Akívo (EUNE)
: Banned for inting when jungler intention trolled me and stood in lane (botlane)
no worries inting is bad , from now on I promise after this punishment every jungler I see il personaly take hes every buff , couse apparently play beyond the meta is good thing and taking people xp farm etc , in a draft ranked game , for now on il just make another account ,keep this for the lulz see if people like when they get trolled . Aperantly I as a ADC have to be some random junglers play thing and get banned for doing what he already did too me trolled 2 people for him AFKing on phone wile AA red buff in a RANKED game soo if this the way the game is played LETS PLAY THEN I ruined BOT for inting fed enemy AD , but when he stood in my lane , what doo u call that dident he ruined my game and fun in botlane !? THATS NOT RUINING JUST RAW STUFF INTING , INSULTING RAGING BREAKING THE META , staying in lane a jungler wile enemy jungler takes your entry jungle , has nothing too whit our team couse aperantly NOONE GIVES A FCK . Soo junglers Don't u cry when AD will take your buff be calm enjoy the game have fun don`t ruin the game !
: Exactly But I have never actually seen a ban message saying you are banned for inting I think he was banned for flaming
lol im banned for 14 days for inting (adc) he is playing atm (jungle) This not fair for someone provoking the whole thing for trolling and making some story and abusing the fact there the same nationality too report me , they were smaping "rerpot X " from 0 1 and told me im going too get perma banned and lought couse the have the advantage of numbers and others reported just so I can get banned so I decited too continue couse they were flaming calling me idiot couse I took red but pike did im sick of this kind of behavior from 14 years old kids , now I lost honor rewards etc practicaly RIP account couse some kid decited too troll botlane as jungle just couse he can Pic https://imgur.com/a/AMD5Z4s
Uraraka (EUNE)
: Are you sure you didn't abuse someone verbally? If not, this is good news-because I always thought players who inted aren't banned.
well riot banned my account for 14 days , for inting when the jungler trolled me and told enemy team wich were polaks 4 of them plus 2 from my team , told him too leave 4 times refused I flashed forward suicided he still diden`t left and yelled insults and toold polaks too report me in there language everyone insulted me no one got punished only me wich was trolled for no reason from the start and on forums everyone is offensive to me for no reason I just wanted to play a ranked game and jungler trolled me for no reason , I told him pike took red whit AA its hes foult , he said he was on phone and doesn't care , and everyone spamed that COUSE polaks .
: ***
the rules say if you tell people too report or troll u will get banned , isen`t that the rule why is that jungler not banned !? and mind your own busyness and don`t talk from above , your not in my situation too judge I got banned couse 5 polaks reported me "Logic isn't your strong suit is it.." wich is not fair couse its a automatic system
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: ''Banned for inting'' Yup that's how it works
the jungler stood bot lane for 3 waves that is not against the rules ? flamed told people too report me and because all 7 of them were polaks aperantly they won I don't see the point of this , they also laugh from the start when I was 0 1 "HAHA ENJOY the permna , all whit new accouts prob alts couse mains are banned . so I don't see the fairplay in this crap , and if that idiot doesn't gets banned for telling people too report , for trolling botlane , never playing this game ever again
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