Chessbraino (EUNE)
: So, I got an answer that they're going to look into my ticket and that it's going to be transferred to a team that is responsible for cases such as this. I sent them a link to this thread in case they needed more information (from the OP and comments down below) and told them I'd be happy to give them more information if they needed it. Now I just wait.
I'm happy to hear that you got a reply so quickly , and hope you'll get your account as quick as possible
Chessbraino (EUNE)
: hopefuly they keep logs of IP Addresses, cause that would be the easiest proof honestly.
I'm 99% sure they do keep IP Addresses,although IP addresses can be changed (for example via VPN). I'm also sure that riot doesn't have our MAC IP which means that they can't know for sure that it wasn't you. They will most likely give you your account back and will tell you to change your password to a safer one. please inform me if riot gives you more information about the situation.
Chessbraino (EUNE)
: Account permanently suspended for using third-party software?
Unfourtantly there's nothing the board can do to help you with your problem, please report this to[ Riot support]( to get help with hopefully retrieving your account. When you talk with the riot support employee please give them all of the information so they can check it wasn't you.
: I've already tried using Hextech Repair Tool. It didn't solve the issue I had and still have. The download speed of my internet is 76.52Mbps and the upload speed is 9.78Mbps. Ping is 9ms.
It may also be a problem with you ISP, try talking with your ISP about lags and issues when playing games they might be able to help you out. if none of that helps contact [Riot support](
MikyGamer11 (EUNE)
: Perma Ban Appeal
Most likely is that you were toxic,cause there's no reason for Riot to ban you without one. If you do believe there was a mistake with you getting banned send a unban request in the [support center](
: Whenever I try to play a game of League of Legends, I'm experiencing huge latencies
first of all I'd suggest you to check your internet speed [here]( and post your result here(hide your ip and location), and in the meanwhile download riots [Hextech Repair Tool]( open it with administrative privileges (right click and choose "run as administrator") and Make sure that the following things are checked: - Run Ping Test - Sync System Clock - DNS - Use Public (Recommended) - Force Repatch (optional, but useful in most of the cases) - Add Firewall Exceptions (Enable Firewall). and hit start
: Are macros allowed ?
Macros are not allowed since they are unfair to the rest of the league community. If you will use Macro and riot finds out, your account will get banned.
: I want to play legends of runterra at beta
Hi YouCantDodgeMe, to apply for legends of Runeterra you have to register [here](, and to link your twitch account go to your connections tabs in twitch setting or press [here]( ,scroll down and you'll see Riot games, press connect and it twitch will explain how to connect.
pheanomey (EUNE)
: Rank
Hi pheanomey, You will get the same rewards as the rewards of a silver but since you ranked up during the preseason it will get you further in the next season therefore your placements in the next season will be for your current skills and position.
: FPS drops are very annoying and happen way too often
Hi Nøw its my turn , to be frank this problem is most likely to happen because of your computer(not because it bad), I'd say that either the drivers are not up to-date or that they are not configed right to support league of legends. there's a[ simple guide of league ]( that explains about low fps read it and it may solve your problems. P.S if it doesn't work try using the [hextech repair tool](
go4penta (EUW)
: I had two accounts one was overwritten since the update
Hi go4penta, another way to sign out from your old account is to right click the icon of league of legends(in the task bar[while league of legends is open of course]) and press "close window" when you press it, in the game there's supposed to be a window where it says to either sign-out or exit. if that doesn't work please try deleting the game and reinstalling it(that will work since the cookies of your info will be deleted).
: Borderless mode is unplayable
Hi, Having fps stutters in borderless could occur when the graphics card are not set right. I suggest you to use [Riots Low Frame Rate (FPS) Troubleshooting ]( to make sure everything is set right.
: missing skin !!!!
to get help with your account and hopefully get your skin recovered contact [Riot support](, they can check what happened to it and give it to you back.
: i losted my pbe account and i cant find a way to recover it
I believe since riot as changed their league of legends account to full on Riot accounts than your password should be the same as the password on your EU account. If this doesn't seem to help try contacting [Riot support](
: When is next clash?
According to riot the next clash will be a few months in 2020
Stell (EUNE)
: millions of games played daily, how many volunteers would you recruit to monitor games. couple? 20? 100? even for thousand volunteers that would be thousands of games daily.
Well volunteers will get "summoned" to a certain type of game, which means only games where a player has been reported. I know that alot of people get reported each day even if the reason is not valid and thats why riot should also use the honor system for that. where if someone with a low honor rate reports it will not be as powerful as a high honor rate.
: Doesn’t necessarily mean that won’t happen still At very high elos the player base is small enough that even when your not premade you can encounter the same players over and over again... that’s why win trading is an issue (players paying their opponents to lose to them). It’s really not out of the question for them to bribe teammates to drop to avoid a lose, or return the favour later. > and thats another point bullying and cursing should not be tolerable and should lead to a direct punishment. > There should be an auto detection of bullying/cursing(not that hard to do). Riot already do that and try to have good detection... even had players watching games and such... all it results is people then complaining they got banned Dammed if they do, dammed if they don’t
You're right about high elo playing with the same players, and thats why this should only be on plat and down. and players that complain about getting banned would only result with realizing their toxicity and opening another account without being toxic or leaving the game for good its a win-win.
Just Cat (EUW)
: yea because riot is already really great at punishing ppl when they deserve
they should get more volunteers to spectate games and check the chat to get a better community, for example like overwatch in CS:GO.
Just Cat (EUW)
: abusable and encourages toxicity . Oh we are losing hey my premade dc for us so we all lose less lp. OR > ei we are losing lets bully this guy untill he leaves the game.
as I said if you have a premade than you will lose the same amount of LP as before. and thats another point bullying and cursing should not be tolerable and should lead to a direct punishment. There should be an auto detection of bullying/cursing(not that hard to do). and another solution is that people can mute or just ignore those people
Shamose (EUW)
: And how is that fair for the person who is teamed up with the leaver? I have no control over the actions of my friends nor their internet/power.
Well it's still better than now where everyone is lossing more LP than what they should.
Shamose (EUW)
: So what should be done against 4v5's? Ideas?
Check if the Player has been disconnected for more than 5 minutes, If the player has been disconnected for that amount of time it will make your team lose less LP, and not derank. The player that disconnects will lose more LP(x1.5) and if he teamed up with someone then his friend will lose the same amount of LP. I believe that this method is simple but will work.
BleupizZ (EUW)
: The login queue is experiencing heavy traffic. Try again later or check the server status here.
Rabiyao (EUW)
: This game can't be play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yancer (EUW)
: why dosen't riot remake the client?
The client is not the problem since all the functionalities are the same as the last clients,they didn't really change the code of anything important, they just changed the Gui(graphical user interface) of the client.
: Help me how i could improve
Ranking up as a support may be hard since you are not the damage dealer,If all you care about is winning try playing as a different role most recommended are mid and jng. But as a support main I can tell you that even if your adc is not a pro he can still play all you have to do is: 1. Have vision control-many starting/low elo players don't realize it but not having vision control over a lane will not give you any vision for potential enemy ganks and will sometimes not allow your jng to gank/counter gank. 2. actually communicating with your adc, either by pings/chat(don't exaggerate as it can seem like toxic) ping when you go in ,leave lane, recall etc... 3. countering the enemy team- take a champion that goes well with your team and counters the enemy. 4. if you've got nothing to do in lane /the adc is not there and you're in a push and you don't need to recall ,gank mid lane. P.S Im only plat :p
: riot's server always underperform at preseasons
High ping is most likely to happen right now because riot is working on the servers either to fix problems, upload new content relevant to the new season or maybe both. there's a reason why it happens in the preseasons.
: Client froznen on "RECONNECT"
alot of people are experiencing this type of issue and a wrenchman has even opened an entire topic about it [here]( . just be patient and wait for a fix. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
TrojanPL (EUW)
: Big Bugg
yes alot of people are experiencing this type of issue and a wrenchman has even opened an entire topic about it [here]( . just be patient and wait for a fix. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: EUW is down but guess what
people have experienced some issues with the servers, such as problems with getting stuck in matches after the match is over. So riot is probably trying to fix the problems,which means shutting/restarting the servers.
: clash is gone?
The clashes in the last weeks were only public Beta tests , the Clash is supposed to get released a few months in 2020.
The clash last week and the week before that were only a Beta test for the real clash, the real clash is supposed to get out a few months in 2020. I believe that riot are planning to do clash every other week or every week, but again no one really knows cause riot didn't announce anything **yet**. they wanted to do the beta to check how it will be and if people will like it. [Clash-notes](
: Major POST Game..Champion SCORE BUG! -- PLEASE FIX THIS.
Many people have been expriencing this kind of problems in the last month, report the bug in [here]( so the problem will get fixed and riot will be aware of the problem.
: Why are you continuing to queue for games if you experience this issue "almost all the time"...? Might be better to look for a resolution, such as the patcher or reinstalling the game, or checking your drivers on your graphics card etc.
> [{quoted}](name=A Snarky Cyclone,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=6OiYXrtA,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-12-18T13:48:46.079+0000) > > Why are you continuing to queue for games if you experience this issue "almost all the time"...? > > Might be better to look for a resolution, such as the patcher or reinstalling the game, or checking your drivers on your graphics card etc. This could also be a problem with the firewall for more information you can check the[ youtube video ]( riot had created about 5 years ago. also you might want to check if your computer is not restricting the app from resources. as you don't really explain what game freezes means.
: Stats bug!
I've seen many people having this kind of problem , and some people even said they didn't get any xp. If you'd like for this problem to be fixed in the future you can report the problem [here](
Onlice (EUNE)
: Network
First of all this is not riot support, therefore no riot employee will answer your request. for an answer from riot visit [this website ]( submit a request . As someone who exprienced alot of ping problems with league of legends i can tell you most of the times it's a problem with your ISP, talk to them and tell them that there's problems with the connection to some servers. the problem also may occur cause people on your network are downloading or uploading something . {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: My account got hacked and permanently banned. HELP!
ask [riot support]( for some help, If you're using this password in other places I'd suggest you to change the password there as well. Riot can probably see if someone else played in your account by checking the IP that was logged in with. Advice: Change your password to a stronger password.
: Middle East Server
have you considered trying to play on EUNE, maybe you'll have a better ping there depending on where you live.
: clash
Riot said that the clash global beta will take place over 2 weekends: December 7–8 and December 14–15. and that the real clash will only launch a few months into 2020. you can learn more about clash [here](
EndymionPL (EUNE)
: Clash
Same problem here , hope they'll fix it soon.
FGV Xcite (EUNE)
: When there is Clash again?
according to Riot the next games are supposed to be on Saturday and Sunday as they were on the previous week.
Rioter Comments
Bæka (EUW)
: Match History not working
I suggest you to go get some help from the [support team]( but for now you can use the leagues website match history instead of the client [(Bækas match history)](
Farris (EUNE)
: My game freezes once per game
you could try reinstalling the game or installing [Leagues Hextech repair kit ]( another thing that can cause that are programs that run on your computers background and interferes the game,so close all unnecessary programs before you start a game. if none of the options helped you just get some tech support from the [support team](
: bad idea, first they need to get rid of aram accounts and make every champ available in aram.
Or they could make it that you need at least 30 champions to play it.
Veert (EUW)
: I Cant login
Try clicking on the 'X' button at the the top right corner and press Sign out(Seems to have worked for other people). if you can't press the 'X' button try downloading the "Hextech repair kit".
: Ok Tank you
: Restarting with LOL
You can use [mobafire]( to see current builds for those champions, [Ashe-Build-link]( for example.
: Everybody lagging?
it's seems like that in the last few days the EUW servers have been having some issues. i believe that riot knows about it and that they are trying to fix it.
: why cant i change my runes and masteries in game?
you can only change runes and masteries in the beginning of the game (champion select) because thats how riot designed the game. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: [Champion Concept]Larissa, Zaun's tempest
seems like a good idea for a champion but if you ask me the idea of the passive is too op.{{item:1055}}
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