: Short Evelynn montage of S9
If you are planning to make a new Eve montage, i have few clips that i could send to you
: When will this happen?
i think sometimes soon, atleast they replied to my support ticket but here is the exact quote from my ticket > Since the event is over, we are planning to release soon a mission for the players who faced issues with receiving Trial Tokens if you played at least a game between 22nd and 30th of May, this mission will be a compensation mission which will award a fixed amount of tokens depending if a player owned or did not the Trial Pass. and link to my ticket, im not sure if you are able to check it https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/40659076?flash_digest=39e8ce13c69cc2d734adbb885c66612fdf779edf
: Has Riot replied? That is unacceptable {{champion:122}}
yea, they will add a mission, wich rewards you with tokens, and amount of tokens you receive depends if you have trials pass or not
Tarolock (EUNE)
: on the first stun she was in the middle of her jump from w, prolly thats why you werent able to stun her, on the second clip you are just barely short on the stun, no bugs there as for the surrender button i never had any problems/weird stuff with it
also, creepblock isnt bug :P
: Trial Tokens are NOT updated [stuck at 285 tokens]
Same problem, riot owes me currently almost 200 tokens from games i have played, but didnt receive tokens. I'm currently stuck at 2100 tokens, and im pretty pissed off, if i wont get prestige eve bcuz of this
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