Smerk (EUW)
: Reports never did any harm to anyone, all of them are checked and only those players that were reported for negative behaviour are punished. Don't break the rules and you will never be punished even if million players will report every game. If someone is flaming you then mute him and report after game, fighting flame with flame never was a good solution and never will
Fighting fire with fire is a legit thing,puns aside it's hard to stay calm when all the people I play with strive to make people rage
The TabIe (EUW)
: Quit being an oversensitive weeaboo.
And then what?Getting banned because kids gang up on me and report me?
Zen Monk (EUW)
: You were toxic and totally deserve your ban. Considering how the system works, this is **at least** your 4th incident. P.S. If they were as toxic as you, they have also received a punishment or will on their next incident, considering how often and how toxic they are. This does not concern you though. This is about your behavior and your account.
It does concern me,I don't think it's fair if I get punished for something they are not punished for
znaeshtiqt (EUNE)
: perm ban for someone ... srsl you think this work :D -> proxy - new id -> play forever :) ... dont be stupid
Infernape (EUW)
: >A tad bit salty if you were slightly salty, I'd hate to see you fully salty. Your sodium levels were off the charts. >After that one game I took a break because I was clearly not in the mood for league of flamers and was surprised to come back and see that I was perma-banned.I am not sure if the enemy team was just a bunch of %%%%s or premades but that's unfair that a few mad people (they were as toxic as me,maybe even more) reported me in that one game and all my progress was lost because of that. And did you report them for being toxic? If you didn't, nothing will happen to them. Premades don't hold any form of special reporting power over solo players. All it takes is one report to trigger an investigation into someone's behaviour. And if that investigation finds that the person being reported has broken the rules, they get an escalating punishment. The chances are you went through two chat restrictions and a 14 day ban in the past and the final step above that is a permanent ban.
Yes I did report each and each one of them,but one report from one player (in this game) is probably not enough to trigger an investigation while a few reports will trigger investigation,heard that from somewhere
: Toxic af And what u got permanent Banned at lvl 17????
Actually level 20 and yep I was toxic but as toxic as the enemy trynd I was playing against :/
: Ah year the Game is Pretty balanced ^^ just because u Aint as good as u think doesnt mean its unbalanced
Endellion (EUW)
vìrtuoso (EUW)
: look your trashtalk during the game... what you expect haha cya noob
You missed the point of the post,you act exactly like I did.
Rioter Comments
KillerADN32 (EUNE)
: Darius
I don't understand why people think if they post a really short thread and a please at the end Riot would listen to them and do as they ask.I guess Killer in his IGN explains it all...(kids...)


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