: FPS Problem: An everlasting story and becomes worse with nearly every Patch, when does Riot react?
Yeah, first I experienced FPS drop only once per game, but now my general FPS is lower than normal, I had like 130 - 150 fps before minions spawn, after spawn I had around 100 FPS, and in teamfights I had 60+, but now, I have 100 - 110 FPS before minion spawn, after spawn its like 70 - 80, and in teamfights like 30 fps, its almost unplayable... I hope riot is going to fix it...
: Random FPS drops since 8.6
I have very similar problem. I created a topic about it, and like 10 ppl answered me, they have same problem, so it has to be riot issue. I hope rito fixed it in patch 8.7.
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: FPS drop (screen freeze) once per game every game
Okay im glad im not the only one who gets this. I hope rito fixed it in 8.7 patch.
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