: [Champ] Lan'Goz, the Obsidian Destroyer
I like it, pay a little more attention on no mana base champs, fix that and it will be fine :)
MadWifeHR (EUW)
: very good idea on one side, but imagine the flame if a player on your team clearly has the MVP status at the start of the game, but at the end he loses it solely because your team lost..
maby that is true , but if u are normal person u will just give your best and if u lose , other team was just beter . So if u want beter teammates just go on party mode , ivite 4 of your firends and it will be just fine :)
: yeah sup is important but not in silver or bronze because your impact depends on how your team react.
dukealy1 (EUNE)
: Xayah and Ahri
it is a great idea ! :)
: if the sup plays ok or better than anybody else, the result is that the carry get the kill.
Of course. but, in my opinion. support is perhaps the most important figure in the team, more than just a support for ADC, he is eye of the team , defend ,heal,aid anyone who need it . I think that every person who plays "support" need to get ip bonus if he wins .
: I doubt this would ever happen for similar reasons as why KDA will never be taken into consideration when awarding/taking LP in ranked. People will just play for themselves and it would probably cause ranked games to become (more) toxic.
MVP can only be inserted into the normal games, aram and something like that , just for testing that concept ! :)
: i am against that because they still have no stats for supporter so supps will never get MVP.
They next to MVP, can give every player who plays support + 25 if they win the game, so mucm more ppl would play supporst ? :)
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