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: Climb is luck only
I won once a game 2vs5. Luck? Well, yeah, I was Malphite and the other guy were Yasuo and we were fed, so were enemies. There are lucky people, but you also can carry the game alone (if your team doesn't suck totaly, which is not rare in plat and lower ELOs).
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: So, give a hyper mobile AP Assassin (that tends towards tank builds nowadays apparently) 10% damage mitigation? God no.
No champions is ballanced today. Look at Ekko, Taric etc.
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Xynorax (EUNE)
: 6 years to get 90% of the champs and you call that easy?
You can actually call 3 years to get 90% of champ, as since S3 I play max. 3 games a day, sometimes I don't play for some days too.
: > [{quoted}](name=Adios ocelote,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=HXXmtMcn,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-03-29T08:06:58.608+0000) > > Yes, you just think like bronzies. For you, stats = best player in the world. Have you even placed a ward, help lanes, push towers, do dragons, heralds, barons? It does not depend what stats you have, if this would be so, some people would gain S+ every game. I'm normally the one asking my team to buy a ward...
This is why you'll never get S rank. YOU have to buy WARDS, YOU have to HELP TEAM, YOU have to go on Dragon/Baron/Herald. If someone does it for you, you'll never get S rank. I am getting S ranks even when I lose, because I do everything I can. Wards are not only for supports, jungle is not only for junglers, KILLS are NOT only for ASSASSINS and MAGES. How to get S rank: 1. Ping SS/Careful/Fall back. 2. Put wards/clear wards/PUT A PINK WARD. 3. Help your team. Gank, even if you're ADC/Top/Mid/Support. 4. Help your teammates kill jungle camps if they need the help (they're low, it's early game and you know you can tank the buff just to make sure the next fight will be won). 5. Defend allies. Every assist or death gained by trying to defend your mate from dying helps too. 6. If you're fed (i.e. you have more than 60% team kills) and you destroy someone 1vs1 and your ally is nearby and tries to "KS" your kill, let him. You may not gain S rank if you're i.e. 11/1/0. I had a game with Darius that I was something above 10 kills, 4 deaths and 0 assists, I had A rank.
: Didn't get an S rating for this...
Yes, you just think like bronzies. For you, stats = best player in the world. Have you even placed a ward, help lanes, push towers, do dragons, heralds, barons? It does not depend what stats you have, if this would be so, some people would gain S+ every game.
duckarp (EUNE)
: Riot will never do this... Hextech was introduced to give you a chance to get "something" for "free", not to give you what you want. They want to make money and they have already stated that the shop and hextech are two separate things and if you want to get rid of skins you don't like, you should refund them. From a customer's view it would be nice, but it's highly unlikely to be ever implemented, as from the company's view it's bad.
Refund skins. Nice joke. You can refund max. 3 things, everyone in League has already 0 refunds.
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Ishiivel (EUNE)
: Illaoi Passive and e ult combo
Well, I think you should be able to set up tentacles by yourself, something simillar to Kindred's hunt. Second option could be spawning the tentacles in random location in an area of 500, which would improve Illaoi's laning (which is hard, to be honest) and even help a lot in teamfights. Stack system on tentacles would be a bit too much. You come to lane, you have 2 stacks and tentacles spawn between two walls, you pull your enemy in the middle of the lane, and he gets hit by two tentacles, then your Q, and then you use W for 2 more hits of tentacles, which will result into a 800% AD damage at max rank of your Q, and let's say you'll fight a champion that has to go in, for example Jax, you hit his soul (E) with all 5 tentacles, it dies redirecting (let's say) 25% of the damage to Jax (200% AD) and you hit him with 3 tentacles (480% AD) which will give 680% AD to your enemy. Having 120 AD will result into a 576 damage, and if you hit your ult + all tentacles... 1 344 damage counting only tentacles. Adding your ult base damage, your W damage and AD, will equal about 2000 damage (at level 9). Just a little math.
: ip gain
I play league for 6 years, I once played 10 games per day, when the games weren't long etc, now, since 3 years I play about 3 games a day and I have 90% champs in league. It's really not that hard to get those champs, really.
: Blitz's Ult
It silances for 0.5 seconds.
: zz'rot portal
Back in my day; we hadn't any help on the map by using abilities (Nocturne's R - Paranoia) and items (Zz'Rot). Well I don't think it's something bad, but I think there could be an option to enable / disable the feature of minimap help, because some people doesn't like it (or only I don't like it). Brofist! {{item:3025}}
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Viavarian (EUW)
: > i understand that we have to report them manually to get someone banned but other than that, Illegal third party applications are detected in a fully automatic manner, there's no need for reports. The report option is simply there because players would expect it to be there (and possibly as a way to find new programs that aren't detected yet).
Yea, they're detectable. I played few times with an "Ahri main" who hit 100% of her charms every game. Even when you flashed away you were hit by the charm, and guess what? This guy walks free. About 3 or 4 reports because this guy was in my team and enemy team once I think, and he's free. This is why I stopped to play League for a while, scripters are not punished.
Bragnak (EUNE)
: Xin Zhao bug
You cannot damage structures with Xin's Q. You can turn it on and it won't deal any damage.
The TabIe (EUW)
: League of Legends is obviously pay to win
Wait, so where can I buy damage boosters and defense boosters? Are there other boosters too? How much do they boost and how much RP do they cost?
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AlexH666 (EUW)
: oh was it already reported? I did a quick search and nothing came up. My bad.{{item:3070}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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AlexH666 (EUW)
: EUW - 6.4 Champion Tab BUG
Stingy (EUW)
: Servers are empty?
It is because of new champ select. No one likes to play support in low ELO, so you wait for supports all the time. Everyone picks AD/Top/Mid/jungle, and like 1% of players pick support. If you want a fast game, just go Support/Fill and you'll have a game in max 2 mins.
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kalalak (EUW)
: Xin xhao Crit bug
If people would read patch notes...
Neonchan (EUW)
: Losing lategame to a hypercarry is not wrong. That's what a hypercarry should do. The question is why couldn't your team take advantage of the 25-30 minutes he was super weak?
You know, people under diamond are even more stupid than gorillas.
Tenchev (EUW)
: CC is the answer + exhaust :) yi is fragile and he is weak vs rammus, shen and others tanks with good cc and health stats. Udyr is worse than yi atm tbh :) so don't see the problem here ^^
Well, I don't see anything OP in Udyr, honestly. I watch much streams etc. but I don't see anything in him to be broken or something.
: Well...thats what Mastery Yi does. He is the hardest hypercarry in the game and he beats every other champ concerning "dealing damage". But luckily, thats his only strenght. He has no CC and, if built as glasscannon, is extremely squishy and can be killed during a hard CC. To apply CC to Yi you have to wait until he uses his Q to dodge another CC (or, as many not so talented Yi players do: to initiate) and use it afterwards. Depending on how far the game has progressed and how fed Yi is it might still be difficult to stop Yi...but well, thats what Yi does. Thats his strength as a hypercarry. So if you have a Yi in the enemy team you better make sure the game doesn't last too long or Yi doesn't get fed, because thats when Yi is able to shine.
Seriously, Yi as a champion is not OP. Devourer + Rageblade is the thing that makes him the most OP champ in the game... well, same goes for Xin and Shyvana. If they'd nerf this stupid shit item, Yi will not be OP anymore.
: ap tank udyr with ap jungler item try it and think agian about yi op :D
Picking a permaban champ? How is it even possible?
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: Pleas do something about the lagg when you listen to Music on YouTube
Well I have this same problem. I have 20mb internet, and it keeps lagging. When I had 0.5 mb internet I had not problems like this and it was about a year ago. I believe it's not Riot's fault, just YT.
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: Devourer "buff" will compensate your objective control early
Or maybe just make sure that Devourer applies on hit effects twice every other auto attack, and Stated devourer applies on hit effects thrice every auto attack. What do you think? Everyone would buy this item just to tryhard. This item is overpowered and you want it to get buffed to be even more OP and to win games before 20 mins in game? Shyvana and Yi are champs that can easily 1vs2 all game long with a stated devourer. Shyvana and Yi would be a permaban after they'd buff it.
: Xin Zhao Inhibitor Bug
This is intended. When Xin came out it was the same (most likely).
Invented (EUW)
: Item set bug?
You have to click on the box "recommended" and choose your own set.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Make it impossible to ban champs team has pre-picked
To prevent things like this just pick other champ, not the one you want to play.
: An akali buff suggestion
So this would look like this: People make AD Akali they use W They have maxed E and they spam E every second (it has 1 sec cd at rank 5) And this way you'd be dead all the time, if you'd stay in team fight.
Saugisz (EUNE)
: Improving
If you want to improve, watch streamers (high elo) and learn from them. Spam matches like a no lifer (if you have time for this) to improve too. Look for your mistakes and then right after, look at mistakes your team did. Learn how to not make same mistakes. Main few champions, that will be easy for you (this means, play with given champs so match you'll feel with them like just eating something or sleeping). Main two roles, or even three. The easiest roles to carry are support and jungle. With a jungler you have to know when and how to gank other lanes, so you'll make them snowball. With support you can make this same, or just take care of midlane, jungle and botlane. Put much wards, as much as possible to ward the entirely mid-to-bot river so your midlaner has to use a ward only in one place. Watch the map and ping others to fall back if someone is ganking them - this point goes for jungle and support roles. While playing support, evaluate your power in lane, and turn in into your advantage by destroying botlane, or just sitting under tower and giving your adc free farm. To make this, Braum is the best choice as you can play him in aggressive and passive way. When your lane is defensive, just watch all the time map, and occasionally your adc, if enemy is not aggresive. Wards are not that important in late game if your enemies are not ambushers (just go into them and destroy them, or pick them up one by one). If you're a jungler, you should watch your enemy jungler, if he goes topside, write on chat enemy jungler is topside, if botside, tell he's botside. This really helps allies to be careful. I won today a match by evaluating jungler's position the entirely game - he took about 3 kills in early game (it's still much, but he kileld top twice), while I made 5 successfull ganks. Sorry for writting it so horribly, but I am bit tired and I can't think properly.
: Nerf jax pls
Here's a Jax nerf for you. 1. Play defensive. 2. Ask jungler to camp him until he dies ~3 times. 3. Don't stick together in team fight, split a bit and be near to help eachother, so Jax can't stun more than 1 person. 4. Focus him right after his E ends. 5. Have fun winning.
Charibasa (EUW)
Jax is banned only by noobs who can't play. This means in Bronze, Silver and Gold.
: Increase Bans and buff towers
The bans should look like this, in my opinion: Everyone chooses a champion for a ban. If more or equal two of the team picks the same champion, the champion is banned. Up to three. This is simillar to all for one. If there will be 5 other champs, the champion of 3rd, 4th and 5th pick will be banned, respectively. Example: S1 picks Caitlyn S2 picks Caitlyn S3 picks Caitlyn S4 picks Pantheon S5 picks Gnar will result to Caitlyn ban S1 picks Shaco S2 picks Caitlyn S3 picks Ahri **S4 picks Pantheon** S5 picks Gnar Will result into a Pantheon ban, as the 4th pick is unique.
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: Jax 3rd auto and W BUG
I saw the same in Hashinshin's stream. You attack with 1.0 attack speed and it decreases about 20% while using W.
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Kuniyosh (EUW)
: Skarner is broken... OP as shit... I LOVE IT!
Could someone explain me what is that OP in new Skarner? I played so many times vs. him but still don't see anything broken in it. I played him once, I had noob enemy team and I was destroying them as with the old Skarner, so in my opinion, Skarner is same as he was (just abilities changed).
: Leaver buster is so broken
Don't play with shit connection... It's purely assisting enemy team...
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