: Missions still aren't fixed...
i cant finish a mission for "be on the team that destroyed first turret on rift" -except it should be only on SR not arurf SR but its not specified so FU RITO im sick of bugs and shits gonna take a break again
: Riot Has Lost It
Make this guy a president! But as far as there are noobs who argue that the game now is perfect Riot wont still think they did a good job. I was kinda forced to play LoL less and less with all those bugs, PRO stage balance changes and dozens idiotic things added/reworked in the game. I try to follow the "dont like it- dont use it" to make owners of products i buy/use to maaybeee see they do things wrong and lose customers/playerbase. I am scared now for the other game i play last 5 years - Path of Exile that Tencent bought weeks ago. I would be really mad if i will be forced to play less or at all not one, but both games. I keep my HOMM3 and AOE3 and FO2 as neverending fun classic games i used to play before i found and like those 2 online games, but its up to Tencent and stupid game owners to make me strike and not play their games and not spend money of them /which i do when i can and if i have real fun/. Guys, please try to show Riot/Tencent see that WE ARE THE PLAYERBASE -not the 1% PRO players and challengers they, WE are the ones who they should listen to and should balance the game around or make different rules/patches for LCS shits. Else i really hope they bankrupt cuz 1% PROs wont be able to do shit to keep the game alive!
: Report jungler!
And its worse if you are trying to learn jg role and some random toxic feeders push unwarded, get killed over and over again this way and you are the "reason"for all of this. And this happens too damn often. Thats why when 2 or more toxic feeders focus me instead how to improve their game or at least be useful with warding and farming, i become the afk farmer who waits end of game if dont see improvement in play and behaviour cuz i want to have some fun of this game and being servant of negative IQ guys who cant improve after 10 same mistakes in a row is not fun for me.
GreyfellD (EUW)
: This game feels like wasted time now
+1 Most games are like "hm, lets see which team will get the troll/afk/int feeder guy to lose fast and stupid" /not fast enough cuz team fails surrender vote and enemies know they are ahead and dont mind to take 2 barons first lel/. On top of that we can add the total lack of knowledge of warding, playing safe, be useful to the team even if behind, building by the case, improving from mistakes, focusing the right enemy etc. And on top of that top, we can add those 1-sided-games-friendly buffs that just secure the loss and cut the chance for comeback without enemy's team DC or smurfing faker outplays.
Zavion (EUW)
: 301K Mastery LeBlanc in-depth discussion and thoughts.
Let me start with: Wait, her semi-rework is classified as "assassin rework"!? How the -wait-2-secs-pls-to-do-damage- change was assassin-based, in which world !?!??! And now let me just say: give us back old Le Blanc ! Ok, maybe with some lil damage nerfs cuz of high elo guys who play perfect and make her almost broken; IMO she was perfect - passive was cool, dash was cool, damage was cool, real assassin-mage playstyle was cool, thematic&gameplay cool, but also she couldnt farm fast, couldnt spread damage to enemies, couldnt use her clone when she wants, but only when she was in danger. IMO Rito shouldve just add a passive that require x spell to be used first so she deal passive damage /similar to Ryze/ to counter her insta-killed combo that couldve delete anyone without defensive items and no vision of her to try dodge it. Or play with numbers like they should do with many many champs. Now those 2-secs passive are shit vs champs that can burst her down in half second even when not fed is so stupid, so not assassin-like...thats why i dont play her anymore, no matter i still like her thematic and look, and spells.
: Problems I can see with Irelia's rework.
What i see so far is that the idea of Riot to make her NOT so good at snowball and more skilled champ, as they wrote /no matter i dont think she was that reliable champ if not vs squishy enemies like many others/, fails decent well -i see much more Irelias now and most have easy laning and even 1v2 fights, of course winrate dont jump because its a team game anyway, but now more players play her and its easier for them to play her imo.
: Tips for Low Elo Bronze/Silver
The moment you wrote "ward" and you lost their attention... The problem of low elo players is that they dont think to improve or just dont think at all.
Nooo, my Nightblade Irelia not awesome enough! Reminds me of Shen and blades are not on focus and scary enough. :( And basic splash art face...hm, bad impression imo, fix the eyebrows pls. xD
: Sejuani cosplay
1) find a pig 2) ride it
: its 2,50euro...
Here 2,5 euros worth 2x more and i already spent money for the skin i wanted most.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Thought this section would be ok for it, but ok, ty mate.
Rioter Comments
Sefi (EUNE)
: Junglers tears
When i play as jungler i almost always make baron/dragon calls when enemy's jungler and even their carry /=guy who plays best, not exactly adc/ are dead +ward or ask for wards. Most of the time and especially in losing games i try to make my teammates push lanes while enemies do baron/elder and let me sneak and try to steal it, cuz else it could be baron/elder+ace for enemies which is ggwp. Of course soloq lack logic and teamwork thinking. Here is maybe last baron steal i got-my teammates started 4v5 fight again, all died and i felt like its my turn to do same but for something useful...but enemies didnt even got me hehe: https://streamable.com/11ots Dont have video of my best steal so far: blind ult with Fizz leading to tripple kill+baron steal just like that. xD
Ludoteca (EUNE)
: just by dodging theyre skills, fiora tho has passive that u cant dodge coz its on u , yas riv and zed can be easily dealt with
You can see your vital from Fiora's passive so you can go in brush or next to a wall or wait it to change or just dash away when she dashes for it and position smarter. Fizz got worse early game usually and you could push him or poke him so he burns his E to run away, else you gotta keep distance so he cant jump on you just like that doing his full combo. But also in all cases vs fiora, fizz, yas, zed, darius etc you cant play x type champs and expect much or same result-they can punish every mistake, they can counter many champs if in right hands.
Ludoteca (EUNE)
: i understand that a skilled champ can 1 shot like kayn or riven, but man.... this fizz is just broken they have to permenantly ban him from ranked u can deal with yasuo cammile or even zed but that fizz dude, and fiora too is just unstoppable its just insane riot thinks its balanced
How exactly you deal with a good yasuo/zed/riven/etc? Most likely you deal with Fizz/Fiora same way... even easier early game.
: Looking for Friendly players
Ahole and non-toxic is not same, but ok.
: Good luck in the future. Looking for professionals is mostly the right start and can only help you. Last year (25 year old me) I started talking to psychatrists too, because of various reasons. After one month of therapy I ended up in the "open psychatry" (this means that I am not forced to stay there and can always leave), mainly because we discovered that I had a mental illness, I never knew about and we had to test out which drugs help the best. After two months I got out again and still have a therapy every 2 weeks, but since I know about my illness, everything went upwards again and I understand myself much better. I think going to a therapy was the best possible possibility I could have done. The most important thing is: Don't feel bad about having mental problems. Everyone has problems - some metal, some physical - and it's way harder to admit to yourself that you need help and actually get it, then to ignore it. Don't feel bad about this decision, no matter what other people tell you about it.
Did any1 who ask for a professional help went out without being marked as "mental ill" /or whatever is the phrase in english/? Spend some time alone and just think while doing nothing but taking rest how, why, when all shit happened, analyse things and you will find the problem imo. Playing League is not the right way to get to the answers or solutions.
Encrux (EUW)
: I need to get this off my chest.
Just go to work somewhere, the obligation to work, to go to work and meet people could be useful. Or/and somehow /idk how cuz i didnt achieve it yet/ find few or dozen friends with similar hobbies and mindset, so staying alone to not be an option because you feel those guys as a family and this way shits wont be that serious.
: is there no way to get my LP back?
i doubt that, but you could send a ticket to the support
: Game crash for whole team ( Ranked Flex )
hahah, sweet huh- even competitive modes fcked up inany way, even LCS got game bugs etc
MrRenite (EUNE)
depends of play rate of the champs i read; which is stupid cuz a good skin can buff the play rate of a champ imo
Shukr4n (EUW)
: ashe? yi? when? lux teemo &co. u meant
lmao boy, eternal sword yi, cosmic yi, championship ashe, something valentine-thing ashe etc...
Rraune (EUW)
abixbg (EUNE)
: This game is so toxic because people like to be toxic and don't understand how to report properly.
Sorry, you think afk farming is trolling and toxic behavior? OMEGALUL If only half players in a team were smart enough to farm lanes and ward around them, instead following the OP low elo logic: kills >>> turrets & nexus and facechecking brushes >>> warding around + flaming someone else who pinged them for danger but farms lanes to defend and push and be competitive in items and levels. If they want to have fun killing enemies instead just farming lanes, then at least they should learn to play arams or blinds, not rankeds where they play stupid and cry for lost LP and rank. Complete lack of skills and knowledge about mini/macro game is typical for the toxic trolls who never blame themselves just like never listen to someone who play better.
: I'm not an expert but I think Rengar is not supposed to do this, right?
happened to me twice in a game vs fed rengar, rip flash, wp shrito btw happened also that rengar killed me with his W while i was in him by Kayn R -not sure it should happens too
: I'm toxic and I can't stop..!
"I just wish they would instead try to tell me what I should do.." -Cmon, you really think they know sh.t to advice you? They barely know the name of the champ they play, what about warding, farming, enemy's champ spells etc etc.
Agidyne (EUW)
: The "ignore your laner and camp bot with your jungler" strategy you described is basically what we have right now, and it's the most boring meta I think we ever had in a while. Except you don't do it with Zed, you do it with Azir and Ryze and other super safe mages you see regularly played in the mid lane, who just so happen to be good at roaming aswell. What's so interesting about doing 4 man bot? You aren't even killing them because you mechanically outplayed them, you are winning because you have more people. Also, champion power is relative to every other champion in the game. League is a game where if a champion isn't in the top 30, he is in the bottom 100. Finally, there's no such thing as "Surprising" people anymore. The moment you pick Zed, they take 5 Stopwatches and you can't kill the midlaner because he is basically immune to your ult, even before he finishes Zhonyas now, you can't kill bot if they have a defensive support like Braum or Janna because the peel those champions offer is borderline insane and you can't kill the top laner or the jungler because they are both tanks. You can kill GP if he hasn't finished his Sterak's yet, and even that's not a guaranteed kill. That's why I believe we need champions who can kill you under your own turret and live if they play properly. Because League is in a state where passive play and 4 man ganks are the way to go and individual skill is often meaningless because of it. Also, the reason I mention Zed a lot is because Riot said Zed is a healthy assassin in the past. I don't play Zed myself, I just prefer to fight against him because he does stuff besides just farm, as most mages do nowadays.
If you really want this -then you should love Zoe /doubt nerfs are so hard yet/. BTW imo PROs could be boring and win even without 1st blood and the clash of noobs we play to be the fun one. Im sick of changes and reworks because pros play perfectly and abuse x thing while 95% of the playerbase is in low elo and dont know shit about that or cant use it properly or do bad plays so its whatever for them...
Agidyne (EUW)
: 1) Yes! But you need to remember champion power is relative to every other champion in League. So you can say someone like Zed is fine, but he is only fine against those who are weaker than him. You could make an argument that he "counters" most mages, and despite that being true, it's also true that there is nothing he can do if the champions he "counters" simply decide to farm under tower for 30 minutes. Not without his jungler intervention in a dive. 2) Not entirely true. Assassins are also countered by supports such as Lulu or Janna, two champions that basically play themselves and who I find absolutely disgusting at how they have managed to go unchanged for so long. Soraka aswell, but she is basically an inferior Janna in her current state. And they are also countered by an item known as Zhonyas Hourglass, which has been a broken item since it's official release and doesn't really add anything of value to the game. It doesn't require you to land anything on your lane opponent, or deal an X ammount of damage, or wait an X ammount of seconds before you can use it. Even if a Zed mechanically outplays an Orianna, she will be able to ignore his Death Mark by clicking one button. 3) Actually, many LCS pros have a somewhat big champion roster, or at least can play a decent ammount of champions to an acceptable level. Faker used to play Zed in Season 3. He used to be one of the best Zeds if not the best Zed in the world and he could play Zed into any matchup and come out ahead. That simply doesn't happen anymore. He can't play Zed in the mid lane since everything has become so safe since then. Also, he isn't exactly a meta-slave either, like most other pros are. The dude was playing f*cking Olaf mid in the World stage. Aswell as Master Yi mid, and he was the only guy I remember playing Ryze mid in Season 6. 4) You are also correct. Assassins in general are in such a bad state that their whole identity is defined by how often they can proc duskblade, with Kha'zix being at the top in that category, meaning Kha'zix is the best of the worst champion archetype in the game.
But why a Zed mid would camp his laner instead go with his jg on botlane party? Later in fights could join well enough with spellshield item or a support like Lulu while someone like Zac/Gnar/Rakan make plays for him and adc... Maybe as a last pick when the enemy lacks stuns on mid he can be ok. Same goes for rest assassins -they dont need to be first pick of their teams, but last ones surprising enemies using the advantage of none to counter their pick. Btw iirc in worlds we saw weirdest team strategy -rushing exp for Nocturne jg. xD So there is always a way, just not that easy and meta.
Izaldeen (EUW)
: 150$
typical...in the other game i play from time to time, they do so much about the community and dont make the usual bugs on patch we see here...lucky rito that this game is so addicting somehow
Kanèkî (EUW)
: yes i agree. but how can we become better and play roles we really like when there is no balance in the game?
I dont like it too, but after i watched videos how/what to improve about x role or gameplay as general, maybe it wont hurts that much if we play like we should.
Agidyne (EUW)
: If they were fine, at least one of them would be a regular pick in the LCS. But as it turns out, none of them are. Mid assassins became obsolete by the end of Season 7, and Stopwatch only made them worse. Jungle assassins are outclassed by Jungle tanks, such as Zac or Sejuani, which pretty much dominate the competitive scene right now. Top lane assassins lose to fighters, and fighters lose to tanks, and funnily enough, assassins also lose to tanks. You could mention Pantheon, but he became trash after the minon aggro changes.
1) PROs follow the metas, so if assassin on mid could be ok, its simply not the best choice -else they wouldnt play same 20 boring champs whole season 2) warding level and the team communication is what counters the assassins and hey-LCS is just this /stopwatch nerfed gg/ 3) even on LCS i can see stupid plays and imo they dont know to play every champ that good like a guy who is OTP of it, sounds exaggerated maybe but it is so imo 4) we saw rengar jg several games, in one of them i remember he was damn fed and ra.ped everyone, we saw LB /despite i think she isnt assassin anymore with this idiotic passive and in same time rengo or kha jump from stealth to deal 1500dmg in half second/, we saw Kassadin, KhaZix -sadly jg tanks countered the jg assassins often but mid ones were ok and zed/talon/akali wouldve be ok too, if they knew to play them or can deal with being on focus, losing some cs early and dont be meta this way i think assassins are ok, but i guess its easier to spam RQ every 5secs and 1shot anyone who is not a tank as Zoe...who needs an assassin this way...
Agidyne (EUW)
: A Regular tank is a fed tank. Tank items are cheaper than most other items, meaning they can't really fall behind inlane aslong as they are getting XP. You can kill a Poppy twice in lane. If you are equal in CS or even slightly ahead, she will still probably be able to get her Sunfire Cape before you can finish a Titanic Hydra, for instance. And I'm talking about Poppy because she is one of the worst tanks in the game right now. ADCs are really hard to delete aswell, you see this in competitive play all the time, way harder than assassins, actually. The ammount of peel some champions have is disgusting, and that's kind of what made AD Assassins and Bruisers obsolete and why you never see them in Competitive anymore, well, except for Camille. As for Assassins, you often only need to stun them once and they will melt. That's why they are in a horrible state and mostly rely on stomping unaware people. Finally, about the "team game" argument. Sounds great if you are playing some late game scaling monster, like Vladimir, play undertower and wait for your jungler to put you ahead. But if you are playing a lane bully, it's the dumbest argument one could make. You are playing against someone that will eventually outscale you. You NEED to push, and you NEED to make him fall behind. If the enemy jungler shows up near the top side, then you either risk a 1v2 or lose all the lane pressure you worked for, against someone that will eventually beat you by default and is probably way more useful than you in teamfights. So yeah, no one is saying league isn't a team game, it's just that laning used to require a lot more thought than it does now. And laners used to be stronger than junglers in the early mid game, which meant that ganking someone who is ahead was a huge risk.
You remember the video of the reworked rengar vs xerath? Flash is here, MVS boost rune, dashes etc...assassins are fine.
iSneez (EUNE)
: You are always ready for ranked, since even if you don't win, like that you progres learning from mistakes. About meaning only 1 champion it's not really ok because you need to fill 2 positions + autofill so you need to know multiple roles and champions. Also if you really want to progres and not have just fun, tryndamere it's not really a good champion right now, of course you can always win with any champion but just to knwo that you can have big trouble in ranke compare with normal games if people bring a lot of cc. Maybe you learn and train with him in jungle also since if you need to fill 2 positions to choose first role top and second jungle and also go as tryn in jungle if its the case. Sometime you need to support so learn an easy support. It's good that you farm well, since that's a problem with many new players in rank, I see you constant buy ct wards, also a good thing. Don't know about ESSENCE REAVER on Trynd if it's the best choise, but I never played him for years so I don't know if its worth buying it for other stats and sacrifice the mana thing. but if you do well with it in the build maybe it's good to keep doing it until you see it's not working anymore then switch on something else like maybe Guinsoo's Rageblade or Blade of the Ruined King or maybe Mercurial Scimitar to counter a bit the cc will be thrown at you.
I bet ER item is needed for its CDR and ofc AD+crit.
Kanèkî (EUW)
: no. and i dont enjoy playing vs tanks either. the game is not balanced and not fun as it is right now. assasins one shot adc/mages and tanks not only are unkillable but they deal crazy damage with only tank items. u need 3 people at least to kill a full build tank while the tank can easily kill 1v2 if the enemies are squishy. thats just sick. and u cant even react at 1v1 with an assasin if you are squishy,its just insta kill. its clearly a tank-assasin meta and i dont enjoy it at all,its just boring and unbalanced. all champions should have the same chances at rift.
Agree...but lets be honest -this happens cuz we lack skills how to play properly. About adcs...arent you same glass cannon with every other champ who buys 0hp, 0mr/ar items? It feels like some roles are harder to play/learn, but again its about skills and game knowledge, so we gotta gitgud, buddy.
Agidyne (EUW)
: I honestly kind of prefer to play against Assassins than against mages and carries who just farm under tower and wait for ganks. At least Assassins actually fight you. Midlane suffers from a problem that everyone just has too much wave clear. So even if you outmatch your opponent skill wise, you can't kill them and snowball off them since all they have to do is sit under tower and wait for ganks, while clearing waves, which is insanely easy to do now. If you watched worlds last year, you would see 2 mages clearing waves nonstop and whenever one killed the other one was because his jungler was there and the enemy jungler wasn't. On the other hand, if I face a champion that literally plays itself, like Malzahar, I almost fall asleep. The only assassin I hate to fight against is Akali, and it's mostly because she is a point&click queen. Also, her shroud makes her super safe.
While i could agree with you, i still dont enjoy them because of how mobile and sneaky they are -if its a fed tank -you can kite him, if its fed adc-still delete it with proper play, but assassins are annoying and require chain CC or good teamwork to be safety and surely killed, which is missing in soloQ, cuz of which it seems they shine the most. Also they kill the fun of playing Karthus or other 0 CC squishy champ. :/ About those waiting for ganks champs...dont we see the same shit in videos like "how to play vs x counter champ on lane" where the guy is not doing better but rely on his jungler for first 2-3 kills which is pathetic imo but... its a team game and we are not let to 1v1 everyone to prove our 1v1 skills but also we should learn how to 1v2 or at least survive most ganks to multiply enemies'gold x0 from those failed ganks this way helping rest of the team directly or indirectly- and thats why high elo players take care to help their jungler and screw the enemy's jungler and this pays off.
: Ryze rework, again?
Im still wondering....who the damn hell allowed shrito rework him so stupid!? Did Ryze mains were O.K. with changing him to such semi-control-mage /cuz his ultimate is exactly such now/ when he was a good soloQ badass mage? I guess Ryze is the only champ who cant be mastered-cuz you got no time for that from reworks and heavy nerfs. xD
Suffer (EUNE)
: I do play champions that I really like, such as Talon and Anivia, and that is why I get angry mostly at myself rather than my team. Harassment from the enemy team and the toxic teammates is what sucks and fuels that rage further. And yes, I disabled the all chat just an hour ago.
i prefer to be able to see the flamers so i can report them with a ticket why i report them/what they did and last 2 weeks i barely get angry cuz i just start to afk farm and splitpush and watch rest let the enemies bait them stupid and cry cuz cant take the fact they played worse than bots or miss chance after chance to close the game with few good calls i asked about but none helped
Suffer (EUNE)
: This game seriously makes me cry from the stress and harassment
Came mostly to say: "Kind community comments and no stupid&toxic ones? Am i still in LoL forum?" xD But to be useful i would say that most of my stress and anger in this game comes from expectations /and AI teammates but nvm this one/ -i would suggest your to play the champ you have fun to play and be good at affecting games with it -dont think how your teammates shouldve do many things by the right way or the better way than they did, but have fun to outplay enemies with your lovely champ and staying focused on what you have to do so your team start respect your calls and pings or at least wake up to push enemy's nexus not trolly farm raptors. xD
: I have mixed feeling about her. She can get pretty strong and annoying when she gets a lead, but she doesn't really offer much in a teamfight. In competitive play she'll just get rekt when she ults into 5 members of a team, because they are peeling for their carries properly (at least most of the times). She's more of a Solo Queue jungler without all the communication and coordination between the team members
IMO if she gets spell shield or just any shield on top of her passive /sterak's or else/ and got GA or just stopwatch /the meta this season/ she can easily just Q to jump over a wall or just come in range for R on adc or apc and in that time her teammates can easily engage choosing who they want to focus -finish the adc or else. Shortly: she is like Irelia and few such type champs who can easily dive and focus hypercarry.
: well anivia,annie,syndra,vic and other burst mages are very vulnerable to flanks and eventually after getting focused on they'll die, but swain was a battle mage that if he got feed he was unkillable in a teamfight. they're just removing more ways of solo carrying.
LMAO, the logic is amazing...we wont nerf-rework zed, yasuo, darius, kha /who are the freelo i see up to plat/, we will nerf champs that are played less and have real weak spots so we make them even weaker and good only when you practice them enough. Meanwhile 2 bots games with zed, yas, darius,kha and you are ranked booster...rito logic op.
: are you kidding me riot
Everytime i got visual bug like black screen only in the lol client or missing match history or high ms and i write to the support they make me do some repairs and other shits im lazy to do and dont want to spend time on, but nothing that annoying so far except 2-3 black screen in champ select that made me dodge games.
: What Are The Darkin ?
Are YOU the body itself or just the soul in it? Idk more, havent read most of the stories yet, im nob. xD
: Dodging skillshots.
Wait a minute...Lux E and Karthus Q are skillshots?! I think they are opposite to skillshots > point and click spells that should be easier to land. Xerath W is similar to those 2 spells too, while his Q and E are skillshots like Lux Q. How you can dodge them? Hm, maybe use weird moves like: when you see Lux casts E on you, instead going back to your turret, go forward to her or sidestep in time; against Karthus Q you should want to be next to an ally minion so do not take the double damage of it or use Talon's Q to an enemy's minion that is outside your melee range so you dash to it leading to dodging Karthus Q or again-weird unpredictable even for you moves that would confuse the enemy where to cast the spell leading to less side steps and easier dodge for you. As Ryze...maybe try to proc his passive shield on minions or enemy on top of the ^ tips. Using runes for extra MVS or buying boots earlier could help too. I wrote about the point and click spells you wrote about but if you actually want info about skillshots-its same and even easier sometimes due to how you can hide behind minions or sidestep easier when see the cast animation or just got the feel to predict some of them. Cant think of something else but this should be enough /im mid-silver player so maybe more experienced or higher elo guy can add more tips/.
WolfChases (EUNE)
: I am stuck in Silver 2, I don't see the way out. HELP!
LMAO, you described me and im former s3 player. :D :D :D Same goes for many other silver players who play good and wouldve climb if had a little smarted teammates. How you got it to plat last season then!? Cuz i had and still have same problems, but when i talk about it -its my fault being not able to get fed and carry 4 0iq players...who for example ignore my baron calls cuz raptors or enemy support is more important. Hmm...
Wadud92 (EUW)
: Before I even clicked your match history I already knew what I was going to see. As a fellow silver scrub I know our issue. We do not know how to finish a game. I'm seeing a lot of 30-40 min games, and juding purely by score you are doing OK. Make calls, constantly make calls. 1-3-1, split top/bot, baron call, drake call. Doesn't matter if it is a good call or not. Do your best to propel the game forward. When you get ahead, and you stall, you give enemy's a chance to catch up, prolonging the game until it's a 50/50 to who wins. Also your CS is roughly half of what it potentially could be. 75% is what I aim for on the off chance I do not get support. So at 20 mins I want 150 cs. But its mostly that we do not know how to end games. That is the difference between silver and gold (imo) the ability to end a game
Please no, please! Dont say/write that! I play normals so far this season but i doubt /from my exp/ that in rankeds people would play different. EVERY DAMN GAME, no matter am i jungler, top,mid, sup, i ping a lot and even chat my team about the things you wrote, those "calls". BUT there is no reaction from my team... they keep playing wrong in crucial situations making the game twice longer, risking everything we did so far. An example: in kinda even game where we were closer to lose than win most of the time, we did a good fight, pushed enemy's top inhib and 1st of the 2 nexus turrets, later we did another good fight that shouldve be our last, BUT my teammates despite death timer of enemies, went to push mid lane's turret+inhib and then go for the last nexus turret BUT it took them like 10 seconds to destroy those mid turret+inhib, leaving them few seconds until enemies respawn, they didnt go back, which caused them to make one more last fight that couldve be lost due to the fact they were 4 vs 5 respawning enemies and nexus still wasnt open /i was the one who sacrificed for the ace in the last fight so without tp i was still away of them/. In all that time i chat and pinged them they got time to go straight for nexus and secure the win without risking sh.t anymore -NOPE, they gotta waste time on useless mid structures, let enemies fight them and risk the whole game once more. And many more examples of when im alive, i killed enemy's jungler and spotted 2 enemis on botlane so i need just 2 more teammates to get the baron fast and safe but in best case i got help from 1 teammate which isnt enough for fast and safe baron, unless its the apc/adc which ofc is not. Splitpush you say? Isnt this a result of farming lanes first? Cuz once we pass 20th min my teammates too often forget to farm lanes and focus on monsters, fights in jungle and basically kill>turrets/nexus all the time, even after Ace the focus stays same for them: kills>monsters>nexus. Or they want to start a baron while enemies are all alive and maybe close enough to react and even start a baron while our jungler is dead and enemy's not; i wont talk about the allergic to wards and lens teammates /maybe enemies too, but idc/. And if i make the mistake to say someone threw the game or played it stupid, i become a flamer or troll if i go to splitpush alone. I dont know wtf to do in such games where my teammates act worse than bots and ignore me when i ping and chat to help us win the game faster and safer...maybe im not good for soloQ but i lack a team for flex+its more complicated to play with a team due to IRL stuff and time zones.
Eratos (EUW)
: he wanted to say that after placements...even plat players can get placed there...So you play gainst plat players.Or gold players.
Maybe he was sarcastic cuz of golds/plats who play worse than silvers, even when they play their mains. xD
kiwishrew (EUW)
: ***
Damn it, bro, i cant agree more. Wish Riot read and listen to you even just on 50%-the game would become much better.
yovish (EUNE)
: Would it be possible to get more lore-oriented skins in game?
+1 just because those good skin lines are less and less connected to anything about champs they are made for /money talk i guess/ I dont main Illaoi, or GP, but this new Illaoi skin seems so stupid based on fact an astronaut-like skin would fit with GP's Dreadnova skin /recall too/ but...enjoy Battlecast one, soon- Viktor will love his new child lmao
: Just let us leave 4v5 games
+1 mate ! Losing attitude barely can win even in 6v5, let those players leave and also save us the toxic chat and "unlucky"deaths that just secure the victory for enemy team. + Its really annoying to play in those 4v5 games after failed remake or surr15-20 vote cuz there are trio premades who dont even try to do something, just troll rest who blame their afk buddy. Most players anyway play a lottery: snowball hard or lose hard, do not try hard -just like throwing a coin to "prove" the skills.
elin990 (EUW)
: You can only play 3 champs for the rest of your LOL life, who would it be?
lel, i cant pick only 3 :X i try to main few i really like but there are few more that i like and are more fun but if not behind... xD its like to ask Joey what he prefers: girls or food xD
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