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Hananim (EUW)
: How does a hardstuck gold know what plat is like?
Got matched few times with plat, nothing special
: Don't berate yourself. You have done well. I've been trying to get to gold for ages.
I was stuck in silver like 3 months or more
: riot could punish afk/dc/rage quitting behavior, but they choose to turn a blind eye on this subject, because lets be honest low prio queue does nothing. and this is actually a way worse behavior then flamers. So to me they should revise their punishment system on afk/dc/quitters, because this behavior tilts way more then a flamer, who i can mute. i mention dc too because it has the same effect, your team will have to fight 4v5, doesn't matter if the one missing had dc, is plain afk or just quit. Why do i think this is worse then flamer? you can mute a flamer, but you cannot get your 5th person if one decides, voluntarily or not, to quit the game. Also you cannot get out of the game, you will have to sit through it unless you want to be put into low prio game bc another one afk'ed. While this frustration builds up you are more likely to vent on your teammates and their possible bad decisions and therefore lead to you being reported. In the end you are the one being chat restricted or banned while the afk-er goes scott free.
They could, but they won't
: Gold4 is hardly high elo lol, borderline above silver, if you were good enough to be higher elo you would be climbing effectively and not struggling due to bad teammates, jungles the easiest role to carry from as you have the chance to snowball all lanes. Keep playing games and if you are good enough you will continue to climb, if not then gold4 is your plateau
I was playing jg, and i would always get to 90lp usualy, and then last game before promos, someone thinks:"Oh i am bored i will throw teamfight" and then they get that lead and we lose
: The only thing that can truly be seen is pure trolling. If someone runs through turrets giving kills. Cause I may seem like a griefer at times when I play bad. I got changing moods and they affect my gameplay. It's autism man. It would suck if I got punishment for that. And I know I'm not the only one of the kind. In fact most of low elo players that linger there for a long time most likely have problems of the sort. Lack of inconsistency.
I get it when u have a problem and u play bad, its ok and i understand it.I sometimes play with blurry vision and i can't see a minimap but come on you are in gold and you don't know how to contest a drake
: Not to be rude but gold players are bots, even plat and diamond players are bots. I am not saying that I aint a bot, since I only peaked at diamond. But honestly even diamond is trash.
Sadly, thats true.Gold and plat are same stuff but idk for diamond
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Asiaomo (EUNE)
: Perma ban
Sadly, that is true. I also play jg a lot, when my mid dies i see in all chat:"Report jg 0 ganks". Bcs of someones mistakes u pay the price.


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