobility is a problem tho. Then there are siege mages like velkoz, ziggs and nidalee(who is also assasin. Have to add that). However velkoz and ziggs are far better, nidalee...well...it's nidalee. she is weak in midlane, since assasins and mages alike pretty much blast her. then there are artillery mages like xerath and lux. their long range and aoe abilities make it easy to defend the turret, BUT they are also suscepticle to diving, Xerath more than lux. Next there are control mages like anivia and taliyah . Then burst mages like syndra and orianna. syndra is uniquely designed that when fully mastered, she can fend off a 1vs5 towerdive. she is bugged awfully lot tho. DPS mages inlcude champions like cassiopeia and ryze, also malzahar falls here since most of his damage is damage over time. And then there are splitpush-roam mages. Most notiable is ofc the card master known as twisted fate.
In which category Annie falls?
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