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: Balancing the game
THanks for the comments so far despise some people being half assed and sarcastic and a small glimt of an attempt to be serious for one moment * skims through the next part* In games generally in competitive games, or like lets say a car race, all the cars have about the same horsepower and different cars have different handling and some are good in corners more than others and some have more top speed, more accelration and some are lighter but in the end of the day it's the driver that makes the biggest difference. Lets give one of the cars 200 more horsepower, will it be fair to every other driver? it might not be as good in corners or have the same handling but hey it has 200 more horsepowers. giving it an advantage it should't have The point is, yes there are many different kits and how a champion works and behaves but it shouldn't be able to overthrow everything else like it's nothing, A tank shouldnt be able to go full tank with about zero damage item and still destroy everything because of a buff that doesn't even force them to build any form of damage to be able to throw in allot of damage. I am not ignoring the fact that perhaps this is the way they want the game to be, they want metas and maybe they want every part of a season to have a different aspects of what champions or what types of champion is the new thing in the next season.
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