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Same here in Czech republic EUNE, upvoted to let Riot know.
: I need a name with zed winner will get a mystery skin
: at least it's an entertaining bitching (if you know what i mean)
I am not bitching about the new champion, I actually think he is adorable and well designed, just a harmless dialogue.
: Rammus says more than just "ok", 0/10
You are right Jesper, Rammus should not have spoken more, I apologize. Hopefully, the edited version will make more sense.
Najns (EUW)
: D: Why are you fatshaming Maokai D: Poor guy (tree?). I really don't get why so many people downvote it. It's funny xP
Thank you :) I am not fatshaming Maokai, Zyra is, because they are rivals and she is angry he got victorious skin, but not many people know their rivalry :P
: How Ivern was born
A guy takes his time and writes a little dialogue to cheer you up, yet, only thing you can do is hate him and downvote it. Everbody can critize, I see. Hope somebody enjoyed it though :)
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: My first (and last) ''omg what happened to this game'' topic.
I think that a lot of things you have mentioned are really happening although Riot is trying its best to keep the game interesting. I would point out 3 key factors why the game is loosing players: 1. removal of Team ranked 2. Dynamic queue is bad for solo players 3. balance of champions It is nice to see that Riot has started to work on 3. issue and are adressing Dynamic queue as well, but removing Team ranked was the biggest mistake they have ever done.
: Smurfs/MMR boosting/Bought accounts
Yes, this is happening and it will not stop. Even I boosted my friends on other accounts to plat so we can at least play ranked together, then they gave further restriction for diamonds, so I am now dropping divisions, just to play with my friends something other then normals, why? Team ranked is gone, there is your answer.
CeciliauF (EUW)
: ***
exactly my friend. I really loved the game that is why it is so heartbreaking and frustrating for me to see it in this state and see my friends leaving one after another because we cant play together anymore as a team and so on.
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