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Alastor93 (EUNE)
: Lost all runes
A lot of ppl having this issue. I am having this personally every 5-6 days. All runes pages completely gone. My sums are changed. The client doesnt load the last skin used etc. They won't fix it that fast, they don't care. Too much lawyers on their asses lately xD
Mada (EUW)
: I find the thread title and your spelling *unacceptable Also: do not engage with randoms
I don't play otherwise then with randoms.
JustClone (EUNE)
: Well... If you have at least some brain, you will know not to reveal too much of your personal life to random people on the internet. And I wonder how he knows about you having children... Also, a lot of people who play this game are kids themselves. They are not "dangerous to society"... They are simply immature. And if you consider yourself adult, you should know better not to walk right into such conversation, with under aged players. It makes you look stupid, not them. And riot takes measures. They warn them, then they take the toys of the kids... Last night one guy told me to kill myself 2-3 times, now he is taking 14 days off. I honestly do not see your problem.
I am not sure if saying " you are acting worse then my daughter" is saying too much information about myself. A lot of people which having kids are playing this game.They dont even warn them,that person is still playing regardless.
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: Find people to play the Cats VS Dogs event missions!
Guys we dont want to be forced to play 5vs5 with strangers. And you know how hard it is to convince ppl to help you loose a game with bots??? They dont care,and dont listen even thou they dont loose anything!!!!! We are already wasting 3 hours on this because of the community which DOESNT want to
: T1 isn't reformed at all. he just loves the money he makes. there are multiple clips of him running it down and being passive aggressive even after he got unbanned. sure people try to tilt him especially but he still is the same person. and riot won't ban his bigger streamer again.
Honey, I was being sarcastic towards my statement. *wink wink* Ofc it is about money,everybody with the minimum of 70 IQ knows that.It is just pushing my buttons that we (Eune and EUW also other regions) are excluded from things which should be implemented here too. Favorizing never ends in a good way. It pisses people off.
: Permaban experiment EUW
Hah, Tyler1 is reformed!!!! Well about NA availbility. It is ridicolous that everything can be done in NA but notin other regions.Why you opened other regions then? close them then and make League only NA. Bullsht.
: So basically i just updated my game with the new patch moments ago! neeko is mentioned in the client and the store as a new champ, yet neko ain't added yet in the store for purchase so we will have to wait more i guess!
It is so confusing that they add quests but not the champion...don't make me move to NA just for the fact that they have everything lightyears before x.x lol
Lari (EUNE)
: Neeko release date?
The funny part is this morning i saw a Quest with Neeko involment and when i restarted the game waiting for an update nothing came. I got literally trolled by Riot again. ( It was a quest winning with Neeko or 4 quest against Neeko with a reward of 300 BE) What the fkRiot what the fk?
: Chromas for BE again ?
I've waited almost a year for this sale....and my client is updating the THIRD TIME!!!! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
DeepWithin (EUNE)
: What happens to my skins if my account gets banned?
How about if I buy a part of Riot, so that means the workers inside belong to me right?I can do to them whatever i like right? Good to know. Ill start save money. Thanks.
: Not our fault if you leave Lol open and at the reach of your kids. If you didn't tell your kids that cheating online is very bad too then sorry but that's not very good. Riot will only see your account activity, we see from time to time "My brother flamed on my account and I got banned, it's not my fault please unban me" and the result was always "If it happened on your account the reason doesn't matter". I hope you don't leave a page open with your credits card infos too or else you'll have some real trouble, and don't let dangerous stuff around the kids too we saw what happened with tide pods.
> [{quoted}](name=Deathraven13,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=xE6tQoBn,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-30T12:18:48.405+0000) > > Not our fault if you leave Lol open and at the reach of your kids. If you didn't tell your kids that cheating online is very bad too then sorry but that's not very good. > > Riot will only see your account activity, we see from time to time "My brother flamed on my account and I got banned, it's not my fault please unban me" and the result was always "If it happened on your account the reason doesn't matter". > > I hope you don't leave a page open with your credits card infos too or else you'll have some real trouble, and don't let dangerous stuff around the kids too we saw what happened with tide pods. Look, you dont know my situation, and i have 3 kids at home and one a little silly teen ager.I just want my account back which i have for years and NEVER got suspended ONCE. Dont you get it? My god...
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nibagg (EUNE)
: My missions are gone
Same here today. Any hotfix or too busy with splashart?
: The Honor Climb System (from dishonorable)
Heard about the "mute" button? If you know a troll is in your team,and tries to get o your nerves just MUTE IT! Oh my god, is it so hard to understand to use that very nice feature of the game.
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: Am I too old to play video games?
Why the hell you should be TOO OLD FOR GAMING or anything? I am 34 and a mother and still enjoy playing.I am one of those Atari & commodore veterans back in the day.Why others for example having a family just waiting to get rid of the kids so they can go on a party and drink their asses off to let it out and because they like it.They never say they too old for it, gaming is a hobby like everything else ( altrough having partying as a hobby is wierd for me, i dont judge) others will judge you anyway sooooo, just ignore and do what you like. :)
: Are the League Summoner Spells Icons registered as trademark?
Hmm okay, just makes me wonder to copy the game for 50% , sit and watch what happen. xD Jk thnks guys.
: What causes sudden FPS drops?
I have the same problem my fps drops even lower then that. I thought it is my grapic c, but nope. On my husbands lappy same thing and he has a new laptop. It started around 1-2 weeks ago.
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FrobNitz (EUNE)
: I can't login in client
I am %%%in loosing money every god damn minute of loss. I want to burn ur servers down... and make you buy new one. And no I am not boosting,legal stuff.
: Banned for 25 mins for not banning a champion!? [LAG]
Well i know your pain bruh. Today for example i got dc every %%%in minute and my mouse clicks stopped controling my character. It looked like im running down the lane into the enemy, but i clicked , the character just didn't listen to me. My fps and ping were fine. I don't have any virus or spyware, this was just like completely random.... I am really dissapointed, reporting every single bug Iam expierencing, helping out in what I can so Rito can improve the gameplay for everyone. I lost 2 ranked games today, cause of this....
: RITO pls are most probably innocent. That's what they saying in prison if you ask anyone for what they got into prison. I personally know for example how scripts work and what they do. If I see someone behaving wierdly according to what i know, I do report.
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Kucao (EUW)
: choosing skin in new client doesn't work
Me pisses off that you can't review the champ in ARAM before timer goes the fk i should know all the abilities by
: WTF is Fizz
A... fish?
Rismosch (EUW)
: There is one thing about Toxicity that I do not understand
Well, rage is on thing ( in a non insulting way and only to push someone to play better) and insulting someone is another. As for me for example as soon as someone finds out I am a girl they try to flame,insult and tilt me with calling me fat,ugly etc. - I don't care because I have a mirror at home, and if I were like they describe me I wouldn't start streaming in the first place - LuL. Anyway I can understand someones frustration, but there is a thin line between giving someone a wake up call and flaming someone on purpose. If I see someone flaming me i just mute them,it's not like I don't respect them. I DON'T respect their behaviour at this moment.
OMG really now 1pm GMT+1 and we still play with bots...Rito pls...1 april is long gone >..>
: ahahahahaha LAWL must be hard to losing to bots LAWWWL
Btw....I figured out later in my recording.. i muted a GM in my team cause he started to flame me xD
Same Bots on our enemy team and i just figured....1 April... LOL I HATE U RITO OMG I LOST A GAME CAUSE OF THIS. MY KDA!!!!! Lal btw this goes on my YT channel xD Ye but since the slumber party event is running i cant win a god damn game now D:
: Where are the chromas for IP?
Uh Oh, it works now. Hah. SHOPPING TIME!LuL
: Where are the chromas for IP?
Okay seems i have updated my Legacy Client and i've found them in the Shop. But there is a problem with buying them for IP.[/IMG]
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Bíbs (EUW)
: wtf riot
Wait, why in the world he would spend over 40 minutes to make this? It must be a really bored person , to search for fonts and remake it in paint....PAINT! There are more better free and professional programs out there. What i think, he did just a screenshot and loaded it in paint and made a screenshot again. Which makes really no sense since you can just cut it with a tool or just upload it. Yeah wtf. Your conspiracy theories are fun thou :P
arielmnm (EUNE)
: i cant play
Can you provide some screenshots, what appears on your screen at least? Can be anything to be honest.
: Riot, You got to be kidding me ?
Common bug. But after it doesn't start, after a while you can suspect that something is wrong right? And the fact you waited 30 minutes and did nothing,wow xD. In this cases you force close your game with task manager and re-open it.
In my opinion AR Urf is a lot of better. It gives you a better chance that the enemy team will not choose all the stupid burst champs,which is boring. Plus that it brings a lot more champs rotation and more fun.Of course sometimes you had to fight 5x total D!ckchampions which was like 80% lost for your team. Still that didn't happen often, and you could dodge that to prolong the game and get all items you need.
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: Whiped Masteries Pages after patch
I just made another topic, I am sorry for that but it's getting frustrating cause i try to play for like half an hour already and i CAN'T, because the client is just horribly tripping me.
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Sherrinka (EUNE)
: As I said, its cathartic to me. I didn't wanna jump into a next game and maybe bring some leftover tilt with me, and I am all caught up on the seies I am watching, so I wrote this while I make pasta and clean the apartment.
LoL Can i add you to my friends? U are a good person.
Sherrinka (EUNE)
: To those who say "GG EZ": A sincere Thank You [now with 60% more profanity]
Ah our lovely GG ez. Your match seems lost. Everything got sucked into a spiral of wierd circumstances and wrong decision one after another. Game time : 50 mins You are still struggeling with your team to win - you prolonged the game into late - you have at least that comfort that the game is generally the same item wise. Your fighting for Baron and Dragon. Game time : 1 hour and 20 mins Finally your team gets whiped and you loose. And here madames and miseurs - Poppes up 1 %%%IN PERSON - which says "GG EZ". After an over 1 hour match, where EVERYBodY almost lost the sense to live, he %%%in says GG EZ. At this point i want just say : I hope you and your family gets all the worst diseases in the world, and your bloodline dies out in an blink of an eye because you are not allowed to spread your idiot disease to your children and further. But I won't say it. Because everyone just dispise thos GGEzers. And yes, i do report for every single GGez even if someone from my own team says it. I don't care.
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ApoIlon (EUNE)
: This game. I want my LP back
Sorry but the way to the top includes to play with player which were high even last season. So you are saying ppl ex plat should play only with ex plat? That makes no sense,..
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: Did you remove the possibility to change summoner name?
Heh meh, I know the meaning of the word "beta" ;D Sometimes I think Im getting too old for this. Thanks Sheep!I ima stick for that with the old client :) Very helpful little sheepo. I like Sheepo.Sheepo very nice.
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Emperor Wyz (EUNE)
: People not getting banned.
I smell some smartassin' but im totally agreeing with Nub Lux post. I symphatize with you about toxic players but reading ur post I see ur not much better then them.
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