noobitup (EUW)
: warwick is the best jungler in this season , he is so tanky , his W passive and active are so broken , you can spot enemies with low health hidden in bushes you can chase them with your speed , you can tank so much damage and heal with your Q , your E gives you so much tankiness and fears people in zone + you can clear jungle so fast , you don't need a leash at lvl 1 , you can 1V1 every jungler in the game , and don't expect warwick to oneshot people with his Q , he is not an assasin , I personally think warwick deserves a nerf because now playing against a warwick is a nightmare. just watch some youtube bro , quick tips to play him : start on blue to get mana regen , to spam Q on camps , play so aggressive early and look to take your enemy jungler camps , you don't have to worry about meeting the enemy jungler you can just kill him , just don't get yourself cought in 1V2's , when you have your ult try to cc the most fed enemy in team fights . allways press E and W before you gank any lane to get your fear and the speed on . as for the build : IF you are ahead get tiamat then titanic hydea if an ad enemy is fed build armor , if an ap enemy is fed build Magic ressist . never dive low health enemies unless you are sure they don't have flash / or escapes / or mana and that you are tanky enough to tank some towershots . there are a lot of champions that deserve buff , but warwick is not one of them
Heal is the only good thing about him otherwise it's useless champion easily countered.
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Gınko (EUW)
: Every champ is 50/50 lol
Not true, for exmaple playing as Veigar and having 1/9 I can still stack my ap and get back in the game pretty quickly, same goes with more champs but kha and rengar are utterly useless and powerless or carrying the game solo.
: An assassin deals alot of damage, how surprising.
Yeah but Kha'zix is special, since his ultimate and E are just mobility spells his main dealing spell is just and only Q. It's a one press button that deals a tons of damge if he is little fed. I've always hated those rivalry champions Rengar / Kha'zix, since they're both the same, they just deal damage by their Q.
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