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: No one cares about the league site. Just go to a 3rd party site for detailed info on champions. Something like the League Wikia or something.
Agreed. This is Riot games dude waiting for others to get the job done...
: Which champ should I purchase next?
Noone can tell you that. and please never fall victim to the propaganda of you tubers as well. they are just trying to make money! climbing has more to do with your knowledge of what counters what, how to win your lane, and extend that lead over other lanes unless your teammates have already gone like 0/12 and so fourth in which case you just have to lose. I for myself play yorick top and win my lane with it so i can solo herald and baron while farming the enemy's top side of the jg. But, if you are good at ekko, then by all means stick to it and you will find success. Lastly, never buy a champion without having tried it in the free rotation first. You may end up regretting it cause you saw some streamer do good with it but then you buy it and find yourself disliking the kid and everything. This is what free rotation is for.
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: Why haven't they changed Neekos name if it's clear that it's offensive for Arabs?
I dont know. just do some googling and u will find enough threads about it for sure.
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: Well at least you guys here on EUNE/EUW gave me some appreciation. I've posted the exact same thing on NA, but the responses weren't that nice as here.
To be honest, this is such a complicated issue that you have stumbled upon. It is not that people in NA are less inclined toward this but rather cultural differences that play their part. This, in fact, is part of an even bigger issue which global companies like Riot face. Let me give you an example. Some words, if used, can get you banned from the game; but, they are mostly based on the NA culture. Therefore, something that is not toxic at all in a specific context could be considered offensive in the game and vice versa meaning that somethings that %%%%%%%%%%tes based on the NA culture seem offensive in some other parts of the world (e.g., the word Neeko is apparently an offensive word among some Arabic countries since there were threads made by Arabs trying to ask Riot to change the name of this champion which of course never happened). Bottom line is, there are no global standards for this cultural dominance is backed by social, economic, and political power. To sum up: it's a different culture everywhere. GLHF
: what tf is going on with yasuo
yasuo is not OP. I just lost 3 games for ape yasuo players that went 2/11
905 (EUNE)
: According to what Meddler said about Diana getting changes, few suggestions from a main perspective.
well i'm sorry that you have to write all this for some random user to downvote it... But you dedication to the champ is admirable. I used to play diana couple of years back. she is a lot of fun. I hope you get what you wish.
CeFi99 (EUNE)
: D4 Hardstuck
dude, today i play with an afk in almost every game... Something has t be done about personal effort aside win/lose outcomes.
: Practice tool is for practicing flashy shit and being able to repeat it without waiting for another 6 minutes. You have dedicated websites to builds, and anyhow, the game is too complex for you to be able to simulate real scenarios in practice tool. There are too many variables. You just go in and practice some combos mindlessly for hours. Here are the things I learnt. These are pretty much all the advanced mechanics that you have in LOL: * GP double and triple barrel combo * Different iterations of insec on Lee * Azir shurima shuffle * Yasuo E Q Flash * Riven fast combos * J4 E Q Flash / Gragas E flash * Tryndra/Fizz/Shen/Camille E flash * Syndra E Q delayed combo * Ahri E flash * Alistar W flash Q This is what practice tool is for. Hope I didn't miss anything.
Still, it can be for much more and account for more options/styles
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Rekkon (EUNE)
: The conflicting philosophy behind Ranked Solo/Duo Queue
Threads like this with similar ideas gave been around for a long time but riot doesn't seem to agree. Yes, personal effort should be rewarded when you play a team game while you have no team. But no, not here, not now...
: hah ask riot to make items with same stats and different passives and break the game even if having same passive on different characters isn't really efficient in 5v5 situations it's still built because it's a core item for example and synergizes well with their kit so i don't completely agree also in case your braindead midlaner misses all skillshots you know you can still apply grievous wounds on the mundo who keeps healing infinitely yourself idk {{champion:145}}
That's one way to look at it but what I meant was that there is, then, more value in having champions with different builds or items that only benefit the champion building it.
Shamose (EUW)
: Debuffs don't stack. Black Cleaver passive caps at 6 stacks, so doing 3 AA's on both champions stacks it. Grievous wounds will just refresh the duration.
So black cleavers in a team can do 24% armor reduction at best and grievous wounds just 40% healing reduction no matter how many people buy the items right? Has Riot itself explained this in an article somewhere? Can you provide the source please?
: for your example of grievous wounds it's common and i can say they don't exactly "stack" but since they trigger on different conditions the debuff can last a bit longer morllo only applies grevious wounds under 40% hp from ability damage and executioner's calling from auto attacks so if you keep attacking non stop with either or both nothing will happen the last one to hit will just extend the duration a bit i think for black cleavers I am sorry to say I am not sure I am fairly certain that you can't stack debuffs from different people with same item that would be too op otherwise but i never tested it since i mostly play ap midlaners but i don't think it's possible say 5 people build black cleaver and they all auto the same target he will end up with no armor lol tl;dr : same unique debuffs don't stack only extend duration
So two champions with black cleaver in their build on the same team, or any item with debuffs for that matter, are kind of a waste of gold...
: I am not great at maths but unique passives don't stack so count it as if you hit them with one item and which midlaner builds {{item:3071}} ?
Are unique passives shared between 2 or 3 etc. champs in a match? Cause I was under the impression they were affecting items in the inventory of just one champion. What does it matter which midlaner builds Black Cleaver; imagine that someone did (e.g., Zed, Talon, etc.). You can even think of it as a top, supp, adc whatever. Just consider two champs having these items.
: does riot give you trolls and bad teammates on purpose after you flame once?
I have heard this before so if enough people say it, it actually might be a real thing! Some even said that the lower you get in honor level, the higher the chances of getting trollers etc.
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: thats wierd u say that, becus what i see only is darkharvest my friend says i dont care its easier to play darkharvest getting procs when theylow, and he plays karthus mid. sure darkharvest is good lategame i say but u have NO dmg early.. oh i know he says and continues.. iam like uhm why tho, dark harvest is shit rune and needs removed it uniqueness is so on auto pilot no skill required to get stacks at all. like killing people with arcane comet is more satifying then oh i know i got 15 staks dark harvest TIME TO KARTHUS R and boom.. i dont like domination three overall i think the small runes sucks to much and yeah, precision and green and blue three only for me.
Well then there you go...
: what u smoking i want some, u imagine karthus getting 12 stacks and ulti? LUL 1 shots galore btw.. not working for stacks btw nasus powercreep btw never in our life seen such huge monster raidboss. oh well hey RIOT HOLD THIS GUY BEER WHILE U FIX DARK HARVEST AGAINE?
Well you are funny. Almost nobody picks this rune anymore except when karthus goes into jg. Even champions like brand that used to pick it now go for Arcane comet. Might as well remove the keystone all together and no one will even notice. BTW, riot has noticed that jg has become too limited in champ select which is why they are changing some stuff next patch. And I didn't say revert dark harvest back to what it was before; I just said make it stack off jg camps so some junglers can pick it. Don't you remember that they said "we are changing dark harvest to make it usable on more champions"? If anything, less and less people take it now. If a certain champion is OP with something, you adjust that champion itself not almost EVERYONE else or are you... whatever.
: Imagine Karthus JG with this dark harvest. Wouldn't wanna mess with that shit.
so just because of a couple of champs, all others who could use it have to suffer? well then take karthus out of the jungle. what is he doing in jg anyway? isn't he supposed to be a mid laner? why all roles have their specific runes and jg shouldn't? It's been a year since jungle has been changed so much and the idea was to put one jg vs another a riot said themselves. but it's not what's happened. now jg is at thee mercy of winning lanes cuz the push and then roam helping their jg secure crabs and objectives while the other jg has to go 1v2 at least to contest. clearly this idea of 1v1 in jg cannot happen like what happens in lanes. provide a jg rune and derive champs u dont want in jg out of jg (e.g., karthus) as you have done this for other roles many times over.
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