: Item Sets
Whoever didn't like it is really dumb. Item sets are insanely useful and helpful to remind yourself all kinds of builds when playing against a vast variety of team compilations. I personally used them on a lot main champions.
: The entire community is a toxic wasteland of trolls!
Why do you believe those idiots who tell you they are a smurf? I can be the worst player with 0 points and bronze 5, never move any higher than 0 points and call myself a "smurf". People nowadays shame the word "smurf", a real smurf is usually in platinum league or even higher and can easily carry a low level game because most of the "new" level players are insanely bad players who call themselves "smurfs" while honestly being in the lowest ranks of league of legends; they roughly have the grasp of the basics of the game and a real smurf would always pick the right champ for the team compilation instead of trolling like a child, going double mid or double jungle. Real smurfs communicate with pings and focus on the game and usually never chat unless necessary to say something about an opponent or give a tip to a team player. Smurfs are easy to detect, its all in their gameplay and skills, for example; A 2/0/0 riven has 170 cs by 20 minutes into the game, she manages to win a 2v1 fight and survives with 300 hp, 2 more enemy champions try to chase her down and eventually caught up to her, BUT she SOMEHOW skillfully wins that fight with 10 hp left. In summery, riven won a 4v1. now THAT's a smurf who knows how to play and get around this difficult junk, someone who also knows the meaning of freezing, pushing, "Def'ing", kiting etc and how to perform those well anytime they want.
: Who even plays 3v3 ranked? Also, never underestimate even slightly fed Warwick.
I didn't, as tryndamere, i also had some kills so i could easily take down warwick if i had a little cc and dmg from fiddlesticks.
: I have no friends and wanted to share with someone (sorry)
Gotta love players like this guy lol, so ignorant and dumb. Everything you said is clearly correct, every pro player would advise to play low mechanical champions to climb up and away from bronze and silver. And when you reach high silver or low gold, you should really learn how to play with difficult champions. OR simply play with champions you feel comfortable with, never a play a champion which you feel like "oh god i only pick this cause i have to". You will perform your best when you play a champion you love and have fun playing with, not ones which you hate with passion. Simply pick what you like and consider "easy" for you to master. And please keep this kind of mindset, if you remain positive like this and focus on improving, you will definitely and easily get to gold league
: "I don't gank because you are a crybaby"
Rengar ego is higher than the sky, this type of behaviour is not justified nor ever will be. Rengar was acting very immature, and as you said, even if i hate the flamer in my team with passion, i still do my best to help him and do what i can for him if it means winning the game as a team. I wish you were my support, one who is all about teamwork, rare to see people like you nowadays.
Absolve (EUNE)
: Bronze League
Dont get me wrong, i am not talking about the entire bronze league and i never said im the best. I am only at gold league in 3v3 and i just want to know why and how specifically about this type of players who never even talk or ever communicate with pings.
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Unhöly (EUW)
: Can I play league of legends with a good fps with these specs ?
Bro, i played League of Legends on pentium 4 with ancient graphics card. and i had 60 fps (lowest graphics tho)
Absolve (EUNE)
: dc from pvp.net
Yay, now i have 15 minute queue dodge timer right after i got dc just now again, apparently right at that time a match showed up and i "declined" it again somehow.
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Absolve (EUNE)
: Transfer to different server
I really hope that's not the case, i hope a developer or someone who actually knows will tell me what really will happen :)
Qippe (EUW)
: Riot,help me become a better
If you consider yourself a responsible man, grow up and do it yourself, other people shouldn't help you solve your own problems, only you can :)
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Absolve (EUNE)
: Illaoi vs Ranged champions
Thank you guys for the tips, i will definitely try them out :)
Safari (EUNE)
: Keep your flash for teamfights so you can go into the backline.
> [{quoted}](name=Safari,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=W2kidJfe,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-10-22T18:56:13.642+0000) > > Keep your flash for teamfights so you can go into the backline. Doesn't work, its high gold im playing at, players are not that dumb to let such play slip out :)
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Zen2k (EUW)
: lvl 30 playing with silvers, golds and higher. Riot plz fix
Did you know there's a "Mute" button? Use it once in your life time rather than complaining, its really useful against flamers and kids.
Absolve (EUNE)
: Illaoi vs ranged
i cant get close to ranged champions, its really simple to understand that i just cant, im the front line and if i go in the only thing i do is "oh look im illaoi, im a monster which you can keep a good distance from and burst down in 3-4 secs." It doesn't matter what you say or suggest, they are ranged, if i try to get close, they just burst my hp down even if im a tank. (by saying "they" i mean all the enemy team) Lol, and ultimate is just useless. unless i flash and hope the crap out of my butt that they wont run away as i try to atleast land 1 W when my ult is on or if im alive.
: Level 24, Matched with Diamonds.
Your MMR = ranked score, normal games don't affect it, and you better not make it low if you dont want to people say "oh look he is bronze or silver, so he is a noob who's bad at the game". You've just been unlucky to get matched against such players, might've been premades or something, most likely another lvl 24 on enemy team but his friend is diamond whom he brought. Just pray not to get matched against plat-diamond players. :)
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Murder1us (EUNE)
: but he is also one of your team.. sometimes you need comunication.. and best thing to prevent that is being polite and try to motivate..
> [{quoted}](name=Murder1us,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=eX9UQ6gv,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-09-14T19:28:44.269+0000) > > but he is also one of your team.. sometimes you need comunication.. and best thing to prevent that is being polite and try to motivate.. That's why there is a ping system, Diamond elo+ communicates ONLY with pings.
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Murder1us (EUNE)
: How to deal with toxic people!
If you didn't know, there is a button called "Mute" at the tab information window. Mute - Mutes player and blocks any further comments made by him in chat.
: 1. you need to find them before reporting them 2. smurfing isn't reportable 3. i don't see what the huge unfair advantage is supposed to be 4. Mori is a japanese clan from the sengoku jidai era, does that mean Yorick is actually from Japan????
You dont see the huge unfair advantage? Well i dont know how you cant see that, its so obvious. The unfair advantage is the insane mechanical and skill difference.
: Did anybody get the Riot Kayle gift from riot?
They said they wont give everyone riot skin and the icon at once at the same time, they cant do that, every person will get his gift in the next few days. just a bit of patience, every one will get it but not at everyone at once.
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: Your Former And New Ranks?
6-4, From Gold 2 to Silver 2.
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: Hi there, I am sorry to hear about your problem but only going afk once will not end up in you getting punished by leaverbuster, you have to be afk a couple of times in your last games for that to happen and unfortunately we can't do anything about that, while it may not be your fault directly the system is in place to ensure that games are played with minimal disruption because while you may not have went afk on purpose you have to think about the other 9 people in that game who were left in a 4v5 game and it sucks for them too, in that sense it is your duty to make sure that you can devote at least 40-50 minutes of continuous gameplay to avoid getting in this situation in the future.
I really recall that i haven't left a game, i never left a game on purpose. And even when i was disconnected i came back into the game 10 minutes later after it began (means i thought about the 4v5 situation. We could win but lost because of ADC and Top being more busy flaming me for being unable to control my internet?) I promise you that i haven't left any games even before quitting for 10 months, i checked the history of my matches and i didn't have a single "Left" status. I am not a leaver, rager or any type of a person that does such thing, even when i got the worst team possible, getting 0-23, i still kept playing the match until it was over. And i wasn't AFK... AFK - Away from keyboard (technically), i was raging and resetting my modem because my team can't do it without me especially when i picked a significant support champion (Sona). You can never know, maybe your LeaverBuster code is screwed up... Thank you for replying.
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