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: Teach a Friend Mission - Good Pals Icon
Play bot game, find player under lvl 15, invite him, play with him. Players under lvl 15 dont know boards exist.
Maluber (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=AceHigh655,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=HFHVY7YL,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-02-08T20:30:30.619+0000) > > The problem is.. I don't know anymore if allies have available wards. Thankfully, no one flamed about low vision score. > But in my opinion, vision score is useless. Instead they could put the number of your wards are in the map (0/3, 1/3, etc..) I read on reddit that if you click your team mate and look at their display in top left it'll show trinket there with charges.
Hmm.. Interesting. Tnx for info! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: It allows you to have some kind of metric by which you can measure how much/how well you warded/cleared enemy wards. You can use it to gauge whether ur placing enough wards or if you should maybe buy more pink wards or switch to red trinket, things like that.
The problem is.. I don't know anymore if allies have available wards. Thankfully, no one flamed about low vision score. But in my opinion, vision score is useless. Instead they could put the number of your wards are in the map (0/3, 1/3, etc..)
skinTDM (EUNE)
: rengar, swain or fiora
Fiora not easy to learn. Just stick to 2-3 champs you enjoy, you will do much better, in your divisions all champs work.
: trying to recconect
I think it is fixed, i just played whole game without "attempting to reconnect" {{sticker:galio-happy}}
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1eac (EUNE)
: How League of Legends evolved
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Gnirk (EUW)
: How about former Gold II player who hasn't played in the longest and got demoted? If so hit me up, main are mid/supp. S/N Gnirk
GotRedOnYou (EUNE)
: I was about to make a thread... Also looking for players to form a team. We can join forces! :D
Whats your IGN? Or just inv me - AceHigh655
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: Looking for a ranked team (3v3)
Hello :) You can add me ;)
Almighty (EUNE)
: I started to play Nautilus in mid S5...and i have 270k points on him.... its either me that played him waaay too much...ur you played Diana very rarely >.> And i dont think you can recieve the skin since you are on EUNE and the op is on EUW
: "I badly want that skin" event
1) Inferno Diana 2) I start play league from season 4 and I main Diana from season 4. When I saw new Diana skin I just badly wanted that skin. I have almost 200k points with Diana :)))
Steel (EUW)
: That's good but the problem is that Riot cares about keeping the game interesting more than they do about game balance.
Thats also true.
nuwuance (EUW)
: this season is a joke, riot doesn't give a fuck, this patch is one of the worst patches i've ever played in.
They making game more interesting. If you are too lazy to learn something then... Yes. Some champions are broken, but brah.. Try them out and have some fun. PS: New dragons are just awesome
Eambo (EUW)
: This is a known issue with Yorick and the end of game damage calculations - he did *not* do that much damage, it's just a display issue :-)
It's just annoying. Some players can think that Yorick players cheating :P
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: I believe that's only possible in a.... 6 hour game... maybe? You can't lose a game where you (legitimately) do that much damage without setting it up, like having people constantly regenerating in their fountain.
That was 26 min long game..
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: LF team, cool people, duo's, help.
My name is Jurijs and this is JackAss xD Tu gan traks ar lolu, varēji pa šo laiku tikt challengerā Un jā tryhard un play for fun ir 2 nesavienojamas lietas ;/ Diemžēl..
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: Ey there! I main Supp for 3 seassons, can cover diferent roles (protection, tank or off-AP), Atm I´m Gold V (I use to play soloQ, main supp, not so easy to climb), but I was around Gold II-I half season. If u want to test, i just added u to my friend list.
The same :) You are EUW, i am EUNE
Pelps (EUW)
: hi :) I'm a 19 year old guy from the UK. I am looking for a serious team to improve and play with on a daily basis not a team that plays 1 game then never plays again. My best roles are jungle and Support,but i main support i only play jungle if i really have to. support chapions i play : basically every support except bard as he is a dreadful supp imo.My mains are thresh,leona,janna,braum but as i said before i can play any support that you like. i've had previous experiences in 2 diamond teams so i am capable of playing at that standard and know what my role is in every situation in the game, where to be warding,what i should be doing etc. what i expect from the adc : to have a good knowledge and understanding of your champion/s , good positioning , quick reactions, dodge abilities or atleast not just walk into them lol (thresh hook , blitz etc) . i can only use skype. If you are interested add me in-game or reply :) thanks for taking your time to read this many thanks, Pelps
Thats so nice :D But you are in EUW and i am EUNE :D
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Ichinose (EUW)
: My reaction when i see a lot of bilgewater icons in loading screen
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Bènny (EUW)
: Hi bud. Currently Gold II looking for a ranked team, Support main with a big champion pool. Add me if needed!
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: i have all champions
I send a invite :)
: im gold 5, im up for it
You sure than you can win diamonds? :D You have champions like: Yorick, Varus, Kog maw, Nautilus, Victor, Xerath?
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Meme King (EUW)
: Diana nerf soon?
Pff... My main is Diana. Nonone can nerf my mains xD
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SillyJester (EUNE)
: Gnar Skin Idea ( Not My Work )
Somethink like Superman.. It's not copy/paste?
kiwishrew (EUW)
: Let's discuss Katarina
Morganas E on Katarina = PENTA!!!! {{champion:55}} {{champion:25}}
: Pick Order: Sona
Where i need to send this video?
: Just smile :)
Shrek'sai is love, sherk'sai is life {{champion:421}}
: Clan Wars Gamemode!
There is 1st problem: To play summoner rift you need 5 champions (you can't chose same champion), but what if player don't have any champion of that clan? There is 2nd giant problem: What about Bilgewater? {{champion:111}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:41}} and maybe {{champion:104}} {{champion:105}} (not sure) They all are from Bilgewater clan. How you will play summoner rift without 5 champs? Please don't hate me. I just giving my viewpoint about it..
: new Loading-Screen?
I realy don't know about animations. There is a lot champions and skins who don't have animations (older champions and skins), but chat sounds realy nice. {{champion:35}}
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