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: Upon birth, every human in existence was assigned a number to represent them when testifying in front of our lord and savior Teemo. Under normal circumstances, a human is only able to perceive this number once they are dead, so as to protect their innocent minds from the corruption such information would invoke. However, in rare cases there are humans able to perceive this number before their deaths, these humans - I shall refer to them as agents from now on - are capable of bearing a part, even if only a small part, of our lord and savior's responsibilities and thus are of the greatest importance to our cult. These agents shall be recruited and serve as high priests once the time has come for our lord and savior to descend to the mortal realms. Rejoice, for you are a chosen one. TL;DR: Since you already contacted the Support, they'll probably explain the situation and take care of it. Your account is most likely just in the middle of the transfer and thus doesn't have a name anymore. My guess on what you should do now is to either just wait or well, let the Support handle it, which also involves... waiting. So uhm... guess you'll need to wait.
LOL as a 200k lord of teemo player i accept such an offer as a high priests, you get an upvote aswell xd
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: > [{quoted}](name=5a397641-eaed-41d7-b621-9eaa443e9678,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=omMG1gva,comment-id=,timestamp=2020-01-07T15:36:18.002+0000) > > 5a397641-eaed-41d7-b621-9eaa443e9678 > > i have the longest nickname in league > > wtf help I dunno, I do have a couple driver hotfixes with approximately the same name. Maybe Tencent finally had figured out how to permanently fix the game and restore everything we want to see, but then someone unfortunately logged on to the wrong server and accessed the user data base instead of the game server when they applied it.
XDDDD I would upvote you, but im not authorized to do so :D
: i have the longest nickname in league
this acc is lost in space and time it does not exist but its still there in reality what happened to me was i transfered my acc to another region and instead of doing that, i was still able to log in the same region that i was, but it asked me to change my nickname, and when i went to write to support..... well i saw that my nick is like this here, its a rly confusing situation for me
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