: Headhunter Akali disagrees.
Yeah, but only Headhunter, sadly :(
Boleró (EUW)
Glad to found another positive player =^'^=. Please keep the smile on that face :o3
: Name me the most annoying to play against botlane combination
Zyra with any ADC, Zyra is so good if the player knows how to abuse her plants <3. But I suggest taking Caitlyn, because Zyra will zone them very easily and with Cait's AA range this will work out. I suggest starting with E on Zyra. Another good ADC for her would be Vayne. It worked out for me many times.
: Which Akali skin should i buy?
Better wait for a sale/early sale to come out, Akali's skins don't have some particles effects (from what I saw), they seem like 750 RP skins :(. And I found that after getting Nurse and Blood Moon. But if you REALLY want a skin for her now, Blood Moon is very nice. A beautiful thematic.
Rioter Comments
Kronó (EUW)
: I just repaired League and it worked but still the fact I am banned for 5 games each at 20min wait..... for something thats not my fault.
Glad to hear you fixed it ^^ , I know that problem, the longest queues of my life ;-;
Varjokani (EUNE)
: How to find courage to play with random people?
You need to relax yourself. Don't think about what other people will say to offense you. Some things that (maybe) will work on you too, that I found useful for me: 1.Stretch your muscles after a game, exhale the tension. 2.Eat something sweet ({{item:2009}}), let some fresh air into the room and put some background music (classical worked well for me). 3.Take care of your back, try to stay in a healthy position. (yeah.. that can affect your relaxation progress too D: ) 4.Visualise the victory, the friendly teammates grouping to take objectives and win teamfights. 5.Be friendly with others and with yourself. Try to start a game with "hello pals, let's have a fun&nice victory". 6.Ignore negativity, on skype your friends won't say rude things, so don't pay attention on flaming/tilting people. I hope I could help ya =^'^=
: Best 450,1350 and 3150 ip champions to carry soloq with
450: Annie, Ashe, Master Yi, Nunu, Ryze, Warwick 1350: Mundo, Jax, Nasus, Tristana, Udyr, Veigar, Tryndamere 3150: Akali, Corki, Gragas, Karma, Le Blanc, Lux, Miss Fortune, Pantheon All these champions are strong and have potential, but the "champions that carry" thing is that is preferential. One can carry well with Tristana while others can't. I tried to include one champion for every role. But the best champion to carry with is that one which you're more comfortable with.
Dismana (EUNE)
: I want more positive players!
It's so hard to maintain a happy face when in every game is a person ready to shred your smile off :(. It's so difficult to find those people, they became so rare that they're like holy gems. It's sad. I didn't find more than 1 person in 50 games to be actually nice, even on the enemy team. Someone who wants to try stuff in normals are "bulls**t", and the players who want to learn a champion even against bots are "motherf**kers who don't know nothing". Sir, give me the honor to be friends with you, you delicious piece of Nutella cake! {{item:2009}}
: This game is slowly falling apart
I feel ya. And is harder and harder to remain positive and/or encourage your teammates when you're feeling bad because of the negative background. I've started to play around the season 4, not a long time, but enough to experience the frustration that is brought in game because of some mean people. ;-; The sad part is that no one can any longer participate in the punishing process, since the Tribunal is gone. {{item:3070}}
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
If a person is so annoyed or tilted, they would leave in an instant, without thinking of turning of the connection. But even so, what else can you do? Some people are getting punished for things that are absolutely not in their reach (like where are you born, in that area you live, even the problems that internet providers might have). In all my games no one believed me when I said I have lag, because people abuse this excuse to the point that is not believable anymore. I'm truly sad that I couldn't participate in the Tribunal, because it was needed level 30, and by the time I reached it the Tribunal was dead. I don't think that you had to watch the whole game, if you were being able to chose what part to watch (like spectating). And even so, if it takes long, at least some people who deserve a ban will get it because they deserve it. And besides that, what else can you do? What can Riot do? If you have another ideea that might work it would be nice if you shared it.
MyMoon (EUNE)
: Am glad that you have and get such a healthy team compostion but i say that number is much lower in general statistic. Yes your right. Your positiv thinking and chating have an impact. I uselly get : "who made you a captin" or "stfu" or "report him for flame" etc. But when ever i get a good response i reward it with good teammate. But in my case i would say 1/25 games.
The least you can do is to stay positive, even if they'll comment or start flaming. That's how I managed to make my teammates cooperate. It's a sad road, but in the end maybe someone learned something useful from me.
Kronó (EUW)
: So this is rather some rotten potatoes inside there computers or this is a major problem.
I managed to find 2 useful tips that helped me and/or my friends: It's kinda annoying at the beginning, but making this a habit is actually good. Go to speedtest.net/ and make some tests (yeah, more than 2) and see your average download/upload speed. Try to close any other program that might consume data while you're in game (even if you joined the PC master race). I was able to connect in games after I had activated gaming-mode on my antivirus. (Kinda internet-related tips, but they might help a bit) The other thing is your HDD/SSD. SSDs have short memory but they have an amazing info-transfer speed, while HDDs have huge amounts of space, they're cheaper, but they don't transfer information as faster as SSDs. HDD can work properly for 3-4 years (maybe less), because you use them everyday for who knows how much time. Maybe replacing your HDD can bring you faster loading times. I hope I could help you in some sort of way :o3
: Do we really need wards for everyone ?
Oh my.. I truly hate people that say "Uhm.. warding is a sup thing", like I am the only person that can see the map, right? A support can have up to 4 wards on the map in the same time, one being extremely vulnerable due visibility, and the others that fade in time. To keep that 4 wards on the map means that you're going to constantly head base to refill your {{item:2049}} and your {{item:2043}} supply. Then, the one-man-army is supposed to go and ward alone, because everyone is busy, and warding "is your job alone". Tbh 4 wards are not even enough to ward one objective completely (I mean 360 vision, no blind spot, every route to that objective covered). And one damn pink costs 75 gold, it's not a fortune, it's not a life-time saving, it's not as much as a student loan in America. Knowing where is your enemy is true power. Who cares that you have {{item:3089}} and {{item:3157}} if you get caught while taking your own blue buff? It's just overwhelming when you have 10 wards in the enemy jungle, you can watch their movements and predict their future actions. Just beautiful :') Junglers can do wonders with a {{item:2049}} , because they have semi-permanent presence in jungles, and can place some game-changing wards. WARDS ARE SEXY GOD DAMN IT! {{item:2043}}
MyMoon (EUNE)
: Ok, nice, but serius. How much in public games did your teammates used chat for that. Lets say 10 games, in how much games did they use chat for that ?
I would say 6/10. I got games when my teammates used the chat for good because it was their habit to do so, and I got games when people started using my example when they saw how useful it is, not just for me but for the whole team. There can be players that don't do that, and even if they see that the chat is useful. The thing is that forming a habit of using the chat for good things, it will help ,in the first place, your person alone.
: Trolers even in ranked..
The trick here is either you learn to "play" with the community in your favor or not. Usually, people tend to like positive persons, even if they don't show it, in their subconscious they like you, and they'll be more likely to follow you. In low elo is enough to "predict" a big fight, or to win it to be seen as a god of League of Legends, a smurf that has fallen among them to help them win that specific game. In this case you must abuse your power in the teams benefit. Like convincing them to buy pinks and use their trinkets, or stay together, or taking objectives. You must learn to adapt to your "tier" of community that you're in. For example I'm a support, a role with "not that much influence". But if I ward good and manage to spoon-feed my adc, he'll be on my side, staying close to me, listening to me. I automatically convinced one person that I'm worthy to follow. In teamfights I will be able to show my potential as a "leader", with my laner buddy to cover my back. It's more like a psychological game that you'll need to play to win your teammates. By either being positive or leading your team through the game. Many people in lower elo stay there because they can't win their teammates, none following no one. Individuality and greed are the killers here. I hope I could help you somehow :o3
: Why do I have to pay the price for AFKers?
They could solve this by adding a sistem which follows your internet connection. When a teammate has poor speed and his/hers game drop, it would be nice to show "An allay has disconnected.". But on the other hand ,if they leave by purpose, it can be shown "An allay has left the game." It's very frustrating when someone leaves the game, even as a support. Playing a constant 1v2 when you're weak without your partner is harsh. But more irritating is to be banned because you live in an area with poor internet (as I do, living in a rural area). Or they could bring the old Tribunal back. So players can watch matches and judge ones actions, and decide if the person should be punished. I think 3 people/report should be enough, but without the reward system. The fact that you're helping the community is the most rewarding thing here.
MyMoon (EUNE)
: Do we need chat?
The chat is more handy than you think (excluding flaming conversations and such things). I set my chat to show timers, so I can type in chat "Zed ulti" "mid no flash" and keep in mind their cooldowns so I can abuse the enemy knowing when their spells will go up and when they're most vulnerable. It's not obligatory to do that, but some players might follow your steps and write useful things as well. And the "drake up" "they are at baron" things are pretty useful too. But if you feel like you don't need even this, you can play in a custom game with the scaling of your chat window (maybe mute the sounds that the chat makes for every new entry too).
: New Zyra is shit compared to the old one. I will never forgive Riot for ruining one of my favorite mid / supports.
It's not full-shit-mode, just a little bit different..? They gave her more harass utility, and a longer-aoe Q with shorter delay. In terms of playstyle I haven't seen more changes, the same old constant-harassing, health-shredding, flexible champion.
: i enjy having loads of plants down and i can see why they reduced the damage on her abilities but i still feel like it was either a bit too much or her delay on her q is pretty annoying at times dunno if its just me but i feel like they escape e before q goes even after you combo but yea its fun change maybe a few tweaks but overall it goes more to the feel of what they were aiming for a plantmegeddon. P.S still wish her passive was her old one in terms of looks so when you die you die as a wilted plant =p
Yeah.. they could add some new dead animation instead of keeping the old one. It's not visually pleasing, seems that doesn't correspond with her any longer xD
: I feel like alot of her overall nuke has gone with the rework which is a sad thing for me as i was more of a fan of it. However i feel instead she has more poke to wittle down her target instead as a trade off which im still mixed about. Like im changing my playstyle but i do feel like this is a slight nerf/buff its an odd one i know that much.
Yeah, I feel you about this. They tried to change maybe her playstyle, but she's still one good burster because of her root and seeds. It's a balanced change, they gave her a lot of poking potential, but they've taken her early CDR and some scaling changed a bit. But I find her enjoyable, mostly because of her random plants. Neither you or your opponent can change their location, and it's interesting how can you take advantage of them.
: How do I stop being toxic?
If you're being toxic constantly, try to find the source of the problem: Is it the way that your teammates write? - Mute them in the first minute. If you don't want to mute them, you could always scale down your chat window so you're less likely to pay attention to it. Is it the adrenaline rush before games? - This is actually a problem that I have too. Most commonly found on shy players, that are afraid of what the other would comment based on their playstyle. In this case you need to learn what makes you relaxed. Either be some classical music (relaxing your brain and some hormone realises), the position of your spine (yes, that can have a huge impact too), the environment that you play in (you can place some calming objects if you have any -mine are candles- ,or some posters/notes with something cute written on them), or (finally) the fear of being alone (is kind of hard to find this one). In the last case just try to talk to somebody on skype, maybe making a duo, calming each other. Is it the previous games/ the loosing streaks/ the feeling of bad luck? - In this case you'll need a break from League, something around 2 days. Try to do something other than gaming (try reading some funny novels, painting/drawing -even if you suck at it, laugh your ass of) or just hang out with friends, watching some movies/series together. Is it the concentration issues? - Try COW (chocolate, oxigen and will). Your brain just LOVES CHOCOLATE, feed it good with some tasty Nutella, but you can add a cup of tea here. Wait an hour (after you eat and is time to digest the thingies, your blood is sent to your intestines, leaving the brain with less resources).Meanwhile, open the windows, letting freshly fresh air to come in the room. The last thing is the willing to win and/or do well (or your purpose/goal). *Note: this metod can be use with more things, like studying. It's just a way to maximize the brain potential.* It is some stress problem? - It depends from person to person how they eliminate the stress. One way (which I seen to be somewhat universal) is sport. But not all kinds of sports, stretching to be exact. Your muscles build tension in time, even if you have a sedentary life, the simple fact that you move your body can do that. Some simple stretching exercises (search on youtube) for ,let's say 30 minutes, can do wonders. Let the muscles lose the tension, you'll feel much better. I hope that I could help you in some way =^'^= .Btw, sorry for the mass block of letters, and/or for the weird biology thingies :o3 {{item:2009}}
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: Can someone teach me how to play against these champions:
One thing that helped me against Zed and Ahri is the sound effects. Some times is hard to see the animations, due the continuous movement of yours and theirs. Try to keep an ear out for them. Ahri's Q is easy to dodge, you need to go in a perpendicular line and you're safe. I find her Q to have some kind of slow movement, giving my opponents time to react if they pay attention when I launch it. Zed is in a whole new level. You need some great attention whenever you play with him or against him. His blades just fly pretty quick, and you have to play very calculated, as he has some devilish shadows that duplicate his god-damn shurikanes. The hardest part with these 3 (including now Le Blanc) is their mobility. Maybe {{item:3116}} and {{item:3092}} (if you need this for chasing) can help you. Always abuse their cooldowns, and keep them in mind. Hope I could help ya =^'^=
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: So Zyra
As far as I know (I play her mainly support) she's a strong burster, that needs either a large mana pool or mana regeneration, it's up to your playstyle. She's very weak early, with some low stats. I usually play her passively until level 3, and with her new lovely passive I can shred the adc's health bar in seconds. On mid I like to take {{item:3165}} as the first item, then some magic penetration or {{item:3116}} . The thing I like the most is that she's really flexible, due to her 2 roles that she can fit in. Another thing that most people forgot is the damage you're able to do with your plant friends, and the great scaling she does. Even as a support she can provide heavy damage mid and late game. I had games when I was capable to carry as support with her, and 1v1 anybody. She really shines after one heavy AP item (100/ +100 AP). As for assassin match-ups, I found her in disadvantage (if the enemy laner has some form of dash). You can put the seeds near you, or walk beside them, so when somebody engages you can root them and apply some damage. Or you can try to zone them with ranged plants. I hope I could help you ^^ ,don't forget, vision is your best friend {{item:2043}} <3
PROaa135 (EUW)
: Aw, buddy. Quite a decent message c= *hugs* I guess, I'll take 2 cookies =D One for me, and one for you. c= You're the awesome one here =P
Thank you, you're the awesome gorgeous one here <3
In my opinion ,the most independent roles are mid and top, if you don't need any ganks. I took in consideration jungle, but you need your teammates to cooperate with you in ganks, with cuts of the independence level (to say so). I'll say that mid is or is not forgiving depending on who are you facing. If you got a monster Yasuo that you gave him 2 kills and now he's a mad machine...we all know where it ends. But if you got an enemy Swain who doesn't know how to put in good use those 2 kills, you can get him even when you're behind. And vice versa. In the top lane things get pretty spicy. As far as I played top (not too much but still something) is either you push or he pushes you. It's like a separate arena on the map where the junglers come just to see the news (or if you ask them to). It's not like mid, where the jungler comes with a jumpscare, or the other lanes just decided to roam. I didn't manage to play jungle, and boy I'm glad. But you still need to get people follow your ideas. If you go all in and they're low, you're a suicidal bomb. But if you felt behind, the most forgiving role is support. It's a little chance that people blame the support (maybe just in the warding matter, but everybody should ward). Keep in mind, a ward per day keeps the gank away (that glorious pun). Well, that's my thoughts. You should play the role which is more comfortable for you. (P.S.: Diana mid...it's my jam, you should try ^'^)
: Actually I did hear that EUNE was having some connection issues so that's probably why so they don't deserve to get punished just so it'd make you feel better. But what I really dislike is your attitude, I climbed from Bronze 5 to Silver 4 in 2 days all you need is the right attitude. Don't blame others, don't try to improve them just improve yourself. Might sound harsh but it's true, You'll never get higher elo with a disgusting attitude.
I actually had some connection problems recently (and it was NOT my connection/device problem, since I had constant 130 Mbps and a good laptop). I encountered them many times this week, some games were ok, but the following were horrible, seemed like a random chance for the server to dumb me ;-; .
alistial (EUW)
: i refunded yi to get xerath in the first week when i started ;-; and refunded tf for veigar also i rebought these 2 champs and cant rememebr the last one i spent on i think they should give you back the refund if you rebuy the thing you refunded
I sold Ahri and took Fiddlesticks, then sold Fiddle for Teemo, then sols Teemo and got Elise. I don't even know how jungle works, that role is from another new world for me xD. All this in one day at level 10 (I think), the blackest day of them all {{item:3070}}
Goodnigut (EUW)
: 534, I did the math and it was easy. Well, there isn't a skin that I really and desperately want to have.. and I can wait for it as well since this is an online game that brings me nothing, from which I gain nothing so why would I spend IRL money on it? Before hextech I used to think exactly the same way as you are doing it right now, but hextech changed all of that. Also with the new splash arts, I like some of my champions without a skin, like {{champion:33}} for example and I got my first skin for him in the very first hextech that I opened; it was the premium one that everyone received for free.
It was just an example, showing the chances. But this online game actually brings you satisfaction and/or enjoyment, a way to entertain yourself. But some players ,like me, (I don't want to sound rude or something) have their vicious thingies (some are smoking, some are drinking alcohol, and some are spending money on this game) OR they really like the champion and want something "extra" with it. (I know I'm going to get boring here.. sorry) I personally spend money on League because I really like aesthetics and art. I just love the effects and I know how hard is to make things like that (all the codding, all the work on the splash arts and that 3D modelling which gives me nightmares every time I try to do something).
Goodnigut (EUW)
: Oh that, thanks for the explanation. Otherwise, I'm cool as it is. I learned not to randomly spend my IRL money and with the hextech I don't need to do that anymore, ever, at all.
Yeah, but before hextech ... it was harsh ;-; But if you really really REALLY want a skin, you have better chance to wait until some sales. They're 136 champions (I think), and let's say everyone has 4 skins, that's more than 400 skins (sorry but I don't feel like doing math today) and you want only 1 specific skin. And a box can contain a champion, not necessary a skin. So chances are pretty low to get what you want. It's like lottery, you can roll with it or nah..
: When i see REFUND word...i cry everytime i refunded warwick 3 times when i was level 4 or 5...
: Refund Credits 1 per year? our silly idea?
It's a wonderful ideea! All the new players I've met used blindly all their refunds, and asked me if they can get more. It's sad that you don't think of "the power of the refunds" once you see that you start with 3.
Goodnigut (EUW)
: Hey there. No negativity here, just curiosity. What do you mean by "refund credit"? I'm not getting you at all on here.
When you make an account, you have 3 refunds. If you purchased a skin or champion, and you don't want it anymore you can refund it, giving away the skin/champion and get the RP back. But once that you used all your refunds you can't get more refunds.
Sceizer (EUW)
: {{item:2009}} {{item:2009}} {{item:2009}} {{item:2009}} {{item:2009}} {{item:2009}} {{item:2009}} {{item:2009}} {{item:2009}} Cookie rain!!! {{item:2009}} {{item:2009}} {{item:2009}} {{item:2009}} {{item:2009}} {{item:2009}} {{item:2009}} {{item:2009}} {{item:2009}} {{item:2009}}
Let the cookies drop {{item:2009}} {{item:2009}} {{item:2009}} {{item:2009}} {{item:2009}} {{item:2009}} {{item:2009}} {{item:2009}} {{item:2009}}
: Thank you too. What a lovely letter! ^^ You deserve all upvotes! ^^ {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
{{item:2009}} {{item:2009}} And you deserve some cookies and some appreciation for being awesome, I know that is hard to be nice when everybody is this rage-war and every player is full of hate ;-;
Ladrac (EUNE)
: Still waiting for my cookie :3
TAKE THEM!! {{item:2009}} {{item:2009}} {{item:2009}} {{item:2009}} {{item:2009}}
: Thanks for the cookies and this lovely letter!
You're welcome my friend <3
Overloard99 (EUNE)
: I'm always kind person never taking something too seriously, but toxic people can make another one toxic too. It's like a virus spreading...
Just be yourself, reject the virus D:
Shadòw (EUW)
: lol i'm toxic af Can i still have a cookie?
If you promise to be better, you can have a cookie :o3
: You´re the real MVP my friend! Have one of the cookies you gave me :) {{item:2010}} http://i734.photobucket.com/albums/ww341/RhettManuel23/funny-gifs-epic-high-five.gif http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegendsoficial/images/e/ee/PoroSquare.png/revision/latest?cb=20150626195148&path-prefix=es Thank you for the cookies :)
I baked the cookies for you, you're the understanding loving teammate and you deserve them <3
RageSquid (EUW)
: You're welcome. You are awesome too.
{{item:2009}} You're awesome
Silisa (EUNE)
: I'll just help myself, thanks. {{item:2054}}
You're welcome ^^
: > You, the player who don't blame anybody for your mistakes. Unless it's justified but i can't let them keep repeating their mistakes and lose the game.
I was talking about the players who make a mistake, and blaming others for THEIR OWN mistakes. For example: the ADC goes bot, but EVERYBODY pings him madly to leave the lane and stick with the team, but he's going anyway. Then rage and flame the team for not following. Like that.. But sure, if you can peacefully tell them what they did wrong, take some cake ^^
: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} I will share my popcorn with you then.
If you feel like you're going to lose, or you just feeling nervous, just make yourself a nice tea and put some classical music in the background. Visualise yourself winning, and as you play the game focus on very small objective ( "I will zone this guy, so he can't take the farm" / "I will win this trade" / "I will push my enemy successfully" ). Make yourself comfortable, but assure that your spine is staying in a healthy position (trust me on this). Let some fresh air into the room and eat a little bit of dark chocolate (for stimulating the brain) and concentrate on the small things until teamfights . If you think that your teammates are dropping the game, try to give them (nicely) directions ("can you get this item? it helps you with x and y"). Try to ping efficiently, and try to unite the team around you. That's some tips that crossed my mind, I hope they will be useful :o3
Arsene (EUNE)
: Do you still get 400rp on small accounts?
Yes you can, I made a smurf when the Hextech system was a week old, but you must hit level 5 (or 10 I can't remember).
yelowsn0w (EUNE)
: Long queue
You could close the queue and wait around one minute, then join again, or choose another role for secondary. I usually stay 7-10 minutes with mid/top hoping that I can catch mid. I think that ,in this order, are the most wanted positions: Mid>Top>#Jungle >#ADC >Support With # --> I don't usually play ADC, and I'm not able to jungle so I don't want the role, they might be switched ..?
: Thank you! You deserve the cookies, instead of us!
Please have them D: {{item:2009}} {{item:2009}}
Wukongz (EUNE)
: ***
HERE YOU GOOOO {{item:2009}} {{item:2009}} {{item:2009}} You're a bomb, that's why you deserve 3 ^^
: And also thanks the player who laughs with me when i'm making fun of myself for a really dumb call/engage. In most cases you even cheer me up instead of dropping the axe on me, thank you for that!
Thank you ^^ it's very good to hear I cheered you up :3, I wanted to post something nice, it's a lot of hate in the Player Behaviour segment :(
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