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: you think right. they dont
Nope... The 5.14 update fixed it for like five games, but it just started again...
Dimwit (EUNE)
: [Suggestion] Change settings while not in a game.
: New Game Mode Idea :D
: 5 games in LP because of a game crash
Same thing for me, except mine can't even get to the game... I've been trying to inform Riot, but no reply of course. I don't think they care...
Nuk3d14 (EUW)
: Stuck in Connecting screen
I'm having trouble too... I have repaired it, but nothing happened. Mine can't even freeze because it does the same thing as you were talking about in the start, all the time... Riot doesn't do a thing, and that's kinda like really annoying... I wrote a couple of things to them which probably didn't interest them at all...
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Sffc (EUW)
: If his spear is a long baguette, gg report pantheon intentionally feeding
PTRoyal (EUW)
: I think to be viable, their should only be 2 paths for each team at a time. With 3 teams alive: Outer paths would be spawning minions With 2 tems alive: Outer path conected to the other living team would be spawning + mid path would open. and start spawning minions. The problem with 3 paths is, what happens when a team loses? do enemy minions still go to their base? Where will the minions in the middle path go when all teams are alive? Also, i think chat should be on since the begining for every team, but the first losing team would be disconected from the game
The minions would then turn towards the other enemies's base. Make paths through jungle where they would walk.
Odplata (EUNE)
: And what about changing the main goal.. why destroy nexus it is not vital for 3 teams. What about reaching something in middle like first team that destroy (something) will win match... or group of objectivs on map and 3 teams fighting for them...
Then the middle thing should be hard to destroy, or the map should be bigger, and with enemy turrets in front of you near your base instead of your own. Because your own turrets would be useless if nobody came there. So enemy turrets in front of every team, and then the middle should be hard to destroy. Maybe you should have to climb up a hill when playing there, so you spent more time on it, and also had to fight the other teams
: I know how to solve this mid problem. You should make a circle in mid, like in dominion. Minions would go in 2 waves, one to left and other to right. The circle should be pretty large, so killing minions in 1 side would not give you xp from the other side. Team would have 5 players: 1 top, 1 bot, 1 jungler, 2 mid. So there would be 2 1v1 mid laners. Also they would be close enought each other for help. this way XP and GOLD be ballanced in all lanes. In map center (In the mid circle) there would be a boss monster, with a buff. Tell your opinion about this idea. :)
Good one it creates 2 small lanes and one battle lane. In mid the battles would be funny. Should the circle have any other effect on the game? It could be a mountain so that you can't see the champions standing right behind it. There could be more bushes in mid to create good opportunities to assault, so you would have to be careful about what champions you have mid. The game would be more strategic too.
: Imagine, it was Blind Pick mode, and all 3 teams take Karthus... One Karthus will damage like 8-10 people... and if they all do it together, then all teams die at once? haha .. maybe add the option for Karthus which team he wants to attack for less op :P
Then he should target his ulti on one champion and that champions team takes the damage ;)
Oen (EUW)
: What about put the shop in the middle so they have to fight for it?
It wouldn't be easy and the game would be very long until one champion got to buy a bunch of items, and got the ability to kill any other champion.
: Hi guys! When I saw this thread I just loved the idea of making a gamemode like this. However, some things were a little questionable, and with the help from your comments I've made a version of OP's map. Take a look at my map, and I'll write the differences below. (Note: I have no skills what so ever in paint, and this picture is only a quick copypaste-remake of OP's.) So, since there was a problem with OP's lanes, like "Red team's bot-lane is purple team's top-lane", and "When there's only one minion wave left mid, which direction do they go?", I decided to remove the middle lane and go with four lanes. Therefore there won't be an "ADC+SUPPORT vs TOP-LANE"-kind of problem, and also there won't be 3 minion waves colliding. There was also a problem with the jungle, and how you can not gank from the enemy's jungle without crossing your enemy's lane and probably getting noticed. So when I removed the mid-lane I replaced it with a river going three ways, with 6 small rivers floating out of the big river. And I also added a BARON (it doesn't have to be baron, it could be whatever OP-monster there is) in the middle of the river, to make every team have the exact same distance to the "baron" from their base. Also, there are rivers crossing the inner lanes, but not the outer. I don't know why really, just thought that'd be nice. And last but not least, there are 4 inhibitor turrets but only 3 inhibitors. Why? Keep reading! So, let's say you have a great push on the PURPLE TEAM's INNER LEFT-lane, and suddenly you manage to destroy their INHIBITOR-TURRET on that particular lane. Now before you can take out their "mid" inhibitor, you'll have to destroy their inhibitor turret on the INNER RIGHT-lane. I know this may seem a bit confusing, but I think it's great. So, please tell me what you think. And if I have forgotten something, please tell me :) Best regards, fru heSs! EDIT: What if maybe every stealthed object in the river will be visible? I mean every single ward, every teemo's shroom, jack in the box etcetera. Or maybe that's just something that comes with the SMITE? That if you have the SMITE-spell you'll get oracle's elixir as long as you're in the river? And I was also thinking about having constant vision of the beginning of your team's side of the river to make it a bit more difficult to steal your opponents BLUE and RED buffs.
Looks interesting too... But shouldn't it be 5v5 then? That would create a big crowd with 15 champions at a time. The map should be huge, and maybe with larger lanes so every team has two towers? Or just two in the outer lanes, and one in the middle lanes? It would then be long games, so there are many holes in this suggestion. If u can fix them i like the idea
The idea is very good, but the questions are: Where will minions in the middle walk if there's nothing there? Should they follow a champion? Then every champion should have some button to press which makes minions follow him. Or let's say that there's Blue, Red, and Yellow team. Blue minions goes towards Red base, Red goes towards yellow, and yellow goes towards blue. And alliances must be prevented, so chat should be for only allied teams. Pings must be like that too. And the team in the bottom of the map will have a problem, because they have no top, but two bots. Then it should be left and right for them. There are three jungle areas. Should there be three epic monsters one in each, red and blue buff in all, and 2-3 other small monsters? I think the map could be really funny if those things were fixed, but how would u make Riot put the maps in the game?

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