: I Want to Say This to Riot, LOL & the Player Base
Hey mate, thank you for having us as a community. I rarely ever (in case i get banned) log on these forums, but your post made me happy and cheerful in 4am that I decided to write something kind back and of course upvote this post. I myself am very toxic and many times I try to refrain myself from {{summoner:14}} teammates, but sometimes I write very, very bad things to people that make me very mad (like very bad things ex. cutting body parts, Ddos attacks, and other weird psycho things that flow through my mind when I am MAD). So again mate, thank you for the kind words and please **never ever have harmful or suicidal thoughts** run through your mind. I hope everything gets solved in your life mate, even if it doesn't just keep your head up and continue living on. It's not worth to do harmful things to yourself just because you are unlucky. If you still haven't finished school and uni (if you have the will for it) I'd advice to finish that first and move on with life. **Stay strong!**


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