Febos (EUW)
: What type of crash is happening, like what error does it show, if any? Which of the following apply? - League client can't start at all (breaks as soon as it starts) - The patcher crashes - You can login in and then it crashes - Only crashes when you start a game You need to check for registry corruption. Download and install [CCleaner](https://www.ccleaner.com) and use the "Registry Cleaner" tool. The game shouldn't crash just because you moved directories. You shouldn't do that willy nilly, but the crashes are odd. The solution depends on exactly **what** is crashing. If worse comes to worst, you'll have to reinstall the game. Before you do that, try the [Hextech Repair Tool](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/224826367-Automated-Troubleshooting-Hextech-Repair-Tool).
basicly. i log in-> start game -> get through champion select -> i get into loading screen ( everything looks fine ) -> game starts and crashes after around 30 seconds ) -> i get some kind of error msg that i will let you know when i get to my pc -> when i recconect the game crashes again around 30 seconds after i reconnected
BesniStakor (EUNE)
: There is a file hierarchy that needs to be respected. You messed up big time. Uninstall. Delete any remaining files. Use Ccleaner to clear the registry.
Akaly main (EUNE)
: I moved my files from windows c: to data E:, cuz i dont have any free space on c:
I am open to anny suggestions, even if you are not sure if it would work :)
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: Fizz E doesn't last 8 seconds.
Nobadey maxes w on akali lol
: She leaves it for 1 second at most, doesn't give champions who are AA reliant, or targeted ability reliant many options. Let her keep the shroud, as you said, she needs it. I just think it's very annoying to deal with as it is. Here's how I would change it, first off being un-targetable by towers is stupid, so remove that. Then I think there should be a small delay before her invisibility triggers every time she moves in and out of the shroud. Maybe 0.75 seconds or something. That would give people time to react to her new positions and maybe be able to retaliate. I was playing Darius and I simply could not auto attack her, her stealth kept resetting my AA animation. The windows of opportunity are simply too small. I have no problem with her having a shroud, just give us more options to play around it since stealth is an insanely powerful ability in LoL.
In that case, akali would be usless. Her shroud would be worst spell in game. 0.75 seconds delay? It was 0.25 on old akali and often the rason you couldnt outplay people while you did get dash on old akali.
: What if turrets heal for every enemy champion they hit? If a turret hit an enemy, its because they are diving or failing with creeps control. So healing turrets for x amount per hit would be like a punishment for the team right?. Also turrets should hit more at late-game. I think they should always hit a % amount of HP of a champion, so for example lets say 4-5 hits can kill an enemy, it doesn't matter if its an adc or a tank.
I feel like people dont really understand how diving works. If you get dived, you need to feed your lane opponent. How fun would it be to accidently take 1 turret shot as tank in top lane, and you get stunted for 1 second. You would loose 50-75% hp in 2-3 turret shots? Would probably not be fun lol.
drak952 (EUNE)
: or toplaner who is helping his team pushing bot and Nasus is just farming and stacking {{champion:107}}
Again. Bad laner that leaves his lane for 20 min so nasus can stack up
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: Fun fact. in that game you describe Akali did the lowest damage of her team. + akali was 2levels ahead of you , who had 0 MR against a heavy AP team.
: I like her kit minus one thing - the cool down between dashes on her ult. I feel that it's poorly implemented and makes the who combo feel incredibly clunky. I think the fix would be either shorten it, or remove the micro-stun on the first dash and then remove the CD entirely.
She does feel a little clunky, true. But if they would do that, i think this would be a little bit op. I am silver player, and played like 10 games with her and never had a bad game ( only 2 games when i played her as support :p ). She does feel like a prfect champ for me tho. For some reason i am the one saying she is op :( i am never that guy, i just want to know of she is going to be nerfed like leblanc.
Druscari (EUW)
: Irelia Changes 8.15: Nerfs Again!
How to trade against akali? I basicly see every zed just walking up to me and tries to hunt me, so i get like 3 easy passive procs lvl 1 lol. Dont do that lol. Specially people like him cry on boards and in all chat about how op she is, when she kills him in her own minion wave with as much passives and qs possible.
jaxm (EUW)
: because she is broken
You are so against the new akali and talk how broken she is lol. You probably just keep getting outplayed, while you cant play simple champ like jax
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: I never enjoyed playing the old Akali. I kind of enjoy the new one. So that's an improvement, I suppose. Also, numbers are subject to change, so we now just have to wait a few weeks for the balancing team to smooth that out.
Yeah, the new akali is really fun to play.
Infernape (EUW)
: I think she's kinda clunky. She doesn't feel as smooth as she once did. Her passive does a shit ton of damage with Gunblade and Lich Bane.
Agree, she does feel kind of chlunky
: sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy as %%%%
I really like the old look more :p
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Inno Sang (EUW)
: Losing control of the champion regularly after 7-10 minutes of playing.
: Received honor in Match History
i like the idea, but there is only one problem that i noticed. premades could honor each other :(
: Not necessarily... like all reworks some mains will leave, more will join. this might not be the same champion but a lot of elements which drew people to her are still there, so you akali mains might have lost your main but you’ve got a new champion who has the capacity to draw you in the same way old akali did.
i realised i was a bit toxic so i deleted my comment, so sorry for that. i did read all your replies and ty for helping me letting her go. you are right about everything, so i am sorry for giving you hard time. sorry for being toxic again. have fun
: I was referring to thread made after mine, I didn't even look through the boards before writing my own two cents.
if rengar is a splitpusher, why dont we see every trynda jungle main crying? not a lot of them, but i really dont see how it could affect rengar so much more?
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: hey community. I %%%%ING TOLD YOU SO! Akalis kit is all cool and everything, BUT IT IS NOT HER. NOR IS HER THEME CORRECT. I mean cmon, she was never angry on someone exept zed.(and few noxians). She was seeking balance. Now tho...she is more of "imma kill them all." which is not what akali is about
you are right. like there was no need to make her so angry.
: People like her because akali was an issue and this rework addresses her issues pretty elegantly. The thing about outplay potential is that it should be a two way street... akali should have high outplay potential but also have the potential to be outplayed... with 0 skill shots and a lot of fall back and leaniancy it is very difficult to properly outplay an akali, instead forcing you to brute for her. This is bad for an assasin and caused this rework to happen. Now opponents can outplay akali, at the same time akali has more revenues for outplays with more freedom in her dashes and how her W now works, as well as the passive mechanic. This means that while harder there is more possibilities for out plays while being much fairer for her opponent to outplay. So that’s why this akali rework is being well received... it’s preserved a lot of akali, solved her issues, and expanded skill expression for the akali player. And no you won’t be the only one to be sad to see this happen... no matter how good a rework is there will be people who are sad at its passing... it’s perfectly natural for someone who plays old akali to be upset at its passing... > I should probably try to play her, before i cry on boards, but if you guys have any idea on how to move on from here and how to let it go, please feel free to comment. I’ve lost countless champions to reworks, and will be losing even more. Last time I counted about 70-90% of champions who have been in my champion pool have been reworked or will be reworked... hell I got close to adding akali to that list as well. So I guess you could call me a kind of expert on losing your main to a rework, and I do find myself helping those in your position on here quite a lot so here is how I get over it. Firstly it’s understanding. Try to read up on the akali rework posts riot will be putting up and have been putting up, as well as keeping up with the descussion on the boards... this will help you understand why certain elements where added to akali and why certain parts you might have liked where removed... this will help you understand and therefore be less angry at the direction riot have taken as well as understand why others might like it.... I’ve tried to explain this a bit above. Secondly it’s playing old akali... these next 2 weeks are going to be your last chance to play old akali, so don’t waste it. Spam her as much as you can, enjoy her as much as you can... a cherished champion can be very important to their player, that champion deserves a good send off. Thirdly and potentially most importantly accept new akali with open arms... but don’t see her as akali. It’s much easier to go into a rework like it was a new champion, this way you won’t mess up as much trying to play her as old akali and therefore have a better experience with her, but also for you to not compare her to old akali... because let’s face it no matter how much you might enjoy new akali it’s unlikely she will compare to the history you have with old akali. This way it will still hurt, but it will help cushion the blow a bit... and especially with that third point you stand the best chance of enjoying new akali and who knows you might grow to like her more than old akali one day (unlikely, akali will always have a place in your heart... but new akali might earn its own place)... but if your comparing her to old akali every step of the way you won’t give new akali the chance. Hopefully it helps
didnt really read the whole thing, but after 10 seconds of reading it feels like you got the point. there was no need to make her angry psyho that looks like female yasuo tho..
: Except you can’t speak for every akali main... a lot of people won’t care as much as you do about this. So you will be dumping her because of her personality, other akali means wont
he has the point tho.. there was no need to change her personality
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: A lot of akali mains however are pretty much considering dumping her. I suspect she will have the same thing galio had: Mains will abandon her, new people pick her up. She becomes popular and then gets nerfed to ground even tho she won't be needing those nerfs.
you are so right xD. you must main akali or be very smart..
: Yeah, right. Point and click opponents over and over and have them either dead or straight back to base was such an OUTPLAY. Definetely most skilled OUTPLAY ever :D. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
you never played old akali before? if you havent, than you should probably not talk about her, since if you play well enemy will miss most of his skillshots on you and this is usually the only way to win a 1v1 with her. new akali actually has more dmg, just harder to get it off and it is now harder to dodge while trying to use your passive as often as possible
: Boi,it happens to me in ranked all the time,this why i am honor 0,i cant let low iq ancient monkeys say that kind of shit to me,but still im the one being punished.Its like riot doesnt even care if they team up to flame you or troll you,they just give you advices on how not to "flame" and then they forget about you.Best company ever.Still the fact that you need to be high elo to escape these people when they drag you is just sad and whats worse is that even in high elo you cant escape them because there are kids without manners that use their mother's credit card to get a high elo account and then play worse than bronze,dont even get me started on the people who instantly tell you shut up %%%%ing noob when you tell them how to play the lane to win.
Don't expect positive reaction when you "tell people how to play to win" specially when they are tilted..
: Youre honor 0 because you flame, stop blaming others and accept the responsibility.
: Well, the new kit seems to involve more skill than just point & click. There is not much impressive outplay-potential in that. The new kit offers LOADS of outplay-potential....as long as you know how to use her new kit that is.
I probably just need to try and play her. If i dont like her, i will probably just spam zed or azir. Ty for your time..
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