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: Nearly everyone in Plat/Gold is like "I am god and u 4 are apes".
I never understood platinum players, when I was still playing Ranked, I was around Gold 2-3 and whenever I had platinum in my team he would be feeding, flaming, low cs genuinely bad, I really feel like the requirement to be plat is to play 10-15 games a day and since the game is a 50/50 coinflip and there is no real lp loss, one of my friends at the time was Gold V he lost like 14 games in a row and was not falling down to SIlver because of some kind of protection Riot did...
: > What's your "yasuo"? Yasuo
Guess what they say is true "Bronze Never Dies" Seriously It has been around 6 years since Yasuo got released and some people still didn't learn how to play versus him, there are so many champions right now that are 10 times better than Yasuo, and yet some people continue to %%%%% and moan about it lol

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