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: Trollers and feeders that RIOT does nothing about and shit matchmaking system.
The matchmaking system is problematic because although the games are supposed to be balanced by the collective ratings of both sides' players and parties, there lacks a distinguishing element that would separate age groups from being matchmade with conflicting age ranges. Young kids should never be placed in games with mature adults via an automated matchmaking algorithm. I think that while it may be comedic for some wordy exchanges between teammates or opponents who have the same expected level of maturity: the amount of arguments, flamewars, and unnecessary conflicts between players where one player might be a 10-year-old young person and the other player might be a 40-year-old adult player are overly potentiated by the matchmaking system that doesn't account for the differences between the expected maturity levels of players and people who are separated by age in life. Totally ignoring the perceived skill level ratings system that's an integral component of the matchmaking algorithm, any reality-based social gathering with some degree of functionality for humans is absolutely required to acknowledge the inherent discrepancies between age groups. There is no playing games between adults and children, it's strikingly obvious to me that beyond "trolls and feeders" is the aspect where it's actually detestable when young children are being asked to play in games with older adults. If the development structure of the game's matchmaking system had been informed about the notion of "classification by age groups" this may not be a huge issue where, for example a 15-year-old can deal with criticisms from other 15-year-olds, but a 15-year-old CANNOT deal with criticisms from a 35-year-old, on a level where they are placed in a social group and presumed to act responsibly as "peers." It would be unlawful to count some juvenile student player as the respective peer of a physiologically mature adult. To place them as teammates or opponents is irresponsibly disregarding the facts of life. Aside from this line of discussion, I cannot address on a case-by-case basis the issues of players who argue or lose or whatever, my point of this post is that it's not off-meta champion selections or meme builds or anything that's TRULY ruining matchmaking, it's the lack of clarity when it comes to the flowchart from LOBBY -> QUEUE -> MATCHMAKING because there should really be divisions by age groups or expected maturity levels at virtually every turning point in that structural development flow archetype. I don't mean to try sounding overly bossy or demanding but it's quite unjustified the idea we as players should have to deal with making cross-generational leaps every time we try to communicate with allies.
: Where is Gold supposed to come from for Supports?
Seemingly the new suport meta is an amalgamism of the complaints from players years past about suportive champions: - Being credibly difficult to learn how to utilize efficiently - Having to purchase an extreme amount of ward items - Compensating for the low numeric values for base statistics and damage scalings - Dealing with the criticisms that it's unfair when suportive champions are damaging enemy champions or minions Furthermore the community attitude toward suport players operates based on a number of presumptions: - Suport players are new players who aren't able to contribute by fighting the enemies and as such should be relegated to a scouting role or simply warding - Suport players are female players who inherently lack skill by virtue of being females - Suport players rely on duo queueing with botlaners to compensate for their lack of skill - Suport players cannot gain higher rankings due to the nature of their seemingly insignificant statistical contributions to the scoreboard Personally I have stopped enjoying playing as a suport recently having noticed the tendency leaning toward skill-reductionist role changes: - No longer being able to attain gold from lasthitting minions - Likewise the jungle role has been struck down from the ability to attain gold from lasthitting minions - The randomizing of obtaining gold by attacking enemy targets when gold income item passives have been charged with stacks - Similarly the ability to apply bonus damage to enemy champions by proccing the stacks of gold income item passives when they are charged My opinion therefore is that the prioritization of warding responsibilities being placed upon the suport players has perpetuated the false ideal that suport players should not be incentivized to use skill sets other than warding. Despite the contrived notion that victory is the goal of players in the game, it's often argued that it's typically resultant from mid/top/bot role players, and strangely that while jungle role players alarmingly contribute to the unexpected goal of losing the game, simultaneously suport players are tasked solely with the accreditation of causing dysfunctionality and unnecessary arguments between teammates and discouraging players from ever genuinely participating gracefully in cooperative teamplay-based games. As an extrapolation, the derived ascertainment has become gradually that observing the suportive role as controlling the warding aspect of the metagame in its entirety, other players on the team need to refrain from attempting to contribute to producing vision-granting elements such as wards around the map exemplary Summoner's Rift, having astoundingly perceived that prioritizing vision around objectives might reduce the players' potential to somehow manage to vanquish enemies from their shadowy appearances on the rift itself. Alternatively stated, it just seems that the meta in League has trended against the initial ideal of sharing of responsibilities, while trending toward the solo-carry-do-it-yourself attitude of people who play for reasons other than searching for winnable or at least enjoyable team-gameplay. Contemplatively, I'd be neglectant to mention the background knowledge that the vast majority of players in the game have ulterior motives that are objectively more pertinent than playing League of Legends altogether. Granted this point of emphasis may be somewhat perojative to the thralls of derailment.
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