: I find you very judgemental. The artist did a great job of realistically presenting the concept of a fairy/dryad spirit we are familiar with folklores. I won't say there is nothing sexual about it, it's obviously not an ominous entity (like a troll or a giant), but it is justified to look like this.
The problem isn't how the skin looks, the problem is that it's yet another Ahri skin. Instead of giving skins to champs with only 1 or 2 skins they keep shitting out skins for the same 5-10 champs.
Usalia (EUW)
: TFT Pets in ARAM games
I'm not sure if they've fixed it yet, but atleast when they were first added to aram people could still see your pet if you were camouflaged as like Eve or Twitch or someone of the sort. Also another thing, that I'm not sure if rito has fixed yet but some of the pets had unit collision, which is just like... Wow, riot how about you test this shit before putting it out there. Then again I'm 99% sure these have been fixed already.
Silent Note (EUNE)
Yeah, I've always been a little bit jealous of that skin since the other ultimate skins are really really REALLY underwhelming compared to that one. Now I myself don't want it since I dislike playing Lux, but I can give credit where credit is due and say that it's a really good skin. Just hope Spirit Guard Udyr wasn't so lame...
Yraco (EUW)
: How many people do you actually think hover over jungle creatures instead of just killing them though?
I'm sure you've got curious what the text that pops up every single time you target a monster says.
: Hahaha, look, i might be so toxic in the game, but if u see irl, i will be so polite, i guess even more than u, and the reason is, u effect me in the game, irl u didnt. So in the game i tried to punish u for make me lose something, but u didnt let me lose something irl, so ill never effect u, but if u make me lose something irl, ill be as toxic as i am in the game. Its called self protection.
But league has absolutely nothing to do with real life, if you're an asshole online fine, be an asshole but you'll have to be prepared to face the consequences. The league mods don't give two shits if you're a god damn angel irl, if you are mean online people that only know you through the internet will see you as a %%%%.
sonGokuson (EUNE)
: woow I never thought that level and which game mode I play I never thought it really matters wooow you are the detective.....and saying random hocos pocos fairy tale yet I felt touched.,,,by the word you said..woow….but that's not my first account first of all :) so stop this fairy tale and move on ok :) ?
It wasn't any fairy tale hocos pocos, it was a joke...
sonGokuson (EUNE)
: unban me please
Well you almost deserve to be banned, who plays nothing but twisted tree... oh yeah, I'm no better I play nothing but aram... But for real, if you got banned it was for a reason, also you were only level 43, which basically means you haven't played the game for longer than 2 or 3 months, just get a new account and start again as a little more reformed indivitual.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Some stuff I didn't know that I found out (League Facts)
Well the gromp thing actually reads when you hover over it, it says it tires out quickly.
: Be honest people, general question for everyone, what do u think?
Yes, I do think it's fair. Though I myself don't get hurt by words I still do think that people with no manners and that are just full on toxic assholes deserve a permanent ban just as much as feeders and trolls.
: Not enough blue essence
Just sell the %%%%ing champion shards you don't need... Also I'm like 99% sure that you got a glorious capsule at level 50 and you can't get less than like 1600 blue essence from those. So either you're lying to us like an asshole or then you're just using every champion shard you don't want like an idiot.
: how tha hell am I supposed to buy champions?
Well, how about you play the %%%%ing game? I decided to save all the blue essence during season 9, not use any of it just to see how much I'll have at the end of it and I'm already at 110k be, and I don't even play league that much. It's honestly not that hard to get blue essence it's legit just have patience, and sell the champion shards that you don't need from the capsules. Easy, but time consuming.
: That "official Skins Spotlight" is made by community member. It's not Riot's channel. It's made by that same guy who created Creator Suite.
Yeah, but doesn't he have like contacts to riot to get the skins/skin interractions early or something? I mean he has his own private server, or so I heard.
: Riot has no manpower to check the details, and not interested in creating a CS like tribunal system either. So 99,9% of the reports are checked by the bot, and either approved, or dened. And the bot is a seriously primitive one. Leaverbuster: 5 minute disconnected state. Doesn't matter, if it's a 20 minute game, or a 60. If you were 5 minute+1 second afk you will be punished as leaver. Afkbuster: Literary doing nothing for not sure how many minutes. If you just move on start, then you don't get caught. Toxic behaviour: Check certain words. Doesn't matter the contest, and if you misstype or self censor them, then you get away with it. Int. feeding: if you die at least 30 times. Again it doesn't matter how long the game takes, or how many kills you get it. Though 30 death is pretty much sure int. feeding. Grieving: as far as i know it's not checked. We tried testing it with intentionally delaying the game, and one of us spamming the surrender vote, but not avail. 14 surrender start is not enough for sure.
: Wait, are you talking about the game or the boards?
: Its a bot that searches for key words like "%%%%%%, %%%%%, N, etc..". I don't advise you using them since it's not human.
I could be wrong, but isn't the bot there just to pick out different posts that could be violating the rules. Then a real person goes through them and determines if they are breaking any community guidelines or not.
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Triple No (EUW)
: Duo Main Roles
Well you'd assume it's just a total coinflip at that point, but we all know that riot likes to make everything more complicated than needed. So it's possible it has something to do with how well you've done in that role in the past. Not a confirmed idea but knowing riot it's very much possible.
: What league of legends has become.
Every single competetive game has a bad community, the main reason why league is the one that is mainly brought up when bad communities are discussed is because it has been around for so many years. So yes, league's community is a total coinflip but I don't think it is what is ruining league, since if it was league would've died years ago. On my opinion the main problem with league is how riot really likes balancing the game through pro play, and high elo... totally forgetting the fact that 90% of league players are platinum or lower. Now, I don't actually play ranked, I'm a total casual player and mainly just play aram, sometimes normals but that has sort of halted since the current meta is just simply not fun to play on my opinion. Tft has definitely slowed down all the possible patches and fixes league desperately needs and though I don't believe it's the reason why league is in such a shit state now I do agree that it is a part of why nothing has been done to improve it. In summary league is in a bad state right now, and is sort of dying but just wait a couple of months and I'm sure things will even out. League has been close to dying many times in the past, but it has always made a comeback once riot just gets their %%%%ing shit together.
: Design wise she’s not that bad... obviously she’s not amazingly stand out but that’s cause she’s got no real unique ability or mechanic or mini game... which is something the community asked for and this is entirely why riot don’t do this. But her issue was release timing, Riot don’t delay champion releases so they can get that team onto another project instead of waiting around, but qyiana released along side TFT which stole her thunder. Had her release not been overshadowed, and Riot properly hyped her up like they used to do then she’d honestly be fine, maybe even popular. ___ The issue I have isn’t with the champions but with the marketing... new champions aren’t getting hyped up, we are getting no teasers, the spotlight is now 3 minutes of abilities and that’s it, we aren’t even getting proper reveal pages anymore. The golden standard for advertisement was jhin, his teasing was the best any moba has ever done... and it shows he’s a popular champion and a large part of that is how hyped up he was. We just don’t get that now which makes releases sorta just come and go. So it’s not the champions that are the issues but how riot have been doing the releases which really disappoint me
That's exactly my problem with her gameplay, you said and I quote " obviously she’s not amazingly stand out but that’s cause she’s got no real unique ability or mechanic or mini game...". Her kit is boring, I believe that riot should release cool, interesting and original characters... not, what ever Qiyana is. I do get where you're coming from with the whole bad timing and the hype being buried by tft but my problem was far more personal than that, I just really really dislike her blandess and lack the lack of passion put into making her. Also like I already addressed in my post her visual design annoys me even more than her playable kit, there is honestly no excuse to why Riot would publish something so one dimensional and lame. I just hope that the next champion released by riot is more unique, Qiyana was just a huge dissapointment for me because I was super excited for a new champion so I really took it to heart when she ended up being a total flop in my eyes.
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Murdarici (EUNE)
: Rank games doesn't matter for normals that answer was right, because normals have their own ranking system (mmr) but is hidden, so those players that you face have same mmr as you or their team in normal games even if in ranked mod they have higher rank. Also in normal games there's no limit of queue together if rank difference is too big so somebody with very low normal mmr can queue with somebody with very high normal mmr and the average mmr can be like yours, so you feel like none of them deserve to be matched with you one beeign to unskilled and the other to skilled. The game amch the teams by averaging the mmr not individuals mmr so that's why some difference in skoal can apear, also there can be 2-3-4-5 premades with different mmr, no having a limit like in rank where you can't match together as premades if rank is 2 tiers difference. Other perception is your can think a player can play very bad but he might try new build or first time a champion/role etc. Just play rank, despite what people say it's more echilibrate and balanced and people take it more serious than normals.
I appreciate the detailed answer, I think I now get the whole gist of it. And about the final sentence, I will most likely never touch ranked. It's because I like playing league as a casual past time activity, not something that I'd actually put time in trying to get better at. Also most of my friends who play league have quit shortly after becoming "ranked only" players, because they lost the passion towards the game and I fear that would happen to me too.
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