Nherax (EUW)
: Which skin do you regret buying the most?
:D HAHAHA"evil laugh" i knew it would be her worst skin :D i mean ok she has new stuff and voice blaah blaaah but so not ashe and just 4 riot 2 make money ..!! I have bought only 3 skins in all the seasons now that I think of it :O !!!! more than 1/3 is from boxes and the rest is gifts :D wohoo :3
Sefiroz (EUW)
: Star Guardian Ahri makes me cringe
I agree :D !!! I disslike her walk too!! SOO SASS
: Well it's only one side of her face in the shadow,I dunno i kinda like the slight Dark/Mystery with it,suits the whole splash art vibe that it gives out. I just..idk think her hands might be just a biiiit too thin. I mean she's gonna need strength to pull the magical arrows,using the bow/weapon of an Ice Born with..those thin sticks? I know she's a female and feminine,not expecting her to be all buffed up. *Coughs* No offense. {{champion:420}} You're fine. *Coughs* But she's still a warrior,just a bit wider/more muscle on arms wouldn't hurt if you ask me. Her left one is kinda okay but the angle on the right one especilly where the armor piece is on her hand,so thin. On first sight it didn't bother me but the more i look at her arms..{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} :p
U R RIGHT!!!! But I'm used 2 the non realistic (and exaggerated) aspects. I mean what normal human woman with this size offf... hands can even fight :D ? she'l have back problems before she learns how 2 shoot!! But that's a game of fantasy. They HAVE 2 BE purrfect and glossy, sexy but not too sexy and all that stuff!!!! Thou my argument is why they gave her chest so much attention and her face hidden. They call it mystery but that's not the point! OK give her boobs! But did that window had 2 be so small :D ?
: Mystery
Her chest didn't get any mystery thou :D !!! Or its that the point ?
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