sylvianne (EUNE)
: That's still too harash imo. Also you get honor level 0 and I've read it takes like 2 months to get level 1 from that. You don't get any free stuff for long time. Also there are many players who stay unbanned even when they are obviously boosted or troll/feed in numerous ranked games and get no punishment for it. Unfair imo.
No man , i agree with Riot that boosted accounts must have this kind of punishment . But please , don't ban the innocent.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: I'm open minded: Send in a ticket, or reply to the result if you're not happy with it. It's normal that there's a wave of bans related to this right now. It happens every pre-season, so the wave is to be expected. It'll happen when season 8 is over as well.
Yea i did that and thanks for telling me . But remember , where there's smoke there's fire.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: They most likely gave you a response that they won't change the penalty either. That does indicate that they rechecked the case, and found that the ban was correct. You can still reply to the ticket if you wish, even if it's closed.
: Sightstone is on a different key as well, except for the soraka's game. In litteraly the whole history, the sighstone is on key 1.
I bet the soraka game isn't from the internet cafe.. please dont tell me i got banned for 4 games i had flash and exhaust on different keys..
: I did submit about 4 tickets and also debated with them about the ban, they just told me that my ban was justified, in the end it was Riot Games themself which lifted my ban.
: Well i once got baned for The usage of 3rd Party programms, but 1 week later unbanned because they were wrong, and with that 5 keys and chests as sorry for the inconvinience, so their ban system do can fail at times
Did you submit a ticket?And what did they tell you.In my case they closed it as solved and never considered rechecking it..
: hmm just don't share you account bud, punishments are deserved in this case anyway, if one person uses ur account and plays a game or two etc i'd say, punishment is well deserved, even if it's not "boosting" but if it's just lending ur account to someone, first of all the account you have on league of legends is not your account, riot owns the title entirely, and what you're doing is basically tossing your account around to some buds then, does it make sense to you? you're lending RIOTS property to random people, when they can just make their own accounts instead. just think before you act >.<
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Then I'd send a ticket to support, and get the rewards back. They'll fix any mistake on their side. --- Sending in a ticket means they'll recheck the evidence against you. If there's a mistake, or doubt, they'll revert the penalty. They give you the benefit of the doubt here. They only issue this punishment if they are confident that someone else has been playing ranked games for you.
I already done that , telling them to recheck my case and they closed it!
Hansiman (EUNE)
: You're not supposed to enjoy penalties. The goal of them is to deter you from doing it again in the future. A lot of people would just shrug it off if they lost only one of the potential 7 rewards they've gotten so far.
Imagine you didn't do anything wrong and get all your rewards removed..
Smerk (EUW)
: Well, that's quite interested. I thought you played from different places quite often. Funny that you never noticed that you don't have to change your summoner spells after someone else played on that PC. Those setting are saved on server and are tied to your account
Not quite often , i never said that . I have to change the settings every time i go to the internet cafe since keyboard and mouse are different.I bet i messed up D and F
sylvianne (EUNE)
: Same thing happend to me today. Right after I played 1 flex game. And I havent played ranked for like 3 months. Still no reply from riot. Glad it's only 2 week ban tho. Writting from smurf btw.
tbh , i dont care about the 2 week ban . What i care is about losing all my rewards from all the seasons..This is my main account since season 1 :/
Smerk (EUW)
: You're forgetting that I only looked at match history, while Riot can do more thorough investigation. I doubt that they weren't 100% sure before banning him
Smerk (EUW)
: Accidents happen, I won't deny that. But how likely that following will happen: you accidentally swapped your spells, changed to normal setup after that and then two games later accidentally swapped them again. Well, okay, two times can also happen, even though it is extremely unlikely, especially considering that in all those games you used flash and exhaust, so zero need to change spells in the first place. But when that happens for the third time just few games after second it is very suspicious and I don't believe that such thing can happen randomly
I bet these games are from an internet cafe and the settings were f**ked up . I focused to remember , riot can prove what i told you.
Smerk (EUW)
: Even one game is considered as boosting. I can understand if you want to allow your friend to play few games on your account, but by allowing him to play ranked you're breaking two serious rules at once
The only places my account is shared is my 2 houses and some internet cafes and none can deny it except Riot . I'm begging them to give me information(ip addresses,etc.) and they wont . Something weird is happening..
Smerk (EUW)
: Flash on different key than in all other games
I cant really remember the reason of that but you could be right .. But is 3 wins considered mmr boosting?
Moody Jazz (EUNE)
: I wonder if posting on NA Boards might catch a Rioters attention and make him contact the European Rioters or check himself your account, considering that Rioters here usually don't reply to these "mistakenly got banned" posts. They see everything and only post in threads like some critical bugs or make posts about a problem like the login problem that occurred today. If you want to try, you can do so [here](
I will definetaly post there if i see no solution over here.. Thanks for the advice
Smerk (EUW)
: Well, I can't say about boosting, but this looks like account sharing case. I mean, how else would you explain those 4 games? There may be more, but you played tons of games, so I got bored around June
4 games 1 as soraka 3 as blitz . I'm pretty sure i have more games with these champs in season 7 . I dont understand what is your point .
LazySlav (EUNE)
: If you think you are 100% correct you can sue Riot you know
Truth is i have been permanently banned in the past by accident and they admitted their mistake . I have faith in Riot they will do it again..
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