Darwinion (EUW)
: It entirely depends on your own support as well as the enemies you face, just like it does with any other lane or any other time of the game.
Yeah, if the enemy team has at least one non-adc champ then you won't have an impact on the game cuz everything is stronger than adc at this point. You can literally go 7/0 as an adc and you'll still get shut down completely by an underfed jungler or toplaner.
: I went back to play enchanters finally and i can say that my ADCs hit their spike faster now so yeah. It's worth it to play adc at the moment, if you have a support that doesn't ks all your kills and leave you 0/1/4 Though i heard corrections are coming so that's hopeful
> It's worth it to play adc at the moment You couldn't have been more wrong, adc is not worth playing right now regardless of your support. A lot of adc's are getting buffed in 9.1 and those buffs are much needed.
I don't know if it's the most toxic server of all, but it's incomparably more toxic than EUW. Not to mention the broken English... EUNE is full of it.
Diesel86 (EUW)
: play kennen, poke, level 6 all in with ignite. kennen will show you the way {{champion:85}}
Yeah good luck with that, by the time your ult stuns her she's already on the other side of the lane and chasing her is a waste of time and effort.
Nonstopre (EUW)
: Why is this champion fair?
Who said that she was fair? It's a common knowledge that this game is horribly unbalanced. There's nothing more to it.
: Duskblade bug on graves
He simply counts as ranged for Duskblade passive.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Looking for diamond players to smurf with in silver
Ur late, I was silver 1 on this account just 2 weeks ago.
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: The whole ranked system is trash, went from D3 62% win rate to p3, 50% win rate. Stayed at d5 for 600 games, and every D5 game went win 1 game, lose 2 game's duo to trolls, unskilled players, smurfs, and just unskilled kids who are boosted. Getting past 50lp in diamond is impossible. At the current moment ranked is dead, there is no quality in ranked what so ever your skill don't mater, its pure luck. My first 3 game's at d5 at the start of the season while at 72% where all, people who played for 1 month and raged quit after losing fb. Save your time and play normal cause ranked is dead.
> At the current moment ranked is dead, there is no quality in ranked what so ever your skill don't mater, its pure luck. I actually agree. Games in Diamond 5 are all the same: I'm playing against either Kai'Sa or Vayne in lane, she buys Dshield, doesn't trade and waits for ganks or hopes that her team carries her. They stall the lane so hard with passive playstyle and ganks that It's impossible for me to win it and snowball, causing us both to fall victim to coinflip teams. That is why a lot of people are hardstuck... I feel like noone is proactive enough in D5.
: Xayahs Cooldowns are too long
They admitted that the Essence Reaver rework was really bad, so it's more likely that it's going to get reverted. But I agree, Xayah is almost unplayable without the old ER.
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: Jinx is actually not that good and MF will need a team later on . Jinx can easily get bullied out of her lane cause of the lack of mobility so most of the time you surrender your lane when you play her. I'd say trist and kai'sa are really good right now but kaisa has a a pretty weak early aswell but she scales to be a monster.
Her weak early was always her biggest weakness, but ever since they buffed crit dmg on rocked she the best hypercarry in mid-late game. And what's Tristana? I haven't seen that champ in months lol. > MF will need a team later on What do you even mean by that? Does team even matter if the champ itself is overpowered, sitting on top with ~52% winrate... And she is going to get even better this patch as lethality on Duskblade got buffed.
: Diamond made me quit the game
> I understand that adc is strong Except that it's not. Jinx and MF are alright but adc is not really in a good position rn.
: I used to play with holding my space key to hold down the camera on myself because im used to it. I can't do it anymore because it lowers my FPS for some reason and everything is tearing and i can't see properly the lines of champs,creeps etc. I tend to miss an auto because i can't see them properly. When i hold my space key and look at my hp bar, it's vibrating or shaking because of tearing.
That has been happening to me for months now lol.
: Controversial answer, but I don't think I would revert any of them. The champions I play are all far better after their rework than they were before.
Are you trying to say that Aatrox is better than he was pre-rework? It's not even the same champion.
: If you could revert one rework what would it be and why?
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: account boosting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> ... that is in silver 2 yet she played like bronze 5 It's not like both are low ranks and almost just as bad. Who would even get boosted from bronze to silver?
QuuQuu (EUNE)
: Just want to play with cool people
> Just want to play with cool people Transfer to EUW, you're welcome.
Riddarn (EUNE)
: So is telling another player to k y s no longer an instant 14 day ban?
: What elo are you smurfing from ?
I don't think that is very important as I haven't played much ranked this season on my main, but I'm Plat if you rly wanna know.
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