: league lost the soul which we loved this game,i started playing from 2009 december, and league of s1-4, and now its another game. My first acc was banned for no reason for scripts, i have 16 symbols in password, have only my acc, it was in Plat/Dia elo since s2, and looks like i start playing with Scripts after 7 years in game on acc in what i paid nearly 1000$ And i didnt any proof. Answering on your quest: they dont give any Fyasuo about old players on new, they they interested only in Chromas,new riven,lux skins. Now its like Blizzard with their WoW. Make more skins,bait people on skins,new champs. who cares about 0.001% of players who get strange bans, or the old soul in league,which lol lost. Now lol suck as hell,playing cuz i waste on this game almost 9 years.
It so appears that they don't care at all about us. I dare to say this community was built on our backs, the ones that started playing and kept on playing, bringing their friends into the game, supporting the YouTube creators to further develop their fan base and attract more and more players. I'm not sure if Riot Games being bought by TenCent had anything to do with their policy, but I can say for sure this is not right. I'm not begging for free stuff, I just want to be heard! In the name of that 5% of the community that stood and supported Riot even when everything was shit and dust. Am I asking for too much? Seriously, there are things that need to be addressed for old players!! So many content creators, streamers and pro players that left the game said pretty much the same things I'm saying. Why Riot acts blind, deaf and stupid, I don't know...
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