: > [{quoted}](name=BloopyLad,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=KOvoxe6K,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-05-30T11:00:00.117+0000) > > He's not - Why are you so toxic? He's not - Why are you so rude? (now we can start over)
> [{quoted}](name=MirirPaladin,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=KOvoxe6K,comment-id=0000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-05-30T11:01:17.214+0000) > > He's not - Why are you so rude? (now we can start over) He’s not why you are so salty
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=XXXSYNXXX,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=KOvoxe6K,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-05-30T09:43:13.428+0000) > > how come? its usually wednesdays Usually, but not always :-P Until messaging is posted on the [Service Status Page](https://status.leagueoflegends.com) it's not set in stone! ^_^
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Eambo,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=KOvoxe6K,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-05-30T09:44:32.018+0000) > > Usually, but not always :-P Until messaging is posted on the [Service Status Page](https://status.leagueoflegends.com) it's not set in stone! ^_^ Why you are so rude ?
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: Twisted treeline has actual lanes, jungle,objectives and most importantly isnt random. There will never be a ranked aram. Making a champ select nonrandom would mean its no longer aram(all random all mid).
> [{quoted}](name=M4dimir Putin,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=gtmM3cxL,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-05-28T11:48:59.571+0000) > > Twisted treeline has actual lanes, jungle,objectives and most importantly isnt random. There will never be a ranked aram. Making a champ select nonrandom would mean its no longer aram(all random all mid). And what If it has actual lanes people dont care about it all... People are not taking flex seriously... It just will be good for the ones playing Howling Abyss instead Summoners Rift if they can see how better and high they can get.
: (Ranked) Howling Abyss
**It could be a thing since there is ranked for Twisted Treeline**
: At what Elo do players NOT feed Shaco?
That’s pretty stupid question.
Yokujin (EUW)
: ivern secretly nerfed :(
I have never seen Ivern in game btw never played against Ivern lol i just know he exists i ban him in ranked games to keep this up.
: pls dont play ranged toplaners, its just aids.
> [{quoted}](name=TroIIed to Death,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=VOv9jutE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-05-15T05:54:25.060+0000) > > pls dont play ranged toplaners, its just aids. It is not fun to play against but dont go and tell people what to do ...
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Try this two things: re-login and checking your purchase history. If there is nothing there, send a support ticket: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en
Thats basically one thing
: You played against him 3 times over the course of 5 months in ranked and then conclude he should get a nerf because of a synergy a lot of champions have?
Ok you got me totally wrong I know the champion is OP because it always was since season 5 when I started playing I said that some people will diaagree with me because they dont see him alot.
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4dc0nly (EUW)
: Thanks :) Made this account last season to learn the role. I suck at it greatly.
Lol man I didn’t meant you, but L Toxic Player L.
97025 (EUW)
: EUNE is so toxic lol
Why would you talk about server’s playerbase as a whole ... LoL is not a friend for 12 years old girls there were flamers and there will always be and please don’t include BM’ing as a toxicity.
: i report the ones who verbaly abuse others and i will keep it doing because i want to help this community to get cleaned out of toxic players its not that they bother me, i just mute them, rito gave me that super power and it works perfectly but i still dont want them in game so hell yeah i will continue doing it
This statement is ironizing your name {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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ZlicedHD (EUW)
: 14 Day suspension i just got as enlighten me !
What can I say as a person that has 7 permabanned accounts. Dont be surprised when you get punished because you said “ bad “ words to your teammates that have no brain and cause you losing game, try not to get tilted from that in this game a single person cannot win the game, but a single person can lose it which is very sad. However just restrain from using chat as now you are in thin ice a few reports by idiotic team members that will report you if you say something in sort of “ guys stop feeding and lets win”. I feel you, but there is nothing that can be done since Riot games were bought by Tencent games the game’s punishing system changed alot now you cant get punished for trying champions that you cannot play because you do your “ best “ ...
Wolvahulk (EUNE)
: Akira ! Akira Fudo !
Sorry to say that but the name was inspired by Akira Totsuka from Kamigami no Asobi, But I checked Akira Fudo out and I cant believe their design is so similar :D
: First of all: His passive is basically a sheen (or physical damage zoe passive) wich really isn't unique at this point anymore... Q is a generic projectile. W is a generic projectile. E is a pure dash ability that gives a HELL of a boost, not only already giving him the chance to cross walls (since it's like Trynda's e) but also unnecessarily boosts his movespeed by the single biggest ms boost in the game (akali gains 100% bonus ms in her shroud, jinx passive gives her 175% that decays rapidly over 6 seconds), now imagine that on an ability. The R is just overtuned. Little to no champs have a 900 base damage ult at rank 3, even less on a 15 sec cooldown (60% cdr) and an execute. Even if the range was kalista q short and his ult couldn't change direction while channeling it's broken as %%%%. Fiddlestick's w, wich has a 5 second channel time that gets canceled if the enemy isn't in close range, has 900 damage on rank 3. Second of all: there's zero personality, character to your character. Yeah, he's a god of darkness... so what? Does that give him the most op ult in the game? Maybe, but I definately don't like him just because of his kit, wich is all over the place. 3 Projectiles and a dash/ms steroid...
His ultimate was inspired by Fate from Lancer with his ability to shoot a spear that finishes the enemy off, but you are right the damage and cd can be changed a little, anyway thanks for the feedback
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: yea that's the good stuff
Posted it unintentionally and couldnt delete it :D
: Interesting concept, definitely has some potential with some tweaks here and there.
I unintentionally presed Post and couldnt delete it lul :D
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Rismosch (EUW)
: > From your recent games i can see how good champions you play btw gj with the 0/11 fiora game ( insert cancer/toxic yasuo joke here* ) It is pathetic to comment about champions being cancer as well their player base while the 3 champions you play are Fiora, Camille, Garen which are not that behind from being called cancerous and noob champions. Followed by: > But not going to talk more about champions, people should play champions they enjoy and no one should be able to question that so i respect your fellow champion pool. That's what I call hypocrisy right here! If you truely would "respect someones championpool", you wouldn't insult it in the first place. Heck you shouldn't even mention it, as it has nothing to do with this discussion about Yasuo. Either insult someone and %%%%ing own it, or don't insult in the first place. You know what? Maybe people trashtalk you not because of Yasuo? Maybe they do because you show a shit attitude? Think about that for a minute.
I just wanted to point out people like you that think a certain champion is “OP”and “cancer” are playing champions that are not that different playstyle ...
: Thanks, that does make me feel better. Even though I am aware that even people in higher elo don't always have the best games but I guess all those Synapse footages hide those parts.
Just continue playing and try to improve bit by bit, If you are begginer I advise you to play champions like: Top: Garen, Darius, Master Yi Jungle: Jax, Warwick, Amumu Mid: Annie, Ryze, Lux Adc: Sivir, Tristana, Ashe Support: Janna, Soraka, Nautilus Dont be ashamed to play these champions, they are made to help people learn the game and they are mostly low-risk, high-reward champions that even if you do mistakes early you will be able to come back late game as they scale pretty good late game.
Exhibit B (EUNE)
: Cancerous champion for cancerous players.
From your recent games i can see how good champions you play btw gj with the 0/11 fiora game ( insert cancer/toxic yasuo joke here* ) It is pathetic to comment about champions being cancer as well their player base while the 3 champions you play are Fiora, Camille, Garen which are not that behind from being called cancerous and noob champions. But not going to talk more about champions, people should play champions they enjoy and no one should be able to question that so i respect your fellow champion pool.
Rismosch (EUW)
: The problem is the champion. A d¡ck champion will attract d¡ck players. Also the design of Yasuo is toxic. He has good laningphase, good midgame and insane lategame. Even if you dumpster him in lane, which is very difficult to do actually, he can beat your ass in the lategame. He is good in all stages of the game, literally. His Windwall has no counterplay, his constant dashes are not fun to play against and his damage is just insane. Dopa himself said Yasuo is OP, but people can't handle him because they get ahead of themselfes. Yasuo is such a good champion, that people think they are gods and throw solely because of that. It is ridiculous. If you win your lane, you are unstoppable. If you feed, you can still 1v5 in the lategame if played properly. You get 2 items and then you are a god. Yasuo by design is toxic and has such an unhealthy design. And this attracts people who don't care about fun, who tryhard and only want to beat the living shit out of you. They don't care about what's fair. These are the worst kinds of people. This is why people call a feeding, flaming Yasuo who still thinks he played well despite going 4/14 a "classic Yasuo main", because these are the kinds of players that attract Yasuo.
Yasuo’s Windwall has No counterplay ? Come on dude It has 26 seconds cooldown blocks projectiles and auto attacks, If you move and hit him around It, It will not block that much of your damage, about his damage he deals damage from auto attacks, you can build Frozen Heart, Randuin, Thornmail you will be surprised how this items shut him down that easily making him useless.
: I think it is obvious that what happened to you is unfair. Also it doesn't matter if someone believes you or not in the game. Just report the other person after the game and do your best in the game. No matter what you play, you shouldn't be insulted and mistreated because of that. On the other hand: I personally hate the champion Yasuo. I stomped some Yasuos on toplane, but even if they have no impact in the game, I sitll hate playing against them. (not because he is overpwoered - imo his whole design is antifun) Also me and my friends always trashtalk Yasuo on discord. (but we would never say that to him in chat, because we don't flame others^^) Also one of us plays Yasuo himself from tiem to time. Mostly he gets kicked from the server, when he locks him in. :P same with me . I get kicked, when I pick Teemo. I must also say: Even if a Yasuo has good stats, he has mostly no impact in the game. He just runs around killing people and after taking most kills, he just goes on a sidelane, dies in a 1v1 and evne if he kills someone: HE was the one who got the kills, while most of us just got assists. That means if he dies, the rest of the team can't do anything, as the other players on the enemy team are more fed. And then the Yasuo blames the team. (even though he looses the game while having the best stats) I don't say that all players on Yasuo are like that. I saw quite some players who actually know how to play as a team. But Yasuos, Rivens and some other champions just have more egoistic players than other champions. That's why people also blame them more often, even if you are a player who knows how to play. Sadly for you that makes sense and is a normal human behaviour. Hope you still have fun playing him and won't see players like that Kayn so often! :)
Yasuo takes kills, I myself sometimes take too many kills from my teammates but It is mostly unintentionally because when fed he deals too much damage even If sometimes I roam to help bot I end up taking the kills because while trying to reduce hp with q so the adc can take it, executes it and you get what happens next, and Its not like Yasuo has no Impact on the game a good Combo from Yasuo can win the game, because as we know CC can help winning it easily.
: the problem lies with the yasuo players mostely, not with the champ itself. i don't know how it goes in diamond+ but in low elo no matter what each yasuo rushes{{item:3046}} into{{item:3031}} . its like an automatism with these players widhout thinking. if u play yasuo top lane this is probly the worse build possible to go cause basicly every top laner counters this. yes his 2x crit is strong but its not yasuos biggest strenght.
I honestly prefer to restrain myself from playing Yasuo on top due to despite being melee he is very similar to adc he is very squishy and can be easily beaten by hard cc which top laners have a lot.
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OBS Okami (EUNE)
: To be honest I wanted to tell you not to main that cancer, because people will flame you, lol.
Be honest with yourself It is not the champion that is cancer... this community is cancer people always flaming and insulting those who play the champion because It is popular to hate him am I right ?
: After 3 years of playing League I will finally admit it
You should not leave the game just because you did bad some games everyone can make mistakes there are challengers that win 1/7 games, you should not think that people lose game because of you, If someone is saying that to you just mute him If he is that much better player than you why he just don’t carries as for the level things I will give you advice, If you get behind you need to play more defensively and concentrated because unlikely season 7 now the games end a lot faster around 27-31 minutes this means If you fall behind you will need to stay at lane more and safely farm to keep up with the levels I hope you dont quit the game because other people or because you feel like you are a “burden” to your team. Anyway If you still enjoy the game, continue playing maybe you don’t realise it but as you play more you get better, It doesnt mean you cant lose lane or game. When I barely played at season 7, season 8 I got Gold and I was stuck in Silver before. I could quit the game because I literally got like 4-5 banned accounts already but I continue playing the game I enjoy that much :)
archerno1 (EUNE)
: So you just gonna list champions u lost against and complain how they are unbalanced? Trynda needs buffs, Yi needs buffs, Cass is fine, Fizz needs buffs, Yasuo needs buffs, urgot needs buffs.
Gonna be honest Tryndamere needs changes to his abilities he is doing fine he dont needs buffs but changes because his gameplay style is really old and one-sided, Yasuo needs buffs but not that much due to Conqueror release he is playable again, the same goes for Yi for the Conqueror + that he even got some nice buffs to his kit, Fizz is fine he is balanced, he is doing what he is supposed for now, Idk about Urgot tho he is not being played tbh i didnt see Urgot for like 20-40 games already but It should not be reason to buff him just to make people play him he is kinda OP anyway.
: I sure do love playing these "fighter" champions
None of these champions is actually fighter. Fizz - Assassin/Mage Darius - Tank/Juggernaut Veigar - Mage Twitch - Marksman/Assassin Brand - Mage ...
: I'd personally say that you should pick a champ that you can instinctively play as your favorite, but... Poke with q, it outranges most meles and if you can get it off on a ranged caster then that's nice too. Dash and walk around plenty, build your shield. Remember to use windwall to block powerfull projectiles. Learn your cooldowns. Learn how to hit tornado and q (no shame in just dashing onto someone into a spin q tornado/trade). Don't ult 100% of the time. On the other hand, learn what abilities you can ult on if you time/mash your r at the right time (full list can be found on the [yasuo lol wiki](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Yasuo/Abilities), under his ult > show more). I can't tell you when to roam or not to roam, but generally, yasuo can spam his q to push the wave, then roam freely while his wave crashes the enemy tower/champ. Try to get at least half or an item/boots before roaming. Respect malzahar and buy qss {{item:3140}} (upgrade into mercurial {{item:3139}} ), or else I'll pub stomp you like the rest of them, good luck! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Thanks for the advice
OBS Okami (EUNE)
: You ain't no starter I've seen your scores, and I've seen your precedent posts of you saying you had 3 accounts,stop lying!
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} you got me here, dont get me wrong tho i did it just because wanted to see people’s reaction to a new player that will main the cancer YASUO ! :D
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: I keep hearaing people saying that we have a tank meta - in pro play it's obviously true. But for a tank meta, tank players should obviously win more games than they loose. (also tanks are rather easy to play, so the win rate should be even higher) Now let us look at raw facts. I will give you the highest ranked tanks concerning win percentage: Rank 2 is Singed Rank 5 is Malphite Rank 8 is Volibear Rank 12 is Sion Rank 13 is Maokai Rank 14 is Yorick (even though I would call him a fighter, not a tank) Rank 17 is Garen Rank 18 is Cho All below that rank have a winrate below 50%. So we have only 3 tanks in the top10 and only 8 in the top20 Now let's look at Jungle... Rank 4 is Singed Rank 6 is Nunu Rank 17 Volibear rank 18 Mundo Rank 22 Chogath This does not look like a meta in which tanks dominate the game. Most wins at top and mid are either fighters or Champs like Kayle.
**The problem is not tanks winning the game the problem with tanks is that they dont do what they are supposed to do sure they cant carry or win the game on their own but It is still annoying to see when something that is supposed to tank damage and hard CC is killing adcies while they cant do anything to counter it ...**
ShanksFX (EUW)
: Garen has been in a shit state for a long time, we'll see how those buffs play out. Mundos ult is just way too easy to counter atm, with how easy it is to get grievous wounds. His wr reflects this. Rammus.. Dunno much about his state, but he doesnt seem to be that popular either, so i dont mind this buff. All those 3 are fairly easy champs to play and they still underperform. This is a pretty good indicator that they need sometuning.
You do realise that these changes will completely %%%% the game up even more because the Mundo changes are encouraging him to play with that Korean build the Phantom Dancer and Titanic Hydra one, and the Garen changes will allow him to build more AD which will let him deal even more damage while being still tanky jusr imagine you are playing ADC and go into brush Garen will Q - silence you - E and R you are gone and for Rammus he will be even more big bullshit to deal with AD champions
Ãrthas (EUNE)
: Hello , OK i feel you ... I don't get it .. soon we will play only Tank's mid top bot .. Let me tell some examples from Plat V elo .. Garen getting fed top then our adc... can't do nothing one Q and and half of E kills him ... Or let's say you have an.. maokai top who just farmed... once u are in a team fight he is unkillable... Is kinda sad see this game becoming an tank game ... i hope they will balance the game soon beccause squishy heroes has no chance vs tanks.. Best of luck in field of Justice Ãrthas
Yes game literally becomes all about tanks and the tank sub-classes, I have 3 accounts that are banned they are Gold IV and 2 Gold V accounts in all my ranked games when I play my main champions(Yasuo, Zed and etc...) when I see jungle Rammus or Warwick i know i will be camped and there is nothing i can do about it, despite warding and having vision it doesnt matter because they are way too fast and have CC abilities that are just setting you up for the enemy ... and the worst is the subclass Bruisers ( Illaoi, Darius like champions) I literally got one-shotted by Illaoi ( E - R - W ) and for just 1.2 seconds Im gone ...
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: Delete Yasuo and Riven (Petition)
What about you actually stop complaining about champions and git gud ?

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