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: Adc is not a solo carry position :) but if i had to choose two it would be Draven and Twitch... Draven has this incredible earlygame, and twitch has really nice roaming potential and lategame-carrypotential. {{champion:119}} {{champion:29}}
: In my opinion that will be kai’sa.
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TTekkers (EUW)
: It's essentially holding the wave in a position, usually pretty close to your tower, but not so close minions get shot. You do it by ensuring the enemy minion wave is always larger than your own meaning that the wave will eventually push towards you allowing you to control it enough to hold it in place by ensuring that it remains bigger than yours, but not so much bigger it just destroys your wave - you'll need to practice it on the champs you play since different champs will have different wave clearing abilities and by extension different freeze holding abilities It's useful for keeping a defensive position to stop enemies trading too hard. Or for setting up for your jungler to have good ganks while frustrating the enemy jungler. Or for punishing an enemy laner who's behind since they need to then overextend just to farm.
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: I've been flamed everytime I bought coin. But I'm in bronze so you should probably ignore this reply anyway.
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: they are really strong
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: how to get a S rank
For support you just need to try to be with your team all the time so you can get a lot of assists in teamfights.
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: So how do I improve my map awareness?
Try looking our for pings. Tell your team that your mapawareness isnt good and tell them to ping so they know that they have to ping
: When you have grievous wound: All incoming healings are reduced by 40%. So your base hp/s is lowered AND all heals from Soraka, Nami, etc. are 60% effective instead of 100% [Wiki says this](
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: So you do not want me to read it only because i am a non rioter? well fuck you q.q
Thats not what im saying i am just saying that if you are a rioter i would be pleased if you read this
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: The heads will only last 3 days, so on Monday they will be gone. And if I remember correctly, 2013 only had a skin... 2011 and 2012 had the urf champion reveals... only 2014 and 15 had a game mode and in 15 it was just a rehash of last year. So tbh this isn't the worst April fools, that would be 13 and 15 as they didn't do anything new or surprising.
: is someone really whining about balance in aram? wow
No its not the balance and im just saying. Ps i maybe play aram 1 time a month or so i just dont think its fair
Borobono (EUW)
: I need help finding a main
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M4ndrake (EUW)
: Its not weird you just scaled better than them. Teemo scales very well into lategame, so does Ekko. While cait is more of a midgame champ , still strong late but not as strong as others . Yi scales also very good into lategame and so does Leona.
At least thamk you for being honest. If you would like to know their team was: nautilus top, zed mid, tryndamere jungle, lux support, and Draven adc.
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Moonyang (EUW)
: So u let him get to a low life target without ccing him?
We did but he still got out alive. I stunned him and leblanc chined him twice
: I'd say going into a fight dealing damage and getting out alive is **skill** I find garen boring to play and to play against. But he requires skill, like all champions in this game.
problem is that he didn't use any skill at all he just pressed ult and walked back out
Larry (EUNE)
: 5000? That is definatelly alot.
u see what im up against
: So, looking at your match history... Found the game. Your team: Ekko (you), Leblanc, Nautlius, Miss Fortune and Gangplank Garen is allowed to be tanky and deal high damage, just like the other Juggernauts. The counterplay is that Juggernauts are incredibly easy to kite, and can be kited so hard they can't do anything. Nautlius could've kept Garen off your backline for around 20 years with that much CC, Leblanc has her double dash and her rooting chain so she'd never get caught. Gangplank can slow him with barrels or ult and run away with his own Movement Speed buff, and you as Ekko have a slow AND an AOE stun. Your team should've been able to keep him at bay with any of these tools. Secondly, Garen CAN regen that much, but only out of combat, as that's when Warmogs and Perserverance triggers, and that means he can't hurt you if he wants to regen. Also you say you won all the fights, but you lost the game.
the only problem is that we did all that but he just didn't take that much damage
Megimu (EUW)
: Best junglers for low Elo Season 6
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: How to Counter?
Against{{champion:114}} you wanna play a champ that doesent rely that much om spells beacause she usually wins lane beacause she can block spells that are crusual to hit with here W
: Does thresh take skill?
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: can i climb by playing only support ?
I am main support myself and i find my games being way more easy if i am either premades with the jungler or adc so you probably can if tou have a premade or two {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}} that is what support and adc should be like
: Carrying a game
You dont by zhonyas hour glass ass an adc
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: Dear fellow players.
That is like super villain smart.
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: Help out a Bronze
Ramember it is worth to die for your adc to get a kill as long as it is not the enemy adc that kills you
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: Which Jungler do you play
I love to play {{champion:32}} {{champion:421}}


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