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Tusk (EUNE)
: Testing champions in ranked games.
Its just free elo sometimes, and sometimes harder game. For me its insta lose if someone tries pro meta, like yasuo bot (im supp main, but im not a god to serve and protect).
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: What kind of champion/rework would you wanna see next?
{{champion:81}} Just because i hate to support him. Usually we lose games when i support Ezreals, and win against him
MYintroTemp (EUNE)
: Riot gave my info to random person.
I think thats your fault that you didnt secured your e-mail. I believe you can change it in settings to email you know...
: Stealing roles in champ select
I am one of players you are describing. Whenever i get toplane i pick supports. But its not becuase i want to lose game or be annoying. I hate toplaners and im terrible at it, so i will be usefull later on as time comes. Also junglers get an "easy kill" if they will gank me
: People trolling in champ select to make you dodge and lose LP.
I know one simple trick. Dont pick Vel'koz right away. Just wait until its your turn to pick People hate me or ignore its 50/50 but i pick him 95 %of time.
Dr Wild (EUW)
: I love League, but I hate Riot support...
Well , year or two is quite long time. But yeah i hate that lag comunity. My client throws me in game in 2nd min, or makes me remake sometimes. And its getting worse. So i have to go again 5x 20 min of waiting.There is no place to explain yourself... And nullifing that will take over 1k games without leaving , which is not possible (unless it will work 100%).
: I wish I get permabanned after that game
Yeah toxicity also affects me, i might throw a game or two if i get toxic adc, or just begging people. Those are just insane, if you will spam and beg to come i might as well not do it. Be a human , not anxious jelly. Supp/jg main, so i have to deal with them every game....
: Go watch some anime lol, they usually last about 20 min - the opening / ending songs.
"Sorry i dont wanna dissapoint my parents" I feel like im too old for this, i cannot find anything to watch. I was enjoying manga more. And ive read a lot of it. For exapmle Parasyte is better as manga, but it have some quite good anime adaptation.
Jammz (EUW)
: Perma Bans
Best way imo is to mute yourself. The hard thing is you cant use enter button, there is no other way now. Or just remove enter button form your keyboard
: The Honor Climb System (from dishonorable)
I both agree and disagree. If im not too agresive my old accound stays on lvl 3. But my fresh account got 1st checkpoint in about 30 games (its lvl 2 1/3checkpoint)But yeah i got chat restricted becuase i got dragged by few jhins and got mad by it and he also got chat restricted :D So going back takes some time but its not that hard. Ive got first checkpoint in lvl 1 in about 100 games.
Ecstatic (EUNE)
: Banning system
I agree that this game is creating toxic enviroment , you should really drop it man. I know i made you angry by saying that. Before lol i was calm , now whenever i play lol i just get angry becuase everytime people say "pick normal supp" or "you suck" or better " play safe" "play def". Thats cool when it comes from generous 2/7 midlaner. Two thumbs up . I hope you will leave this game and enter real life.
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: I'm not entirely sure on all the nuances of polymorph, since I played Lulu maybe twice (I'm an adc main in plat). You can either give your ally attack and movement speed, or poly the enemy for ~1-2s (depending on rank). It interrupts all channels (Kata, Fiddle, Nunu, Varus, Vi, etc.) and slows by 60 (not considered a slow tho). As for Jax Counterstrike, it seems to me it should stop that as well? But since it doesn't, it's still rather easy to play against - just poly him as soon as he stuns. Poly lasts longer than his stun (fully stacked stun is 2s, maxed out poly is 2.25s) making it rather easy to beat him when his dodge is down.
Thanks for answer anyway :) For me nami is better, but thats becuase i dont have much games played on lulu , and polymorph is weird to me. Yes Jax keeps spinning after polymorph. Janna can escape it, nami can try. Lulu not so much.
: I'd guess you just need to play these 5 games with 20min penalty. How does that work anyway? You have to wait 20 minutes before you can join the queue again?
Yeah sure. Im in "queue", so i cannot do anything for 20 minutes, and then im in queue like everyone else. Any qutiting durning wait time resets timer.
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: Spooky ghosts andshurelya, athene are darn strong items. 2 grant movespeed. With Jhin, just useghe guinsoo-3-4 shot window, shield tht time, and watch ppl die. For another supp, play Lulu, Karma or Nami
i had more blast with champions like leona , nautilius for jhin. The problem is my 80 ad in late doesnt do much, especially if jhin is toxic, and cant deal with single early game squishies like vayne. Maybe because i still have bad experiences in my head. I agree to support you mentioned, in jhin bulid i see he relies on movement speed. I use ghosts, athene not so much, sometimes i use it on sona.
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: Just go for Lulu, she's pretty similar to Janna when it comes to playstyle. Poke? Check. Shield? Check. Speed boost? Check. DPS increase? Check. Hard CC? Check. Twice. Massive heal? Check. She's got pretty much everything Janna has, and can use it differently depending on the situation - eg. you can ult your ADC to save him from the enemy Zed, or you can ult your friendly Malphite after his engage for the chain CC, which will likely win you the fight if he hits multiple people. She's currently ranked 6th by win rate, which isn't too far from Janna at 3rd. The main reason I'm suggesting Lulu is because it seems that you're somewhat tilted on Janna and need a change of pace, and Lulu should be rather easy to get a feel for after Janna. Other than that, learn how to control the wave (tho that's usually the ADC's job) and how to know where on the map the enemy jungler is by looking at push state of lanes, respawn timers on your jungle camps and engage potential of enemy lane - eg. a jungle Kha will likely spend his time sitting near top if he has a friendly Gnar there, because ganks are almost guaranteed kills. And he's not going to be ganking a Fizz on mid since it's a waste of time most of the time. Can't think of any other quick tips that could help you reach Gold fast. Hope this somewhat helps, and best of luck to you!
How does morphing works actually? I see that some enemy skills cannot be paused , sometimes its risky to even try to polymorph. (Jax) I know her range is even lower , but thats fine, because she can use mobility boots, Janna not so much. I also have some troubles with jungle tracking, i do try to get some vision near buffs, and i do place pink ward in my red buff(on bush closer to our base). Ganks itself are fine, they usually dont get me , but adc. So i need to warn them early on. Im generally playing Braum , Leona , Janna in soloq. But decided here to play something more dynamic, to work on my decision making and planning ahead, because im bouncing in low-mid silver in soloq.
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: Yes you're on a watch list. Eambo is looking at you through his camera right now.
: > [{quoted}](name=JenShen,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=xn7BgLj5,comment-id=00000002,timestamp=2018-04-21T18:25:31.917+0000) > > THIS!!! > > And then, they can focus on system that detects trolls, and not focus on million other things It's not that easy. Riot once had nearly unlimited chat restrictions. The result was, that players who received those simply started trolling instead of flaming. Now lets say they give you the option to disable it. 1. Why would those players not simply start trolling again? If they dont ahve the chat to vent they will simply vent another way. The problem is not the chat, it is the player. The solution isnt that simple... Simply disabling it might thus very well just increase the amount of trolls. Hell, it did last time Riot tried the infinite CRs... * * 2. Why do you think would those players have the self-control to keep the chat disabled? You want to disable chat? Just dont press that one button...?!??! IT all boils down to simple self-control and basic manners. If people dont have those, then the lack of a chat option won't make them any less toxic. They'll just do it in a different way. When dealing with a bunch of humans, the measures you take can very easily create the opposite effect of what you intended.
Well my job is to talk with people for 8+ hours, i need to blow off the steam. I dont want to play with "crybabies" becuase i did/pick x they have to be upset for me for whole match. I know when someone is angry you wont get him back to normal in such short time(unless you found a solution to core of problem). Trust me many people said that i will be in jail for what im doing, and i am there to help them , wtf. I play to have fun , not for feels. And i dont want to see chat becuase if i had to troll i would do it anyway, if they were angry i would do it even better.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Montazuma (EUW)
: 1. You can't disable chat, because Riot wants this excessively hostile environment, so they can keep getting new accounts with the same players spending their money. They know that having the option to disable chat, would remove a huuuuuge amount of verbal toxicity from their game, which is the 1 thing they consistently punish for. 2. What? As for the watchlist, Rioters and greenkeepers will say you aren't on any list, but lets be real.., your leash just got a lot shorter.
2. Something that would let me not play the game. Or to put it simple something like x- day ban , but you can choose for how long. The thing is i am addicted, and out of boredom i play league, and it both makes me angry , becuase i dont want to procastinate at this moment, and i am extra angry at teammates who cant stand one single mistake. (yes in age of steam i cant find any good game)
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: I personally disagree, I mean I don't see why champions like Kayn, Illaoi and Kai'Sa can't fit, you're basically saying that they are way too complex compared to the older champions? That's why they rework older champions, to bring them into the modern era of League, staying side by side with new champions. And honestly, Dunkey.. we all know why he was banned and his story was just bullshit.
Well i know it was his fault. but it was just around that time, i had some breaks, not saying directly that more complex champion are worse. But i dont like it visually. I can rant about how terrible xayah is and why i bad it everytime when my adc wants it, but why (yes shes terribly easy to play around imo). Skills are also playing with flipping game inside out (Aurelion sol could go through walls, kayn does it way easier). Maybe its just my time.
Likonias (EUNE)
: League levels and the poor rewards
Progress is slowed , so you can ~~run your small farm~~ enjoy game more. Do i like it? On new account completly not. On older, it doesnt matter much since i usually dont get shards for mastery upgrade, and i have like 95% of champions i want to play with.
: well you can put it like that, but in my situation where i have all champions and tons of blue essence, getting 2 champ shards a month feels much more dissatisfying than what it use to be, also, about keys and chests its easier for me to get S with a champ and get a chest than get a key fragment
I agree , i played like a week on new acount after ip exchange and i got anivia legendary skin on 2nd chest. The thing is , when i will get orange essence for that. On my main account i got only 2 skins for champs i do play , leendary sion skin and project leona. So yes the chance is low to both get skin and for champ you like/know how to play it. I get now 3 rammus skins in a row.
: Is League dying?
Its not that riot change this game, its to keep this game nice and fresh, but we are getting bored and stop playing it. Its the same as any big game. F.e Hearthstone, streamers were saying that hs is dying , becuase meta is around same cards. Warframe You do same stuff, but now you do same stuff and more farming. Now with PoE is just more things for casuals to enjoy with. After dunkey left League, game is getting more and more weird, new champions doeasnt fit older ones. It was simple, bright , just like Overwatch. Now we have kayn Illaoi , and kaisa, i dont think they fit here, but Riot wants to change mood of this game i guess.
: Hextech crafting worse and worse
Wow you have chests , and i have 10 keys. You want skins, but if it was so often skins would be too common. 0 prestige + lower income for riot games, its a lose-lose situation.
: yasuo
You took meme too serious. Yasuo is weak to any hard cc, if you dont have any bait out wind wall. as my experience goes (supp) janna is unkillable for him and most supports do well vs him. Sona is weak , because she can get reflected by windwall, but after that , yasuo is dead. But even then veigar can in vs yasuo. Its skill matchup (he counters veig q and r).
Kasten4 (EUW)
: People shouldnt pick a midlaner as support in general. They still think like a mid, cant protect the adc and often are way too squishy to fight for any length of time. Especially Lux support annoys the heck out of me, because the autofilled people always pick her because "i have lvl 7, lux main", like that justifies them no knowing how to play support. No wards, no map awareness and absolutely no positioning or feeling of when they can win a fight. I had a lux flame me for not ganking after she had tried to 1v1 a 3/0 jhin. Why play ranked if you cant play at least one champ each role or just freakin' dodge the queue if you are that bad.
totally agree lux is annoying, and some offesive "supports" like: Jax, veigar. Jax is good as early support becuase he makes a lot of pressure, and its somewhat relevant in late (talking about bruiser jax)
: "I'm support, so i can feed"
Just mute I play now only veigar support, becuase i cant play with adcs which cant keep up. No i dont claim to be super good, but i see that doesnt make me win.
Well Morgana is balanced, what would you say about {{champion:34}} compared to {{champion:63}} shes quite weak , due to her range and mobility. But well high skill cap makes it good for mains or even otp Anivias. ^Going this way we should rework {{champion:268}}. I can also roast myself.
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Raistlin (EUNE)
: "Try this out" The point of this thread is that on EUNE 9/10 picks are adc or fighters. You get unlucky and get mage poke as enemy team they just push mid and end the game in 15min.
Yeah , thats why i dont played this mode more than two times. On EUW everyone wanted to be either yi , zed or yasuo. Sad and boring matches.
: Riot, why do you hate junglers so much?
trackers knife was removed becuase it gave too much vision in higher elo, so games were too passive (too much informations). We already have sightstone in 8 min+ I believe emotes are just for event, if it will be longer i will be dissapointed.
Great Lad (EUNE)
: Repost: People that've played EUW, is it less toxic than EUNE?
EUNE doesnt have good players, they went to EUW, atleast my friends from challenger, becuase they didnt find any challenge here.
GreyfellD (EUW)
: Can Kai'sa get nerfed yet?
You just dont know how to play around her. Also if its a huge threat to you , you can allways ban it. Like i do with xayah, becuase if my adc will pick it, its auto lose :P
Raistlin (EUNE)
: One for all - Forever ADC picks
I played Soraka , try this out. Perma silence, and its a lot of fun.
Aguli (EUNE)
: Stuck as support role
Yeah i played a lot of Janna , and Leona (but that depend of adc playstyle). I tend to also like nautilius, for his slow but strong cc + tankiness. Nami is quite good, but thats a really squishy champion. I agree shes good, but she depends a lot on skillshots imo. As for lulu , i dont know how to not feed or be usefull as her.
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: Changes to support items
TTL have old support items. And yet i dont like this change too. RIP Rocket Janna
: why did twitch get buffed he was rather overpowerd then underpowerd
I do sometimes feel like hes better, but thats highly possible becuase i get more confident players against me. And no i do not think he is op, but you need more vision.
Noblige (EUW)
: Can you delete Anivia already ?
If its op why wont you play it? If its op why wont you ban it? Annivia relies mostly on q+e combo if she have to kill , but for advanced players there are more tricky combos. R isnt easy to put. Ofc you can use it when tf begins, but you will lack in dmg. I play her simply for fun on unraked EUW account. (or becuase i got legendary skin too?)
: Shouldn't old skins be updated?
Money, or rather its not worth it yet. Ive got Nosefatu Vladimir 975 RP he looks like out of this game, his model is slightly changed nothing else. When the time comes they might do this , but as rioter said they do plan everything 2 patches behind. So... even if some ill be changed , most likely it ill happen durning rework of them , becuase hype will be bigger.
Zekutsu (EUW)
: What other ADC should I play aside from my main Xayah?
Imo it would be {{champion:51}} and {{champion:110}} . Cait have great range, laning phase is quite fast for her. Varus have grevious wounds , quite nice cc as ult, but have 0 escapes. ~~Well i like tristana due to her w (refresh after kill or assist) but you dont like it so...~~ Can i ask you which supports are good with xayah? I have low WR while playing with them.
Proppa (EUW)
: Varus is a great pick imo..... his E can be great for the heavy-sustain champs like Mundo etc as it applies Grievous Wounds. He also gets the passive attack speed boost and with a support like Lulu he can be almost unstoppable!
I love using janna for varus adc's. That juicy 70+ ad and 400+ hp shield.
Atlas (EUNE)
: Is attack move worth it?
Well you dont need orb walking for a long long time, maybe plat+. I did tried it , its quite enjoyable doing it , but hard to stay like that longer than few secound, but hey thats me :)
Shukr4n (EUW)
: about the "your shop"
You have interesting way of getting skins, i dont think that any developer would think of that. But well you cant have it all , my friend is crazy about vayne he bought all skins for vayne , and didnt spend money on any other skin. From my perspective ive got 2 skins for trsitana 1 for braum 1 for janna and 1for nautilius. I only like playing janna, but skin is.... Fnatic janna i dont want this.
Jhin Bot (EUW)
: Tristana needs to be able to jump over Veigar's wall
Well by this point thresh latern should be grabbed when ally is rooted. He cant move but he could grab it right?
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