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: Just a quick Quality of Life suggestion coming through :)
Won't it make it difficult in Blind Pick for people to call out lanes ?
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Evoki11 (EUNE)
: Are you excited about Sylas?
I'm definitely excited for the next overpowered champion that needs nerf but will have to wait 2 months before Riot realizes it like what do you even expect from a new champion after Zoe, Pyke, Neeko I don't expect something to be different
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: Rank distribution
To be honest from Silver - Challenger there is actually no skill gap, there are factors: By the time you hit Silver you already know most of the things and what to do like taking objectives and teamfightning but sadly in Silver most people lack communication, they usually mute everyone or someone is just not listening to calls and refuses to use the signals, also Silver players tend to focus more on taking kills like a lot of kills which is 50-50 because they sometimes start to die too much and they get tilted and lose game, they also not focus much on farming but this problem is up there at Plat and Low Dia as well so... At Gold people are slightly better because they most of the time have knowledge about their champion pool and known them pretty well allowing them to execute different combos and make "plays" but again the skill gap is like 2-3%, the good thing is they start focusing more on minions and objectives but again not everyone of them there are still those who are refusing to improve. Platinum-Diamond: gap is thanks to knowledge and macro play like freezing waves, they know when to push it etc... Master-Challenger: People there know almost everything that has to be done in order to win, they know the champions and how to use them, they farm more and play with more macro, they ping when someone flashes indicating it, they know when someone's flash will be up thanks to chat timestamps and etc... Divisions are divisions skill gap is not really existent Silver-Challenger there is just a huge knowledge gap, A Silver player won't play for example Darius that more differently If you remove minions and objectives for an instant when he is against enemy he will try to make 5 bleed stacks and kill them just like any other from other divisions, but If you add back minions and objective their playstyle will differ due to the knowledge gap between a Silver and Challenger player.
: Yasuo's W
I don't understand why something regarding Yasuo should be changed and he is already in a %%%ed up position right now thanks to the changes that his W now appears from up or down and not from inside him making him unable to stop something that comes from near him like he can't just block Lux Q if he is near her...
Im Cat Lul (EUNE)
: I don't know why you guys are so outraged about , you gave Riot the right to monitor your system when you accepted the Terms of Service , maybe go read that and the privacy policy before you start complaining.
I don't even know why these individuals are downvoting you...
: How to play Yasuo safe and consistent in Diamond elo ?
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BM Electro (EUNE)
: No way Lux can have the upper hand in lane vs Zed or outside of lane for that matter.She can't spam her moves on you and wave clear at the same time and Zed has super easy time last hitting minions even without his spells Zed lvl3 and lvl 6 are super hard for Lux to deal with and Zed can get a 1300 gold item (Hexdrinker) and Lux can't kill him at all (not counting the Nullifying Orb rune) Lux needs Stopwatch/Zhonya under turret specifically because using it in the middle of the lane will still result in her death.So yeah Zed can easily face-roll this matchup unless the difference in player skill is just that great
Actually yes she can farm while poking... her E is as wide...
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: The champ has been released few days ago only... It's normal that most people dont know how to play against it, but im sure you will learn how to. There are a lot of annoying champions in this game, not only the new ones : Yasuo, Lb, Zed, Zoe, etc but people get used to it somehow. My advice is: If you cant beat them, be them. I hated Zed, started playing the champ, loved it. I hated Leblanc started playing her, loved it.
It is not that she beats you, she is just too annoying being able to use her W ability alongside with her passive imagine for example Neeko mimics Shaco and Shaco uses Ultimate and Neeko uses W, there are now 4 Shaco’s 1 of them is the real one the other 2 are traps while the Neeko one waits for the right moment to root and burst you down...
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: Honouring opponent
This was removed for a reason and It is better If It stays this way, back then people were getting honored by feeding, whenever you saw someone with the cheeky red honor flair on your sceeen you knew what is going to happen...
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: why are bad players so quick to blame junglers for everything?
I'm a Mid Main but sometimes I play jungle and my friend is a jungler main, sometimes when we play we carry hard like he camps my lane when I'm ahead and focuses on the winning lane and It is so annoying when someone starts to blame him for not ganking like what you wait the jungler to do when you fed the enemy and he is 10/0, what would 2v1ing will change something expect even feeding him more by misplaying and giving him a free double kill... My tip is not to listen to them and just completely ignore them, some people blame the jungler and say "better jungler wins" while the enemy jungler didn't even ganked him once... There are players with a well-built ego and when they lose they cannot admit they have lost and decide to pass the "blame" to someone else so they don't feel bad...
: Account Transfer
I guess 23rd of January when the new season starts because Riot gave time to those who got chat restricted time of around 2 months so they can climb back to Honor Level 2 so their rewards are locked and because of the rewards system the transfers are disabled.
: Craziest "bug" ever
That’s why Riot GameS are the best company: Music/Sound Team: 100/10 Art/Animation Team: 100/10 Lore Team: 100/10 Balance Team: -100/10
: How bad is it to "steal" the kill from your adc?
Im not support main but In my opinion supports should be taking the kills instead of the ADC, SUP items are generally cheaper so It is better to have your support with a completed item instead of ADC with B.F Sword and Boots or Daggers, It is more worth it, also If the support can get boots of mobility early and starts pressuring the enemy mid It is a free early advantage...~~~~
: katarina
I honestly don’t understand why people want her to he reverted like she had the best assassin rework... She is so much more skill reliant now you can set daggers to outplay and you basically get a free new ability(W) the old W is in the passive part and what was cool about Katarina before? You do Q E W R, You kill someone you do it again, you don’t get the kill you die, at least now she can shunpo 3 times and like 9-10 in teamfights...
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: Well... let's make one thing perfectly clear: There **are** certain player characteristics that are more or less common among players from certain tiers. Which means, that if for example a Diamond or Platinum tier player creates a new account, he is going to bring all his experience, comprehension and habits into a game against beginners. Now, why is that bad, you might ask? You only learn by facing better opponents. Well... yes and no. If that was always the case, then people would not be so mad at smurfs. They would learn and quickly catch up. If skill discrepancy is too big, you will learn nothing. Because if opponent is better than you at one thing, it's a lot easier to notice that difference and see a particular deficiency on your side as a cause of your failures, than if you opponent is better at everything and not **just** better - a lot better. If a bronze/silver player gets matched with a player who has a new account with similar MMR, but already has experience and skill of an average diamond tier, and that bronze/silver does not know he is playing against an undercover diamond, he probably will consider that player unrealistically superior. Because such experienced player will know a lot more, will have long-learned positive habits and will not allow that low-elo player to adapt ad-hoc and immediately see the result of the adaptation, because that high-elo player will have probably already experienced such change appearing and will have countered it before it even happened. In this terms, a low-elo player might consider a change that would otherwise be a step forward, as a dead end. It is very similar in terms of civilizations and technology. If we have two civilizations, between which a technology gap is huge, then the less advanced civilization will always view more advanced civilization's technology as magic. It is a lot easier to understand and reverse-engineer a bolt-action rifle if you already have trapdoor breechloaders, than to reverse engineer a machine gun if your civilization's most advanced ranged weapon is bow and arrows. Let's face the facts. There is a reason why MMR was introduced and why highly skilled players are supposed to be prevented from playing against low-skilled players. People don't smurf to learn anything. They smurf to play with weaker opponents, to have a victory without effort, without challenge, without risk. Hats down, it's high time someone spoke the hard, uncomfortable words: **Smurfing is cheating**. And that's exactly why I think smurfing should be a reportable offense.
Don't get me wrong I don't care If he is smurf and just plays well against me, we played League and 1 Defeat shouldn't bother us much the problem is the "smurf" that shittalks and acts like a God...
: Atleast these champions are fun to watch unlike Elise, sivir and lulu from previous seasons.
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Akaśhí (EUNE)
: My team holds me back
2/11 6/14 6/10 1/4 14/15 It is easy to go to someone’s account and look at their match history and find out games they did not do well and you are wrong If you think the same is not happening to you... Oh what a surprise I had bad score in few games why didn’t you pinpoint the other games where I’ve had good scores ...
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: If any of those worked on Jhin then I wouldn't be complaining... And I'm a 700k mastery points otp.
Having 700K mastery on a champion means you've played It a lot but It doesn't makes you good or doesn't mean you understand everything the champion has to over on my first account I had 424K Mastery on Yasuo and continued playing him since Season 5 till today and I had many accounts where he was like 100-200K Mastery, All those numbers where numbers when you understand the champion completely and can pull of every slightly combo of It, when you start feeling when you will lose a trade and how much you can actually do that's when you master the champion numbers are numbers true skill comes from actually learning it I can get 700K Mastery on Jhin as well without getting good at him, I will just spam him 24/7... Also saying that Comet, Fleetwork, HoB are not good runes It speaks how well you know the champion you have 700K Mastery on... P.S I did a research the best rune for Jhin ( from many Challenger mains ) They agree that Comet is the best rune for Jhin, you are welcome.
: Adc hate so popular... and nice example. I assume you are an assassin main. While I do not think Zed is broken the problem is: if at 25+ min the Adc is not extremely cautious a 0-5 Zed will still evaporate a 10-0 Adc; ofc, that is very unlikely because nowadays no one will go 10-0 if they don't know what they are doing but maybe you are getting the picture.
Well at 25+ minute the game slowly starts coming back to the first state where everyone is equally strong and Items start to not matter as much and nowadays It is more common ADC's to One-Shot the Assassins simply thanks to Stormrazor ( Quinn, Jhin, Kai'Sa ) They can pretty much kill the assassin before he gap closes to them...
: Why can't Jhin have a keystone?
I like how the one's who %%%%% about adc's being weak are getting upvoted and the one's that actually admit that they are op are being downvoted lol... Why the heck you complain about Jhin not having a keystone(Arcane Comet, Fleetwork, even Dark Harvest and Electrocute is good on him) I will sit here waiting for someone to start complaining how Kai'Sa is unplayable and is so weak right now and being overpowered.... Literally every ADC: OH MY GOD I DIED TO 10/0 Zed while being 0/5 ADC's are so weak and assassins should be nerfed...
: Best answer incoming. Try banning that champion during the select phase.
Yeah It would work out If each person could ban 3 champions When you need to permaban Jhin Kai’Sa Jax Kassadin Graves Its not easy...
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Eveninn (EUW)
: Work with your team, don't fight him alone. :shrug: He may be a beast in sidelane 1v1s, but as soon as he arrives in teamfights he gets crimpled by the usualy problems of melee champions: limited range, kiting, and CC. ^^
Yeah It is easy to say don't fight him, It is not like he has a gap closer and a stun that are on a fairly low cooldown... And no Late Game Jax with Over 3000 Health that has 5 Seconds CD on his E and Q Is not easy to kite unless he is a brainless player...
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: > [{quoted}](name=Akaśhí,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ZYn8Vi83,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-10-07T08:45:03.561+0000) > > You forgot about {{champion:51}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:18}} > Overall every adc that can rush Stormrazor and do good is viable tho Vayne doesn't rush Stormrazor.
She actually does, Riot even put it on first place in Essentials because people Rush it...
: A Seperate Battle Royale game from RIOT GAMES
How sweet, proabably not going to happen Riot can’t even balance their game, let alone another game also let’s not forget about the Nexus Blitz It kinda resembled Battle Royale ( Caitlyn’s Blessing, The Buggy Nexus Fight when enemy Walking Nexus disappears and enemy wins game by destroying your nexus while their’s, well It doesn’t even exists).
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lelfgt1 (EUNE)
: Unless you already know English. Plus, there is language for other countries, why not for ours too?
And yet there is a big UNLESS because not everyone knows English and If you ask me people in EUNE need to learn a little bit of It because I can't stand the Poland kids swearing and flaming and the others when your sentence contains kurvja or something like that It is quite obvious what type of sentene It is lol.
: Fk stormrazor, as an ADC you're always going to lack something in the late game by picking that item, I only like it if I vs a team full of squishies which hardly ever happens. If the supposed early power spike does the trick for you whatever makes you happy but full crit ADCs with a shiv and an armor pen item will burst squishies just as hard while dealing with tanks a lot more reliably on top of it and they only have to give up on a GA so to me at least that item is a noob trap except if it's on Jhin or Graves. Opting into stormrazor builds / champs (aside from Jhin) it's literally like opting into not being a threat to EVERYONE on the enemy team just because, meanwhile full crit ADCs will have 100% crit, lifesteal, true dmg, guaranteed shiv crit, probably splash dmg(Ruunan's) and it's all reliable dmg + sustain except for the shyv proc, like for real; burst: checked, wave clear: checked, sustain: checked, true dmg: checked, splash dmg: checked, multi-target armor shred: checked; dmg-wise it couldn't fkin get any better, the only thing that'd make it better was if you had GA as well, that'd be unreal broken. Now imagine if you build GA in a stormrazor build on top of everything on anything that's not Cait or Draven, like holy fk, anyone building like that is borderline r3tarded then they complain ADC is shit, nope, your brains are shit.
You are missing a really big point all the things you've said right now are valid only If the game lasts 30+ minutes, which will not happen... There is a reason ADC's that build Stormrazor are stronger right now because games are faster and what better than an Item that provides Burst, Movement Speed, and good ratios while being not too expensive the things you talk about having better wave clear and 100% crit are stupid in order to have 100% crit you will have to build 2 Crit Items and 1 Infinity Edge before you do that imagine having to deal with a Jhin that completed Stormrazor and just kills everyone on few auto attacks, don't get me wrong In a late game scenario the Stormrazor happens to be useless but remember they can always sell it for something better not that If someone builds early Stormrazor and gets fed the game won't last more than 25 minutes
: This is only true if you're not playing one of those adcs {{champion:145}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:21}}
You forgot about {{champion:51}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:18}} Overall every adc that can rush Stormrazor and do good is viable tho
lelfgt1 (EUNE)
: Add a Balkan languages in league
Not having the language you speak is actually good in one point since It helps you learn English
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