Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Yeah but "message ban" so i'd say it's a chat restriction and not a suspension
not ban yes . just chat chat restriction which its don't now. So I was asking just for honor but nvm ill do it again :D guys what you think about that skin? it Should not be splited 1 sink into 3. or should ? thanks
qBacca (EUW)
: Yes! It's automated message ban by bot nothing you can do about that. Best advise is to /mute all and just play. Don't say "Report" don't try to defend anyone, don't argue with anyone, you just see them only for 1 game and most likely will never meet them again. You'll get that level 5 in no time back. Keep your head up! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
yes that's what I did find out. :D and trying find out if it can be put back, I done really so many games And behaviours its not toxic at all. And for this stupid joke lose all hard work its not really right. Thanks for answer !! AND WHAT U THINK OF THAT LUX SKIN ? IS IT NORMAL WAY TO DO IT OR IT WAS BUG OR SOME FAULT ?
: "I said in game Report Ashe + some random guy" what could go wrong, report calling? what could go wrong.
Took mine Honor level and Got massage ban.! that what could go wrong. That's what iam trying to find out... Edit: as I mention I must recived 2 games a row Reports. They never show what I wrote but its probably acutomatic to give that message ban and took honor by Bot .
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