danioop13 (EUNE)
: What is ADC
ADC - Attack Damage Carry. A champion who can dish out a ton of CONSTANT damage (As opposed to champions who can do a ton of damage in a short burst). You would need an ADC especially vs enemies who are too beefy to be bursted down by mages or assassins (Tanks, bruisers). Since this means building full damage and thus being squishy, ranged champions who can stay safely behind their team, while still dealing damage, make the most sense for this type of play style. As most of their damage comes from items, they rely more on gold than levels, so laning with another champion, splitting the exp, isn't as bad as for say a champion who relies on his skills ( which they need to level up ). And because of their vulnerability from not having any defensive items, it's common to have the support to babysit him and I mean ,you need to put the support somewhere. It's most common to play ADC in the bottom lane, since it's the closest to drake. As it's one of the most contested objectives in the early game, it's best to have as many people nearby to be ready to roam to drake when needed - the ADC and support duo. In pro play, you also see the ADC+support duo moving to top lane, once the rift herald spawns, especially if they've already killed the enemy tower by then, to then be ready to help out taking herald.
: Too late to learn League?
look at all the washed up pros that have turned to streaming vs fresh blood like caps. Never too late.
: What are the key mistakes in Golds (like me) who can't reach Platinum or higher?
If you can't do it solo, try playing with your team. Group more, pay attention to what others are doing and if you can help them in anyway
: Key bindings since the last patch
Okay so, in the in game keybindings(it doesn't appear in the client), at the very bottom, there's a setting *bind left click to attack move*. I never knew about this before and selecting this helped fix my settings. ~for future references.
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Kéemstar (EUNE)
: How do i get from silver to gold... im really desperate
Used to be you just needed to focus objectives. But I believe nowdays it's more about trying to stay with your team and not getting caught alone.
: How well did you do in season 8?
ADC main. P2 during preseason, was really hoping to go for diamond. then mid season patch, dropped to gold. G5 now, see if i drop to silver before the season's over xd
: Is it okay to report people for griefing when they don't accept a surrender vote?
I mean, I understand where all these opinions are coming from and I also hate people who 'give up', but lets be real, there are games where the chance of comeback is near impossible and the longer you keep dragging it on, the more time you end up wasting if you do lose it, which you could instead spend on your next game, possibly making up for the lp lost. Also, if everyone else on your team have clearly given up, except for this one guy.
: >The mechanical skill level of players doesn't differ too much from silver to diamond It differs A LOT. >There used to be plenty of silver players, especially one tricks, with 1000 games on a single champion, who were easily as good as low diamond players if not better They wouldn't be silver if they were mechanically better than diamonds. Mechanics alone will get you far in the ranked ladder and definitely doesn't stop you at silver. That's actually what low dia is. Good mechanics but terrible game knowledge.
I mean, mostly it comes down to higher ranked players knowing the champions better - their abilities and cooldowns, have better map awareness, etc - and so they know how and when to go in, but when you take a silver yasuo one trick and put him against a diamond yasuo, in a forced team fight where they just happened to run in to each other with no warning, there's no real difference in their apm, ability to dodge skillshots, etc.
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: Is Shamrock Malphite rare?
It'll get rarer by time. Think 10 years from now, when all the skins look like the ultimates we have now, with sparkly effects and stuff.
Miyeön (EUW)
You look like Grimoire (the streamer)
Looks fair for a 'scuffed cosplay'. Again, anything looks good on a young attractive female. The shirt, being a normal not so scuffed shirt, as contrasted by that oh so scuffed shoulder thingy, the way you're holding your right arm, as if holding the camera on a selfie stick and the instagram selfie expression on your face kind of give it a 'yeah, im taking a selfie with a wig and fake furry ears, while holding paper feathers in my hand' vibe, but I mean - it's still more effort than most ppl have ever put in to cosplaying anything. Have my upvote. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Benji0121 (EUW)
: Bronze 4 and how to escape
As far as i can remember, in low bronze, you can literally win games by ignoring everyone, farming as hard as you can and be the first one to have full build to then walk in to enemy base and kill their nexus. Might not be as fun as chasing kills, but I mean, if you want to win.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: I carried a losing game as support and here's how
The lower you go in ranks, the less any sort of leads seem to matter, since people don't end the game when they could.
: Ranked games are unplayable.
I feel you. and on the 'pro players can climb'. Look at even streamers like qtpie dropping to diamond here and there.
iSneez (EUNE)
: There's a option in champ select to filter champions you did not got chest this season. Only in normal games not in rank que, for obviously reasons, to not play random champions in rank just becuase you dont have chests for.
Oh, I did not knew that. Will have to look in to it. thanks
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: Stuck in game after game finished.
same. Ended game. End game stats didn't load. Pressed skip waiting for stats. Nothing happened. Closed the client. Relaunched client, showing as if I'm still in game, trying to re-connect. I close game from task manager and go about my business. Come back a few hours later. Still trying to reconnect.
: Tbh I didn't even bother about Clash because I lowkey knew it was gonna fail. I mean if you do something like this, please test it beforehand that everything works properly and nothing goes wrong. You have millions of people playing your game, if you have a crowd this big, make sure to satisfy their needs. And it's not like you the players' wishes are extraordinarily insane or something. They just want what you promised and as I'm a man of my word, make sure to do as you promise. I'll be over on PBE if anyone is looking for me c:
I think today's clash was supposed to be a test, not a full 3 day event.
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Sigfan (EUW)
: freaking annoying when people stress to be on time, or cancel their plans to have a lil bit fun, and then something like this happens
> [{quoted}](name=Sigfan,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=ra5eHJy0,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-05-25T16:38:14.100+0000) > > freaking annoying when people stress to be on time, or cancel their plans to have a lil bit fun, and then something like this happens considering the number of players this game has, this is actually pretty crazy. literally millions of people..
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8BtklaSWl0 This pretty much sums up each elo, it's faults and differences.
> [{quoted}](name=Antenora,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=5VclkGK0,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-04-13T10:10:43.377+0000) > > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8BtklaSWl0 > > This pretty much sums up each elo, it's faults and differences. Kaceytron is silver tho
: Who do you honor first? The person who carries the most, or the person with the best attitude?
I'll try to be the very positive carry myself, but yeah. I do throw reports left and right, when people get out of hand with flaming, even if they 1v9 the game. Losing and laughing about it with whole team is always better than winning and having to report your whole team. On the other hand, most games where nobody really flames or acts friendly or where I just mute all from beginning, I usually just honor the one I felt did the most to win the game and It's not always the 20 kills zed
TheCrazyBoy (EUNE)
: Make an hotfix for jinx rockets
The Q animation getting cancelled thingy is actually true. I mean, I get animations get cancelled like this on all champions, but her rockets are the most visible projectiles from ranged AA in the whole game - big and slow moving and since you get the lowered AS while in rocket form, the time it takes to play the part of animation where you can still cancel the auto, takes forever, so you do end up seeing the rocket fly off quite a few teemos away and still getting cancelled, if you move too soon. This is especially heavily noticeable on slayer jinx skin, where the sound also plays a bit ahead of time. I mean, yeah, after a while, you get used to and account for it, but still.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Best champions to climb with from bronze to silver.
I believe this is the elo where you just have to 1v9 so any champions that can do that. Anyone good at splitpushing is also good. People tend to ignore objectives and just let you kill their nexus, the lower you go in ranks. Or champions who are easy to farm with AND have a strong late game, so you can just farm for 30 minutes and ignore everything that's going on, then walk to enemy base and kill their nexus, coz ur the first person with full build and nobody can stop you. Even if your team happens to be better than enemy team once in a while, you have to keep in mind 'your team mates are bronze', so you can't rely on them and just hope to get carried, which you could in a bit higher elo, in cases when you're having hard time in lane, but your other lanes are winning hard and you could just focus on not feeding, so the rest of your team has easier time.
Exhibit B (EUNE)
: Triggered
Some times, when people annoy me in game. Instead of flaming, I stay quietly in the after game lobby and cross fingers they say something bad, just so I would have a legit reason to report them.
Dσn (EUW)
: Some times i really hate having a Plat boarder
Add using a fresh legendary skin for extra juicy flame for anything less than hard carrying your team of sub plat border plebs
: Rocket Jinx
That's a pretty cool video, but anyone can snipe a foe in plain sight!!!!11 If you like making videos of sniping ppl as Jinx, here's a trick: It takes roughly 6 seconds for the rocket to travel diagonally across the map (from fountain to fountain, or bot to top lane) and half of that, 3 seconds, to go from bot lane to fountain, etc. The recall animation lasts 6 seconds. So basically, if you see someone recall and you want to hit them when they spawn in fountain, consider your distance from the enemy fountain, count the seconds and fire away, like when you're bot, let their recall animation play for 3 seconds and then fire. You don't need to be precise to a millisecond, as the HP regen starts up slowly, once they spawn in the fountain, so you'll have a second or two to land the rocket, when they're really low. if this sounded too complicated, go to practice mode and use a stopwatch to try it out. It's the one fairly easily 'calculatable' trick shot that makes people think you're really good.
: Mostly because it's harder to demote from a league (Gold to Silver) than it is to demote from a division. So many players that got to a league by luck or getting carried by a friend tend to end up accumulating in the 5th division of the league. Also, in G5/4 you are going to get some silver players in your games, whereas in G1/2 you'll get some plat players. Last year I got stuck for quite a long time in G3, but after I got out I got back to P3 pretty quickly. Haven't played Ranked solo this season yet though.
> [{quoted}](name=JohnßCena,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=iqmhZAvP,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-03-29T18:37:50.449+0000) > > Mostly because it's harder to demote from a league (Gold to Silver) than it is to demote from a division. So many players that got to a league by luck or getting carried by a friend tend to end up accumulating in the 5th division of the league. Also, in G5/4 you are going to get some silver players in your games, whereas in G1/2 you'll get some plat players. Last year I got stuck for quite a long time in G3, but after I got out I got back to P3 pretty quickly. Haven't played Ranked solo this season yet though. This and the fact people high up in a tier are those who actually made it there by climbing and are actively working on improving. Once you make it to say G5, you basically have to be good enough to beat g5/4 players as you are playing against them in your games already, so once you do make it in to gold, you're as good as G3
Jack Mana (EUNE)
: Over sexuel
Go to twitch, see what an 'average girl gamer' looks like, realize league has it pretty toned down compared to real life. I feel like lot of the people complaining about such issues, just don't spend much time around females irl.
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: What do you think of my league artworks? :D
It looks like we're a minority around these parts, but I have to admit, I can appreciate some good 'ol boobs.
3lise (EUW)
: I'm Platinum 4 in my main account i got 60 PL and i have mmr of Platinum 3 and soon Platinum 2 need 4 Games to go next rank, i think if i win 4 games without losing i will have Plat2 Mmr easily :'D Thank you anyway, my account name : AbdessalemBoss
I don't think it's so much mmr as ..like I said, making it through entire div + promos to next, without losing a single game. op.gg and sites like that only guess your mmr. There's no way to see the mmr rito keeps on you.
Juicee (EUW)
: Best solo adc?
in bronze. anything works. just watch some tutorials. learn to CS..etc. Thing is, in bronze, simply having decent CS and keeping it up through out the game, most of the time makes you the most fed player in the game and any AD can carry with enough items. One of the things may be learning your 'power spikes'..as in.. for most ads, you may want to just CS up to get your first 2 items as fast as possible and only then start looking for fights. But I guess, anything with some mobility / ways to escape, when things go south. Tristana, vayne, lucian.. but there's also varus who's ult is pretty decent to set up solo kills, etc.
1n5tanc3 (EUW)
: ADC advice when not getting along with Support
Rito has a division of people to play supports in low elo to steal CS, so new AD mains would get better last hitting practice, having to compete for every single CS. jokes aside. if the supp feeds and lane is going awful, just play VERY SAFE, as in behind your tower when needed and simply let them take the tower, so to end the laning and not having a chance to feed them any further. You might roam and try to push the turret in another lane, when it looks like you can't hold yours any more and possibly still get the first tower gold. From there... just CS and hope to catch up - at the least the enemy ad wont have as many kills as he would have ,had you kept laning and dying. If you die In fights and get focused, stay VERY SAFE...as in far far back and don't even go near enemies that still have skills up, which they may want to use on you - only once everyone's too busy to notice you any more, walk up and start pumping out that DPS. and if, for whatever reasons, your team keeps dying before you can do anything, just ...mute all and split.
: 4800 be champion
Kha - most fun of all these champions. Pretty strong right now. Not banned as often as zed. Can solo carry games. zed - if you learn to play him early on, you can carry yourself later. Tho yeh, he is very often banned. But i mean.. he is prob the most played champion, so people like him and there's a good chance you'll have fun with him as well.
3lise (EUW)
As long as you don't lose a single game in a division, the next time you move up, you skip one. As in, if you get to silver 4 and then make it to 100lp without losing a single game and then win two more games, you move to silver 2 instead of silver 3
Rhawkie (EUW)
: The thing is we have Amazon Web Services set up in Cape town and Johannesburg now, which is where it will probably be set up if in South Africa. I wouldn't say it is the wealthiest, but it has the numbers, of which a LOT are hidden due to players not wanting to play on a higher latency server. Imagine how much would be put into the biggest game in the world by the African community if it had local servers. To name a few free-to-play games in South Africa with servers: *Dota 2 (the biggest one by far), *Battlerite, *CS:GO (although this isn't free-to-play, R159 is about $11 and it is frequently on big sales. Added to this, it is one of the largest communities currently. A lot of money is put into its cosmetic content by the players). These are all games with massive communities (maybe not Battlerite), and the population size ratio of League of Legends is much larger in relation to e.g. CS:GO or Dota 2 in other countries. What's stopping the ratio from changing for such a MASSIVE, popular, free-to-play game in South Africa? TL;DR: Locations are set up, Some African communities aren't exactly poor either, There are other F2P games with SA servers (Dota 2, Battlerite)
Welp, if they got Dota2 over there and it's working, I'll take back what i said, since obv the playerbase is fairly similar
: what level are you, you seem like a plat or silver.
gold atm But since I peaked P2 last season, I'm obv 'almost diamond', just being held back by... mah team.
Rhawkie (EUW)
: Server for (Southern) Africa
Uganda pls I guess, while simply running some servers may not be THAT costly, localization is another thing and which ever way you look at it, Africa isn't the wealthiest region, to make much of a profit off of. I don't think I've heard of any game having dedicated servers for Africa. Especially f2p
: Pedophiles and sick people allowed to roam free.
Basically, if you don't start the game by flaming someone who's face u don't like, you have a better chance of them not going 0 and 6 and you can still report them quietly after the game.
Back when I started out and was still un-ranked, I used to think bronze players were pretty dam good. At around level 20, when I started getting them in my games, they always carried. Most of the players are unranked, so being bronze makes you 'better than most players' I mean, yeah, there are people who have been playing since the game came out and never bothered with ranked, while being obv diamond level, but ..still.
: Is this elo hell?
Just the beginning of the season, that's all. Looking at some of these games on your OP.gg. even if both teams are mostly gold, enemy team's gold players are more often last season's plat players, who are probably struggling to get back to their rank just as you, because they have to play against plat5 players who are actually low diamond. This seasonal rank reset thing affects the more team play oriented players much more than the types who can solo carry. even if they might end up the same rank by the end of the season.
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