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Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Careful with what you say to people as you never know who might be struggling outside of the game
let's face it, the majority of people who play this game are between 16-20 and they're big enough to understand that what other person is saying is absolutely pathetic. If you start thinking about suiciding because someone said "%%%" then you have mental issues.
outRAGE1 (EUW)
: Having Cheat Engine OPENED in the background WILL get you BANNED.
i hope you must be kidding... You're an adult and you're literally saying "omg why did you ban me? i was just oppening a 3rd party cheat program in the background while playing your game, it's not like i was cheating or something..."
: Got you bro
<3 just perfect also, i see that my comment reached through one of my many victims since my comment got downvoted, lol.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Adam Blaze,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=KG3byIGj,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-02-03T06:27:27.030+0000) > > well he/she justified the need of it, as it&#x27;s for swithing accounts through regions , which i kinda find legit. But why would you play in X different regions? There's literally no benefit for that. - Your connection will always be better in one specific region (I'm counting EUNE and EUW together) - Leveling up more than 1 account doesn't give you anything extra - Your friends list doesn't transfer between regions (you can't talk with people on NA if you are on EU) - The game content is the same in every region (save for Oceania and their "Ocean Week Event") - Playing Ranked in multiple regions is even worse than point 2 Only in a very fringe scenario would someone need to logout to switch account/server. Riot usually doesn't to "fringe". ######By the way. You don't need League to connect with people from USA, or any part of the world for that matter. Social media exists for a reason. I suggest [Discord]( because many gamers use it.
bruh i said i used to play on EUW and NA as well just because i had friend on those servers to play with. I talk with them through other social media and while i'm logged in, i receive a message and i switch accounts. It's just that it was a little boring to patch up each time i want to play in another region. You know that you have to re-patch your client when you switch regions, right?. This is the scenario in which it would've been benefical.
The S1ash (EUNE)
: Why is there more bans for writting "k-word" than for "ez" or "get rekt"?
k-word? like.. "kiggers"? "kitch"? and "go Kuck yourself"?
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: Proof Riot is closing his eyes..
it's just that they simply can't punish so easily someone for trolling/feeding as they can't know if the player does it on purpose by thinking what if the player is simply bad/having a bad moment. The only exception is by showing a match record which also includes chat proof that the user is doing it all on purpose.
: To the attention of all LOL players
0% context 100% toxicity 200% git gud. When the boards community wastes 2 seconds to downvote your post you know there must be something wrong with what you say. Or it just offends them. But since you talk abouy rioy staff i think it's the 1st option.
Yasu0 (EUW)
: Late feedback for Riot's balance team on crit (Would really appreciate if you read this)
so basically you are deluded by the term "crit chance" as there is a CHANCE to crit or not to crit... That's what it's supposed to be. And the whole crit chance thing is to eventually "gamble" on a chance to inflict a critical hit. It's like starting to complain about hextech craft. having under 1% chances of getting a gemstone. Some people could open 100 hex boxes and get no gemstones and others can open 1 hex box and get a stone. It's a PROBABILITY. It's RANDOM. it's called A RISK. The solution to what you're saying about crit chance is simply stop buying crit items and go for lethality/armor pen items, which give you certanity of inflicting X damage no matter what, 100% of the time. They give pure stats, nothing with % of probability. Not risking anything. Now the choice is yours. That's the mentality that makes the difference of prefferences between players. Some prefere lethality, some prefere crit, some would prefere to have a little from both. It's mechanics. It's what makes this game NOT BORING. By having diversity.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=UnseenMid,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=KG3byIGj,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-03T03:41:44.726+0000) > > when are we going to get an option to logout and use another account in client without closing the client itself? Maybe because they don't players using more than one account? We know Riot aren't very found of smurfs to begin with. Having the option to logout is only useful in that scenario, so I don't understand why we'd need this.
well he/she justified the need of it, as it's for swithing accounts through regions , which i kinda find legit. I have an EUW,EUNE,NA account (EUW and NA accounts i used to have in order to play with my friends from France and USA) also, for whoever is curious: EUW ping is similar to the ping you have in EUNE NA ping at about 100-150ms
KätaScript (EUNE)
: What the actual ... is wrong with those ppl?
Well, being romanian/greek/polish (okey maybe yes in this case lol)/cz and idk what else has nothing to do with being an inter/troll necessarely. Honestly it's a sad story, to be honest. Note: there will be people here that would eventually comment that you 100% did something wrong. don't listen to them. What you can do in the future in order to make sure that this kind of players gets punished is by making them being toxic in chat. Riot games (almost) never punished someone for trolling/feeding but they (almost) always punish someone for being toxic. That's a life experience i am willing to share with everyone reading this. + the satisfaction when you see that window pop up from instant feedback yeee boi {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} (couldn't find the zed sticker which would fit better in this context)
: [EUW] [P1+] Ex-master player in s6. p2 last season(after a 2 year break)
woops, after i've commented i just saw you're from EUW, my bad mate.
N o (EUW)
: Saying "Ez"/"Easy" at the end of a game
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Adam Blaze,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=asazBkRn,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-02-02T01:18:40.415+0000) > > 1) playing duo- which is theoretically not considered boosting, because you are the one playing on your account and you just got a better player in your team. You are playing with a duo on a lower elo account for the purpose of winning and eventually raising said duo's rank. By definition, elo boosting. A smurf playing for the fun of winning alone is not elo boosting. it's just plain and simple smurfing. >A banned account isn't riot's way to tell someone "don't play our game". Then what is it? An invitation to play some more? Probably not.
> [{quoted}](name=JuiceBoxP,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=asazBkRn,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2019-02-02T02:00:37.960+0000) > > Then what is it? An invitation to play some more? > Probably not. Okey, listen buddy ... if riot really didn't want you to play their game anymore they wouldn't allow you to make a new account... banning your account is them showing you they do not tollerate your actions. There are SO MANY people playing this game that have a banned account, including I, why are you hating so much on those people?.. I was about to make a new account and play with my friends in iron/bronze but after all this hatred i've seen abouy this stuff be more than sure i gonna tryhard to make sure that i don't allow the enemies to climb the ladder, why? simple. Because there is no rule telling me i can't do that. And if Riot Games doesn't have a rule about that, who are you to complain about it?
WarlockBN (EUNE)
: tell me what you think " AFTER YOU SEE THE VIDEO " this discussion is only for lol players only
Well... what exactly do you want to hear? The fact that a guy that literally earns money by playing this game says that there are random players that quit the game (possible) and other people like him that earn money by playing the game have left the game while in reality the league of legends playerbase has only grown till this moment and the people that play for money (streamers) including him still play at this moment just like they were playing the previous season? The whole video makes no sense, it must be made as a sort of clickbait in order to get as many youtube views as possible for even more money. Don't get influenced by someone's sayings just because he has viewers. In reality, that guy actually begs for people to keep playing this game, because every "pro player" depends on the playerbase. Without us, the playerbase, they don't have to who to stream for. Imagine if League of Legends actually started slowly dying, there would be no more tournaments, there would be no more "pro players" and they would else try to find a real job else live on the streets (unless they already made enough money out of us and the sponsors) That chubby guy you see with the nick "Scarra" is a guy that lives out of this game. The moment he makes such affirmations you realise he's full of shit. And even stating "man i don't know what to do" as if he gonna quit playing. All these "pro players" are proplayers because most od them are actually nothing without this game. Imagine a guy at his 30 not working and not going to college trying to live by himself. Also, i say all this because i myself play this game for a long time, but just as a hobby, since i'm a student. No streaming no nothing. But i honestly don't knkw what you want to hear from us after you show us this video. Just ask dirrectly in the comments. The most people that are leaving the game are the people that realised that gaming is fun but they realised that life isn't about sitting infront of a computer. I myself will stop playing most probably just before i graduate (or even sooner) i slowly start to think about leaving the game more and more, not because the game is bad, but because i start to get more mature and start using my time more benefical
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Adam Blaze,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=asazBkRn,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-02-02T00:40:26.341+0000) > > What if he got banned. then riot probably wouldn't want him to play, that's why they banned said person >What if he just wants to play ranked with a friend of his but the rank difference is too high. What you just described is called boosting, a highly bannable offence. play normals if you want to play with your silver friends.
If riot didn't want a specific player to play their game anymore, instead of banning his account they would ban his IP address for the whole game server (including other regions) Tyler1 for example went through this.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Adam Blaze,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=asazBkRn,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-02-02T00:40:26.341+0000) > > What if he got banned. then riot probably wouldn't want him to play, that's why they banned said person >What if he just wants to play ranked with a friend of his but the rank difference is too high. What you just described is called boosting, a highly bannable offence. play normals if you want to play with your silver friends.
Um, you got it a little wrong. A banned account isn't riot's way to tell someone "don't play our game". If that's what they wanted, they wouldn't make the " create a new account" so accessible. Also, about the boosting part, the term "elo boosting" applies for when you PAY someone in order to get help in your promotions through ranks. And even when you pay for elo boost you have 2 service options 1) playing duo- which is theoretically not considered boosting, because you are the one playing on your account and you just got a better player in your team. 2) someone elsr playing on your accoubt- this is by full definition "boosting" and it's punishable. If you even encounter someone in your elo and you suspect him of boosting, report him post-game and check -cheating- box and write in description ELO BOOSTING. The system will later check for the account activity, if the system finds a sudden change of the IP address from which the account has been accessed and the guy is playing, it bans the player's account. Even the riot games rules don't mention anything about "don't search for better player to help you ranking up as premades" but they mention "don't share your account with anyone"
: Idk you people are robots play to rank up only . I play to have fun . If they can troll and I can't say shit and I can do nothing that mean going afk is better . right ? If I go afk I get punished . GREAT %%%%ING SYSTEM. People I get in my teams aren't friendly . They are tryhards .
that's... awkward... i have more fun playing ranked because in ranked i get to play with people that are willing to play properly (in different proportions, depending on their ranks, of course) You can't simply say that just because i play only ranked i don't play for fun. Also, the classic game mode is meant to be free for anyone to do anything because people use it to "have fun" by trolling/testing stuff/stomping newbies, thing which they don't/rarely do in ranked matches. If you're so fed up about getting matched with premades, why don't you start getting a friend or 2 at least in order to be the one with his premades as well?...
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Why is smurfing allowed?
It's called the Git Gud treatment. Anyway, you can't disallow people to smurf. What if that person lost his main account. What if he got banned. What if he just wants to play ranked with a friend of his but the rank difference is too high. If you think smurf players exist just to make sure you don't climb, you're wrong.
: Why 4 premades are allowed in game ?
If you talk about classics, there's nothing you can do about it. Just play whatever you were assigned (if draft), mute all and that's it then get over it. You aren't losing anything at all.. It's not ranked.
Mangusti (EUNE)
: Add a TitleChampion Select Sylas?
He is in the champion select, he has no lane assigned. You have to find him through your champion list without selecting a lane. Also, i'm sorry to hea that you've wasted your money on a champ that got nerfed 1 day before it came out live so now he's basically pretty weak.
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: {{champion:17}}
xShuki (EUNE)
: Permabanned for no reason
> [{quoted}](name=xShuki,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=cGHYzo0f,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-12-29T21:50:43.737+0000) > > xShuki: ur mum works for riot, right? > xShuki: you could change ur behaviour, as i see you have many loses in ur match history > xShuki: That&amp;#039;s because u are negative > xShuki: :) > xShuki: lear to play instead of flaming kid, bye. guess that his mum really works for rito, also, there must be a mistake. else you filtered your chat log (by that i mean you deleted the rows in which you cussed the shit out of everyone) else you've got reported continuously and the game decided to punish you based on other players' amount of reports
: Uninstalling until riot do something about damage and mobility.
you yourself could become more mobile. also, you literally have a slow on nasus. However, what you've described is called throwing. Conqueror is indeed a broken mastery, but it kinda brings balance to the game. Tank > Assassin Assassin > Fighter/Marksman Fighter/Marksman > Tank Without a rune like Conqueror, the Fighter/Marksman couldn't inflict damage into the tank. But at the same time Conqueror against high burst champions is useless. If there's a BS rune then it is Press The Attack which could work on any of the 4 champion types (not supports, duh)
Infernape (EUW)
: Basically do not fight Renekton unless you're a lane bully yourself. Renekton shits on most top laners then falls off late game (whenever that is in this meta lmao). Tbh I treat him like Darius and play passively. I'd rather give him the lane and lose some CS than die to him and let him snowball.
i agree with the idea of avoiding fights with him, but still, what am i supposed to do after he simply dives me with his ultimate and kills me?
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: Day 6, still no answer from Support Ticket.
switch to eune server, here it doesn't matter if you're a boy or a girl, we give you cancer equally. Jokes aside, if your pc and internet connection supports eune server, you could as well switch the servers, if you do so, feel free to add me for duos eventually
radetari (EUNE)
: Can anyone tell me if this can burn belly fat?
it's a little awkward to find such a thread but i anyway, you can improvise as much as you want with your working out method, but you still have to make yourself a diet program else you will have no results.
Euphoría (EUNE)
: Level 7
i almost died by reading this.. dude... why? The whole point of inventing lv6 and lv7 on champions is to allow people to show off with their favourite champs. Someone who likes some champions more than others would never regrete spending blue essence on that specific champ to pimp up the badge on those champs. And also you won't see anyone getting lv6/7 on a champion they don't like at all... i mean... for example, you won't see me getting so soon a lv7 badge on {{champion:77}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:33}} and so on..
AsherUA (EUW)
: If you had only chat restriction - you still can get your rewards if you get your honor to level 2 by February 11.
thanks for the info (still not so excited for this season's rewards anyway) but by saying that i assume you are implying that if i'm BELOW Lv2, i won't get a Lv2 reset, right?
BleupizZ (EUW)
: Add surrender at 10min in Summoner's Rift
Actually, instead of suggesting riot to shorten the window timelapse of surrender vote as early as possible, you should better suggest riot to create a system which detects feeders (and by feeders i mean the people who intentionately feed, not necessarely the people that are bad at this game or had just a bad game in awhile) then the system would pop up a vote in which it asks "Is ____ Inting?" and if you press yes, that person gets a penalty and everyone else gets a remake match. But that thing should be available from minute 5-15 only... so people won't abuse it.
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: I`m not playing league until this is fixed.. Riot Help
ayy lmao. report for being toxic to his computer
: He is a juggernaut, juggernauts are supposed to deal damage, darius deals damage... nothing wrong here. Just kite, he can't get stacks if you don't enter prolonged fist fights with him.
my whole point wasn't "darius deals damage" but it was "darius deals too much damage"
Rouhsif (EUW)
: oh this account isnt banned this ones spotless almost mastery lvl 4 and 0 bans and a kindergarden teacher leaving a child in a corner for the rest of the year would be fired nice assumptions tho thinking i got banned and all
if you really don't enjoy game at all and it actually makes you that toxic , i suggest you to try other games that are more cooperative and casuals rather than this. if you're a fresh player that played for mostly 1year , there's a chance for you to escape this hell , if you're like me, over 5 years , then RIP ^^ i tried to stop playing so many times , still came back after a time.
Rouhsif (EUW)
: oh this account isnt banned this ones spotless almost mastery lvl 4 and 0 bans and a kindergarden teacher leaving a child in a corner for the rest of the year would be fired nice assumptions tho thinking i got banned and all
i even specified , being put at the corner for the whole class. the child: you the class: the game itself (bc it's just a part of your life.not your whole,other class could be your education , other your going out session , etc) the punishment time: amount of time specified is applied as for comparison , as in the punishment order: 15games mute , 25 games mute , 14 days ban , permaban. you know too well what i meant , don't try to twist my words xD
Fathands (EUW)
: If Darius can get that many stacks on someone he deserves to kill you. that's the whole point of juggernauts, they are kiteable but they hit like a train if they are in your face.
really? .. in a teamfight he can start fresh with 0 stacks and just ult the low hp one once , gain instantly 5 stacks , i deserve this , ikr?..
Fathands (EUW)
: > Darius is a freaking tank He isn't. He's a Juggernaut.
even so , mate , am i wrong for saying that his passive is a little bit too much for what he is?? take mundo for example , he can't insta! urgot too... darius can =_= there , i upvote you so you won't think i'm against you
Rouhsif (EUW)
: Banning for toxicity while muting is in game???
guess what , by posting this you just proved yourself why you got banned for toxicity while muting is in game. i'm pretty much sure that you're used "extremely wisely" those free chat messages.. and by that i mean abusing the **** out of them. being already under a punishment doesn't protect you from another punishment. you're in kindergarden, you get punished for using a bad word and you're put into the corner for 5 mins , 2nd time 10 , 3rd time 15 , after awhile the teacher already knows your behaviour bc of your "history" of using bad words and decides not to even bother anymore and puts you at the corner for the whole class.
Adam Blaze (EUNE)
BLAAARHGHGHHJBAISW LOOK AT MEE I'M A DARIUS MAIN AND I THINK THAT YOU'RE BAD FOR THINKING THAT DARIUS' PASSIVE IS UNFAIR {{champion:122}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:122}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
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GLurch (EUW)
: Bad players/intentional feeders/afkers/etc. aren't a problem when climbing. Here is why: On your team are 4 possible bad players, on the enemy are 5. Meaning, these players will appear more often on the enemy team than on your own team, although you may not notice it. This also means they actually help you climbing. Of course, there's also the chance you have the worst luck possible, but I doubt it. If you encounter a lot of bad players, it may be because your MMR dropped, meaning you'll get matched with bad players. If you win some matches, you will encounter players as good as you again. However, there'll always be some players who just have a bad game. You have bad games as well. It's also possible you're already getting matched with players of equal skill and that you're actually getting affected by the [Dunning-Kruger effect](–Kruger_effect). >But who cares after all? They have some accounts over there and they actually play on a private server in which they don't encounter such things at all :3 If they had a private server, why did I once have the luck to play with a Rioter who also had the Riot tag in front of his name? How come Riot Eambo, A Red Herring and many other Rioters occasionally play with the community? How come you can actually check their and they'll have games played? There are just so many facts speaking against this. Also, you'll have to be aware that not every Rioter has a Riot tag in front of his name.
having it like you , i never said anything about players with or without equal skill as mine. i talk about people with no interrest in winning a match there's a fine line between these 2 things ^^ "just demoted from diamond , they're full ad and it's easy af gg we win" - picks anivia adc- bruh,seriously?... do people even actually read what i say or they just feel the need to say something? ps: mmr does vice-versa to me, the higher winstreak i have,the worse team mates i get, i bet i'm not the only 1 and once again , the thing about rioters playing on a private server is actually true af. :) it's a rare event to actually see one in the normal servers (and as far as i know mostly in EUW,ofc,why would they drown in EUcancerNE) search for it if you don't believe me :3
archerno1 (EUNE)
: How is matchmaking related to trolling? I dont see any need for change to matchmaking. You lost 10 games in a row , because of you. Jhin- 3.6 CS per minute Kassa- 4.3 CS per minute Kayn- 0:12 game VElkoz- i dont even know what to say about it Diana - 0:6:2 And so on. You played bad in all of those games. You are plat player who doesnt know how to build, how to CS, how to ward... Do you want Riot to fix matchmaking so people could carry you?
well,too bad for you,when i see failures , i don't even bother trying when i see stuff like -1st blood- and 1st comment is "ff 15" i love that you look at my stats,too bad you don't look to the rest of the team. You're right about the CS per minute , what about use common sense , maybe study the subject since you're so much into discussing it and eventually i'll consider your opinion as viable,till then , i hope you'll have as many of these little angels as possible and we'll see your CS per minute. Also wow nice one mate , like i care about CS per minute, i pref objectives and kills/assists for faster gold actually ^^
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: > I would rather wait 20 minutes for a game than play with someone who refuses to play a proper support. ** ** > I can't just dodge every time it happens lol
well , technically , that'd mean that he/she won't ever play again at all. imagine dodging a queue with a troll , just to find another troll in the next queue. and going on..
: The transfer to Turkey for 1RP XD
I hope they change transfer prices for the turkey players into 9999 RP just so they won't be able to get out of there anymore. They spread diseases. There are enough turkish on EUW...
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Adam Blaze (EUNE)
: ADC in 2k17 #RITO PLS
Guess who's getting a nerf in the next few patches.. {{champion:54}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:54}}
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