Tarolock (EUNE)
: my satanic moment was ages ago on Teemo, somewhere around lvl 4-5 i had 666 hp, then a bit later i had 666 mana, and one time i had 666 damage on my Q, too bad i didnt screenshot it... (btw it was way before he got his demon skin)
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Can you explain me why most of the playerbase is like this?
In my case it's simple. I can't identify my mistakes. There's not much you can do about it.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: hashinshin is to blame about balance cry babies crying about something they have no idea about hashinshin also has no idea what he is talking about all his balance suggestions are made to make his current champs win be existance and then there is iwilldominate %%%%%ing about team mates 24/7 like a silver %%%% ie it's the influencers and herd mentality
Hashinshin and Tyler1 are the most respected pro players on Twitch. Your argument is invalid.
: Is it completely safe to flame my arse off with the allied chat disabled?
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: and however ,the communication is important ,everyone knows what to do in high elo , but i assure you they still need chat to offer each other advices to win games , you are delusional when you claim you can 100% communicate only with pings.
Yea, u r probably right, you can't 100% communicate only with pings. Hmm... I just think communication in low elo does more harm than good :v
: If you do not want to help any lanes ever, go for Udyr. Clear yours and the opponent's jungle, even go for lane, take all farm you can (be a good boi and do that when your ally is not on their own lane). After everyone in your team wants to report you, go in 1 v 5, kill everyone, destroy all turrets till nexus, kill the ones respawned and then destroy the nexus. You will be hated by everyone, but you win.
The last part "After everyone..." was like a fairytale. I wish I could do just that every game :D So Udyr huh?... I mean he is not that tricky mechanically and he is also a tank with cc. I'll keep it in mind, I guess I'll need to find some guides first. TYVM
: > I am passive in lane. I mostly focus on farming and avoiding trades. I smell a jungler here.
Oh god D: I had a hunch that day would come (where no lane has left for me) NotLikeThis Idk why I'm even asking, but should I try Shyvana or something?
: -ppl will hate me for this but top lane teemo might be a thing -a counter champ like darius, just wait till u get a gank and lock your opponent up -this will brobly backfire but malzahar just sit back while your dot and minions kill everything but soon u will get 3-4 ppl zerging on u for doing that if u wanna play passive top always ban trynd, no negotiations about this also if u wanna play passive do not ever play mid, if a mid laner plays passive your game is lost, enemy mid will roam the shit out your bot lane, u lose all pressure to get drakes and by 10 min in game its totally over same with adc if u just stay behind your tower u will lose all chances to get drakes
I think this is very helpful thank you. So, no mid or ADC - check. I could try Teemo and Darius, but Malzahar plays mid so I won't give him a try I guess. I noticed you didn't mention tanks at all - why is that? Do you think they need to play aggressively or they are just irrelevant? "zerging" didn't know this word, thanx :D
Déus Kun (EUW)
: Worst time to play ranked?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJgNg9_amKc Idk if that helps, it's old, but I thought I should leave it here. Never took it into consideration myself though, just found it interesting (and proceed to ignore it anyway).
Rioter Comments
: Why do people look for any other reason but themselves when they lose?
Blaming others doesn't help you win, but gives you the strength to keep going. (keep going losing, unfortunately :v)
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: Riot and them greed for money
I mute chat/emotes every time I play seriously. Sometimes pings when someone uses them to complain a lot. It helps keep you calm and focused. Come to think of it, when I play with high elo players, they don't tend to communicate a lot (if at all) anyway. I mean, even in my low elo where we communicate, I'll probably ping Baron, mid laner will ping top tower, and my jungler will back anyway. So much for communication.
GLurch (EUW)
: Players tend to think they play good to the point where they even think they play good when they don't. This is known as illusiory superiority and it also applies to a lot of situations in real life, for example when people overestimate their performance at school. There are a lot of theories on why this happens and there are differences depending on cultures, if this interests you, you can search it up (it'd feel kind of weird copy pasting a Wikipedia article or something here). Now if they lose a game, there obviously needs to be a reason for that, and since they think they play good, they need someone else to blame for it, so as not to create a conflict in their mind (known as a cognitive dissonance). The same may go for other situations, such as when they lose their lane, they may blame the jungler instead of themselves because they think they are good at the game, so their mind once again searches for someone else who's easy to blame. Another thing that may be interesting is that, if we look at the Dunning-Kruger effect, people who are worse have the tendency to overestimate themselves more than people who are better. So while we don't have any data by Riot on this, it's likely to assume that this happens even more often in lower elo.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: there is merit in that comment based on the items you buy
Turns out there's more into it. You were right too. He found out I played too passive in the lane, so my ADC always feels under pressure. He showed me that by playing support himself twice (a warden support not even ap) and on the game he was offensive, I got kills, even though I wasn't hitting them at all. That's what I was doing poorly in my game. Along with some vision issues. Ranks don't seem that far away to me anymore if you can play correctly. Unless you aren't actually up to that level, which in that case, spamming games is like hitting a wall.
Azal666 (EUNE)
: Buff but no skin?
your drawing is so good! :D wow
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Thank god I just got out of silver recently so this doesn't apply to me Phew, man, I dodged a bullet there
I was too late then (also congrats!)
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: applicable for all elos good luck climbing
i hope not ty u2!
Rioter Comments
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: your champion choice isn't a mistake im asking you as you are playing your games and if you are looking at your grades after game you should have an understanding of an avenue you failed in ie if you played perfectly you would have S- and up every game even in your losses
I was talking with a high elo player about that - he was nice enough to give me some insight. He told me I build tank Soraka, but I'm losing on healing like that. I told him people are getting fed too easily and I'm getting one-shotted, so I prefer to invest in survival in order to keep spamming heals. But he insisted I should at least play with ardent's and redemption. I'll give it a try.
: stop play normals, they are not realistic and dont make you ready for real ranked games because its completely different there. in normals people dont care, make more weird picks, dont tryhard as much just go ranked :))
I play Ranked. I am Silver 1 at 0LP right now. Just not on this account. People make weird picks in Ranked too: I played with a Cho'gath with 5 stacks at 35 mins. He only had 1 from minions. Then there was an Ashe jungle. And a Garen into Anivia. Some people play for the fun of it, even in Ranked. You can't do much about it.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: you are the one seeking help im trying to help you say you make no mistakes you don't play ranked and you are acting like i took your first born dunno what your problem is but id suggest you don't even try ranked with an attitude like this
Sorry didn't realize. Still, no matter how funny my answer seems or how many times you ask me, I can't find any mistakes. Games are usually one-sided. I think the mistake a high elo player would point out, would be that I play support. And a warden at that. But that's my best role, that's why I chose it. I guess you'll have to play with me and figure it out for yourself.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: you are the one that said you make no mistakes how am i the one joking?
I gave you an honest answer. I don't even know why you are here in the first place. You don't seem interested in playing. Even if you are certain it is on me, you do not seem willing to witness it yourself. You just make a typical guess and you are about to move on. Why are you here? What do you want from me?
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: then you should be on your merry way to challenger go for it son
Your joke is not original. We can talk or we can play. If you are here to vent you are on the wrong post
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: what do you think you are doing poorly in your games? also i think you should start playing ranked normal games don't really tell us anything
Nothing. I get honored every game.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: do you only play soraka?
Yes, only Soraka.
Rioter Comments
Backstard (EUNE)
: i know WAY too MANY people who just don't know how to play the game yet they are gold+ because they waste their money in this money milking pay to win game.
Oh, they do waste their money. Just not on Riot _wink wink nodge nodge_ Truth be told though, I feel like some people reach Gold and kind of -you know-- relax. Like, they stop tryhard and play to kill some time or enjoy their border in the loading screen. Sometimes this happens too. That friend I told you? He was killing it with Ryze! Then, after he reached Gold (right before he quit playing) he switched to Malphite and lost every single game with that pick. Why did he do that? I'll never know :/
Backstard (EUNE)
: In a PAY TO WIN game skills don't matter Search " LEAGUE OF PAY TO WIN" on facebook......i have all the info you need there.
I knew someone who owned almost every skin in the game and never got out of bronze. And yet, a friend of mine who never bought anything went Gold 5 in less than two weeks, playing a few games a day. I can confirm he was good, it wasn't luck. He played aggressively and was winning his lane. That was back in season 6 (I remember it from that dreadful Victorious Maokai skin *_shivers_).
Mitsuk3 (EUW)
: Muting everyone will stop them from inting.
I hate stomp games - and somehow most games are one-sided. Idk, maybe there are a lot of people who play Ranked, and yet they refuse to main anything, so they perform badly? I have given up at this point. I queue up in hopes of playing with the better team while doing my best regardless. You can't really do much when a game is a stomp, can you? But still, if anyone shows promise, try your best to help him/them - that's what I do.
F1r3B3ll (EUW)
: Gotta be serious here. Silver II is really the hardest elo I've ever been in... Iron IV to silver II with around 65% winrate, and then I had 40% winrate for 30+ games in SILVER II, and then I finally got rid of silver II winning 75% of all games all the way to current rank (GOLD I)... Just keep trying, and you will finally get rid of silver II
Idk I have to agree on that. There were multiple times I just couldn't pass through that division, to the point of finally asking for help in my promo game. I regret it tbh, but if I somehow keep progressing, I will forever say Silver 2 was the toughest place to be. Idk if it's mostly psychological, but it's a nasty place.
Mitsuk3 (EUW)
: Hardstuck silver 2 :)
> I'm bored of my mains. You have to play your mains. You know everyone is sweaty in Ranked, you can't go in and hope for the best. It won't happen. > I get tilted ez You must mute everything. This helps a lot. And if you accept that everyone feeds in Silver, like EVERYONE, winners and losers, then you won't feel so frustrated when the first kill/death notifications will pop up. It will eventually become the norm. People actually farm with kills in Silver, not creeps. I used to be extremely nervous about the first kills, like "who gets first blood, who already died twice", but now I don't even bother: My mid laner feeds? Whatever opponents will probably throw anyway and he is about to value less than a minion. And if he plays Yasuo, he will be relevant anyway. Another thing about tilt are people that won't listen. They will keep pushing or farm in opponents' jungle dying repeatedly. Doesn't matter. All you need to win a game is a couple of good players, sometimes only one. Help them and ignore the rest.
: The gigantic ego of some players
I think a paradox is happening in League. The better player someone is, the less "admiration" has for the game. Lower elo players become obsessed with climbing the Ranks (I mean I am) but higher elo don't think like that. They treat the game with the same respect they treat a toy. They don't even bother with someone being bad. That's probably why when they tend to make fun of someone, they don't really consider it a big deal. For them it's not personal, it's just a stupid game and they are having fun by messing around with others. I often think that improving in League, would mean that I improve as a person. It would give me the confidence to deal with things unrelated to League. But for anyone in higher elo reading this, that sounds hilarious as %%%%. That's what I think of that.
vrasidaros (EUNE)
: Anyone else getting tired of this?
I was thinking of finding a new main in a new role at some point. I thought Neeko, but then I realized it would be impossible to play mid without everyone asking for it. And to be honest, the most interesting champions play mid: Yasuo, Zed, Katarina, Akali, Fizz, Talon, Ahri, Diana, Azir, Zoe, even the new one Qiyana. Every popular champion plays mid. So now I am thinking of switching to Xayah instead, to avoid conflicts.
osevń (EUW)
: Permabanned for commenting on trolls throwing the game
That's how it goes. You ban the player that flames the troll :^) It's rly sad you got permabanned though. A message to all players: In-game chat makes things worse, never better. If someone plays bad let it go.
kjono1 (EUW)
: In my opinion, having a smurf on the either your team or the enemy team offers a greater opportunity for improvement as you can see a lot more on what they capitalise on rather than being against someone your same level who makes the same mistakes and doesn't capitalise on your errors. Granted it isn't fun having every game determined by whether there is a smurf in your team or the enemy team, however, it doesn't happen every game. Most games are just you and 9 other people at the same skill level as yourself. So overall, most of your games are based on your performance, with you being the only constant in your games. If you do have a smurf in your games, look at what they are doing and work out how it differs from your play. Just accepting the free win or lose will not help you in the long run, in fact, that game will have little to no impact overall in relation to all your games and their outcomes.
I play Karma support. Wow, how much it helped me watching the smurf Tryndamere getting quadra kills. Worth the demotion. I will definitely apply this to my role next game Kappa > If you do have a smurf in your games, look at what they are doing I had a Riven smurf that was using animation cancel. Now what? > in fact, that game will have little to no impact overall I have a sad story on this one. It's about impact. I reached my silver promos after a long long time. I lost them. Got impatient, played some more and reached them within 4 games. Then, I lost the first one, and I got panicked. I asked a smurf from my friend list to play a game with me. He did, but turns out our team stomped the opponents anyway. After that? Insta regret. Won my promos I didn't earn. Went to my new division, thought "hey, I will probably get demoted again anyway". Yea well, 70+ LP. Good luck with demoting. That was the impact a single game had. I don't think I'll get demoted, I'll just live with that.
: What champion brings out the worst in you?
Bard. I hate this guy. It's a troll. Teammate or opponent, doesn't matter. He is a nonsense, he looks like a pillow. I hate his ulti, his thing that travels through walls, his face, he is annoying. I want to punch the screen rn.
: Hashinshin is the best streamer on the planet all other streamers are trash.
"BuT HaShInSHin" Hashinshin is fun. I can't believe he still streams. Last time I watched him he seemed so exhausted/tired from League. Kudos to him.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: if they dont pose a threat then they can play freely, noone is stopping them...
We are talking about banned accounts.
SuperJunk (EUW)
: you are not in euw even
Then I assume my opinion regarding EUW is irrelevant anyway. I'm afraid it would only matter for EUNE.
Rioter Comments
: Permaban experiment in EUW too?
I think it might be worth a try. FYI I don't have received any such punishment, I just believe that some people have reformed and they do not pose a threat anymore.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: I actually enjoy playing support and dislike playing other roles And i've had multiple times where someone else asks if they can support when i got the support role et Just 'cause you don't like it doesn't mean nobody does Sure it's really unfair that you can't carry as supports in SoloQ and if you get a bad team, you can't do anything about it (That's the reason why i don't play ranked) But support is still a fun and important role
I don't like it exactly because I play Ranked. That's the only reason I don't like it I promise you. But I 100% agree with everything you said (and yes, in competent teams, I think it is amazingly important, it goes without saying).
Fëalnort (EUW)
: What is funny about this comment is that support is the role in which i find the lane the LESS boring. Not Csing really net you concentrate on mid games, positioning , harass and set up fights for your adc. Feels like a dance when there is 2 good support both trying to bait the other and get the advantage, harassing when the enemy adc is advancing to last hit or playing hide and seek behind the minions to avoid hooks/stuns/Skillshots. and nothing feel more satisfactory than threading this madlife tresh hook between 4 minions to get your adc the kill :) .
I don't want to soak up the fun for you of playing support. It's good you mentioned a thing or two you can focus as support. But I have to insist, you can still do these things in every lane. But ok, as you said, you can focus on those exciting things even more, because you don't have to cs. What I am saying is, if you want to absolutely win, support is the least effective, most mutilated role to do so. Think about it, it's like a mission: "win a game with less than 60 cs". It is a handicap. And since League is first and foremost a **competitive** game, it's good to enter the competition without any such handicap, that no one else in the game has. This is why I mentioned how high elo players chose to climb through lower elo when they need to, by avoiding the support role. I am not complaining about the players, I am complaining about the game. About how limited this role is. Not limited in effort. Limited in effectiveness* and resources. *And to make it clear - I understand a support Blitzcrank hook can win a fight. By effectiveness, I mean the ability to be able to rely on your self as much as possible. If you lately value fun over win fine. But I assume League is mostly about competing. Listen, the problem is, I am talking about supporting in lower elos. I understand that people who are Diamond or Plat or whatever, they wonder "what is this guy even talking about? ADC farms, everyone farms, it's up to me to help them or set up plays". Yes, but in lower elos, these rules do not apply. Mid laner may not farm. Top laner may feed. It's up to you to overcome these unfortunate situations, by making use of anything available to you. And by playing support and not be able to farm and have gold, you just cannot do that, at least as much you could, if you were playing any other role. And of course, higher elo players have to deal with such issues in solo queue, I do not question that. Especially when people autofill and cannot play as well. That's why I keep saying about support in Solo queue. But still, it's not as frustrating as it is in lower elo. I liked your reply, but you assume your ADC is competent enough to take the kill, or that it will be enough to give him a lead. However, if (for example) he is 40cs behind, it won't do much. I wish I could agree with you.
: To the moderator who sleep too much and someone else need to do his job
No one thinks badly of you man. I didn't even know all this stuff. And I still don't care. A kid told you "stfu idiot you wrong" - wow that kid must be a genius and an alpha Kappa Keepo Don't bother yourself with forums. Even Riot prefers Reddit over their own forums {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} <3
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: While everyone else is farming Supports poke the enemy, ward the lane, protect the adc etc And they continue to do that for the whole game People like you are the problem, people who brush off supports and don't appreciate anything they do
Let's see together what other laners do that supports do ok? poke the enemy - check ward the lane - check roam - check protect the adc - front line champions kind of soak up damage for their teammates don't they? - check Now let's see what supports do that other roles do csing - nope getting kills? - nope an equal chance with other roles to carry the game (bcs of equal gold/items)? - nope oh! well look at that. It seems everyone can do those things support do, but it just happens that supports do less. Hey, I am not appreciating supports? Yes, I appreciate people doing the dirty work, yea. But idk, is it fun doing it? It is a game, and games should be fun for everyone. And it's kind of hard to be fun when it's not fair. I appreciate support role in the pro scene, because, idk, they are pros? it's their job? They have to do it because we see something different and they get something in return for doing that? But how exciting is it for players, who will queue to serve 4 other unknown people with questionable skill level? Do you know what high elo players do to climb fast af in low elo? They beg to play Soraka. NO THEY DON'T! They get Trynda and split push like there's no tomorrow! They get Aatrox and tower dive the shit out of you. Because they know if you want to win, you have to do it on your own. You don't expect a stranger to beat a fed Zed for you. You have to do it yourself. Oh, how many people love to play support. I can't count the times people fight over the support role in my champion select screens. Even Riot knows this! Why do you think that the support is **the only role**, that when you pick it while you have autofill on, it counts as having fulfilled your duty to autofill? It has nothing to do with how "noble" and "gallant" supports are. I am saying this role is unfair in solo queue and it sucks.
: More ways to Monetize TFT
Guys/girls, idk, I've never played TFT, but... I don't like Little Legends. Why didn't they create actual new interesting characters to hype it a little? I mean... It's a fking penguin ffs. Think about it. MTG has Planeswalkers, right? That's kind of cool. Just create avatars, name them summoners if you want, and add some actually interesting cool characters that you could sell as skins if people wanted to. And then, idk... how about- listen to this: They create a "Legend", ok?... that they name "Sailor Guardian Tatsumaki" - whatever. So now, whenever you play with champions on your roster that have an SG skin in LOL, they will be represented with their SG skin in TFT. Right? And you could have specific SG emotes or effects and stuff... that they could maybe sell some of them separately. So you could play as team "Star Guardians" versus team "Arcades" or team "Dark Holes" (idk how they name that Thresh - Varus skins) or whatever. That would be kind of hype. I mean, unless you like eggs more, idk.
upaljac13 (EUNE)
: Glory to Supports?
While everyone farms and actually plays the game, support players should get a minigame to kill some time, while they wait to play an actual role on their next queue. Lately, it starts to become clear about what Riot tries to do with that role {{champion:350}}, maybe being able to play a few rounds of TFT waiting for the ~~suffering~~ game to end, would be kind of ok. Hey top laner - farm get kills carry hey mid laner - farm get kills carry hey bot laner - farm get kills carry hey jungler - farm get kills carry Oh, hey you support player. Wait right there, no - no, you can't farm... no, don't take kills... hey you know what? take this {{item:2055}} and "stick it...somewhere safe". Nice!
: ***
This champion hasn't hit live servers yet. Lowlife basement dweller sad kid.
: I am too sensitive to be coached
> can't get better if you can't accept reality about how really bad you are This tilts me already. Who says you are bad? This is next level crap. If you want to play good, do whatever you have to. If you can get a coach to teach you, even better. Does he flame you? Does he insult you? Who cares? He is doing his job, you are doing yours. Focus on your goal, everything else is of zero value.
: I cannot convince my team to focus objectives?
> But I can't seem to get my team convinced to get the drake I have bad news for you. If you get to Silver, you will still complain about the same exact thing, no joke. Actually, I am pretty sure you play with Silver players already, and you should have already noticed their indifference for objectives. Hey, idk about elo hell, but where we play, it's definitely hell. Platinum players will kill IRL to get the dragon. Silver players? They won't even sacrifice a caster minion to get him. No, I am joking, Silver players don't farm either.
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