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: They buffed Nasus?
So you can ban him every game with vayne as well.
WarlockBN (EUNE)
: how can you tell ... did you see him die !!!
It was just Nietzsche reference.
XDynamite (EUW)
: League is dead
Snowbrand (EUW)
: The best aoe ultimate combo? ft. Zyra, Amumu, Nunu, Neeko & Galio
What about me?{{champion:68}} {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: CertaintlyT is designing a new Enchanter / Assasin support
Post it from different acc, this one is already shitposter one in my mind.
: Idea about a better chat/ban system
> It would be much more beneficial for everyone to not see such things in chat. Toxic player would disappear without being noticed. The community would be much less frustrated Riot supporter wouldn't have to face tickets about toxic player that much as it is now and are able to focus more on stuff you cannot report without to write a ticket The list of bad words, abbreviations, you can easily update, edit or replaced I'm "toxic" and I'm enjoying it and I believe that when I dislike with something I should be able to speak about that(plus I like to trigger ppl). 1. It would be beneficial only for toxic ppl, they would try what is and isn't filtrated and then use what isn't. 2. Toxic players can't just disapppear, it isn't how it works. Tilt = more toxic ppl and you are not solving tilt. As "toxic" dude I would just keep finding ways around rules to be toxic. You can't solve this, sadly. More bans for "bad" words? More running down/trolls. Bans for trolling? Ppl will find another way to intentionally lose(easiest way is just to miss skillshots lol). On the other hand I have to agree that current state is terrible. "Bad" words that many of players don't even care about will get you banned, just bcs player/players that reported you hate you for that you told him/them what he/they done wrong(e. g. "You are hardstuck bcs you are brainlessly pushing" or "maybe you shouldn't fight him 5 times in row, dying every single time, you are just inter at this point" bum, ban hammer will strike). At this point it is safer to just throw around modified slurs(e. g. K and N word) than to talk normally.
: > [{quoted}](name=Albus Rumbledore,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=eRTdZEwf,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2018-11-28T19:07:44.793+0000) > > I will use myself as an exemple here, I got banned multiple times(deserved) and what can look like I reformed by looking at my further punishments(6 months "clear" now) is in fact just getting "smarter" in toxicity and it is in many cases as far as I could research. So permas are just making experiences for new players extremely unenjoyable <lvl30 + it is just encouraging me/us(toxic players) to find new "creative" ways how to flame. and what are the creative ways? Cause spamming ping or sarcasm in chat are still considered as being negative and punishable. Not as fast as hard flaming, but still punishable.
Disclaimer: Ik I'm bad person etc. IDC honestly and I will have toxic %%% like myself in team rather than bunch of Simiiformes We can talk about lowest levels of sarcasm, like gj, wp, we'll get em next time etc. to modifying trigger words like IVIgger, K.Y.Slík(oxygen in one of the slavic languages)etc. to some chemistry like swallow some KCN, take a deep breath of CO, take a bath in HSbF6 etc ending with intentionally losing like missing spells on purpose, engaging poorly on purpose, dying in 5v1 etc.(safest IMO) there are more ways but I can't remember more atm. It might be bannable if manualy checked, but from my experiences sometimes support refuse to ban some1 throwing slurs around, even with evidence(screenshots).
: Bans (the permanent ones) are not really supposed to help. Those players who even manage to get a permaban are usually beyond helping, they don't reform, no matter how and how often you punish them (except for, as you said, the self-motivated reform). The only choice left is to remove them. Not a perfect solution, but the only one. And the other punishments are actually pretty effective. The vast majority of players that get punished reform enough to never get another punishment again.
I will use myself as an exemple here, I got banned multiple times(deserved) and what can look like I reformed by looking at my further punishments(6 months "clear" now) is in fact just getting "smarter" in toxicity and it is in many cases as far as I could research. So permas are just making experiences for new players extremely unenjoyable <lvl30 + it is just encouraging me/us(toxic players) to find new "creative" ways how to flame.
: You got it wrong. The reason is correct, money, but the consequence of it is not. Riot is banning people BECAUSE of money (among other things). Toxicity is the second biggest factor for churn (i.e. players leaving the game for good). Players that leave, never pay a single cent again. So Riot tries to prevent that. Given that toxicity is the second biggest factor for this, they fight toxicity. The investment of a single toxic player is way smaller than the money he is costing Riot indirectly by driving away other players. It's absolutely in Riots financial interest to ban toxic player, no matter how much money they spend.
It is nice to fight toxicity, but do bans help somehow? None of ppl I know "reformed" becouse of ban, it was mainly their decision for whatever reason I don't understand.
: I really feel like EUNE is more toxic than EUW... Others with the same experience?
So you havn't encountred my 3 accs on euw, yet :/ Now honestly, I just think it is luck.
: +1 here. But I would further stress kiting. E, W and Q+Rylai help you to keep the right distance vs many and many champions. Maybe Rumble is not a kiting king, but he is a baron at the very least.
Don't fotget to his ult, it is hilarious when they are chasing you in that 35% slow + Rylai and their healbar is just tickin down.
: How to use his passive in a useful way and how not to get tricked by it? Further thanks sensei.
You want to stay around that sweet spot of 40%-50% so your next ability is stronger. After lvl3 it shouldn't be problem, remember after 4 secs you will lose 10 per sec. Last hit with E to get 10 heat, use W(20) if you know you will not trade/get engaged or use Q(20) if you want to push/trade. If you are going all in it is nice to just press it all, there are few combinations, but nothing hard. Important thing is not to overheat in all ins/2v1/teamfights before you can do anything, it is awkward to W in just to get overheated before dropping ult. So you might just kite(ms from W is nice, E slow) or just wait. Now to be honest with you, Rumble can't rly 1v9, sometimes when you are 20/0 maybe, but normaly you need teammates with average IQ. Don't be scared tho, I fell in love with him(no homo) just try him, I playin him on mid tho, you may find some top matchups super annoying 1. save farm with E lvl 1, take Q if you are confident 2. start poking at lvl3/4, possible all in 3. manage heat by spamming abilities, remember you lose 10 heat per sec after 4 secs 4. lvl6 look for ult all-in/roam/bait 2v1 5. teamfights are easy, block their way/burn down immobile champs/pick up easy kills and gg Runes:Comet/electrocute Start:{{item:1054}} , it is important, combined with W enemies might have hard time to poke you out of lane Build: you will figure this out IMO, vs healer early {{item:3165}} , otherwise normally {{item:3151}} into like{{item:3157}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3102}} There is probably more about it, but he rly isn't that hard, learn to use heat/ult and you can easily climb. Just try him, if there wasn't enough info I can probably provide more. edit: you want to obviously overheat after using all spells to maximize your dmg, also you can use one E in overheat if you had it charged.
: Manaless AP Bruiser
Rumble - funny, easy, safe, AoE dmg etc. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} If you have any questions about him just ask.
: "Its only preseason"
Idk, in my games it feels like everyone is more relaxed, at least in my team(I'm toxic sometimes tho). Maybe you should consider to not play ranked, just to make sure your MMR is safe. Also it might help if you actually tell them that it matters, but you doin it already I guess so idk.
: Quitting this game?
What do you mean you learn nothing? Every single game is different, it is like Minecraft, simalar scenerios, but not same. That is the real magic of this game, it is so repetetive, yet you will never play same game again. Every single game cuts in your brain/fingers and I love it, same as Dota. All the experiences, like when you are able to predict enemies action before they do it, every game is pushing you to be better. This is east(Korea, Chine etc.) mindset, not our like cOmMuNiTy Is So ToXiC or tHiS sHiT iS bRoKeN stuff. I had 6 months break once, idk why, I had more fun being outside. I don't rly see what you want to hear. There isn't any psychological trick to make you stop, I just stopped, I didn't even uninstalled it. If you want to quit you will, otherwise you will keep going like me and millions of others.
: What will be your goal for S9?
I want to stop trollin and flamin, but I doubt it...
: Unpopulair opinion: Perma banning someone doesnt make them any less toxic
It is actually like with Antibiotics, they are killing bad bacteires(long time flamers/trolls), also lots of good bacteries(ppl that just had frustrating day) and creating new super ones(like me), creating new ways to flame/troll without getting banned(e.g. if you rly want to wish some1 death just try K.Y.Slík, no . needed it is just against censorship, it is actually word for oxygen, try it at your own risk tho, but it works for me so far, normaly I'm just extremely ironic and sarcastic).
: Let's talk about "Broken" champs and how to fix them
Literally everyone "You can no longer carry game by yourself, it is too much about team". IDK try it yourself to carry with "broken" champs, idk how banned is Ire in bronze, but she isn't that hard and she can stomp through lanes(mid, top) or teamfight, just my opinion tho. Also any bruiser/splitpusher would be good in your elo IMO. Normaly I'm using Trynd to exp my accs to lvl30 cuz it is kinda free elo.
: Favourite Off-Meta Picks?
I'm Rumble{{champion:68}} mid otp and I'm having tons of fun(teammates call me troll but whatever). You can roam so easily. Your <50% heat shield is so good vs any kind of poke. I prefer barrier vs all in and it also feels better in 2v1. Comet with domination healing thing feels nice, resolve can be way as well(testing precision with triumph/coup de grace). It is such a nice feel to just drop R under immobile mage and burn them down :D
Smerk (EUW)
: > you mean the same rune system that limits my gameplay to only 3 viable runepages? who was dumb enough for this shit? What are you talking about? Did you start playing this season or what? Can't you remember how many different builds people used with old system? I'll give you the hint: it's less than 3. Also don't forget that this system is free, which is huge improvement compared to old one. > Also the be system where you have to buy be or just be unable to even play any gamemode for first year? Again, I thought we're talking about improvements. And it seems you again forgot how generous old system was. So, go do some research first and then we'll continue out discussion
I honestly liked old rune/masteries system, yes they were expensive, but it could be free now, also idk about you but I had more builds like you know Ad/mr, armor, as and stuff, but yes there were most of the time only one right, was it worse than now tho? Idk it just feel rly weird to have so much dmg/tankiness outside of champs kit/items, runes was was just minor thing, they could decided fight tho(few hp, mr, armor, some pen, my beloved 1% crit xD etc.) and now? Oh this dude have electrocute, so he will take half of my hp on lvl3 + ign dmg, I might even die. I mean I don't want farmin simulator lane, but it just feels wrong, anyway it isn't that much about runes, but about overall dmg in the game, but it is different topic. I understand why Rito won't make classic mode, it would quickly become dead, with que time like 30+ mins + ppl would find out that there was some op picks in every single patch.
: A Glaring Issue
It is actually funny, try to do some math and you will find out that team that doin ok with 1 feeding player, resulting into few deaths on other teammates, will be in better spot, than team that doin super ok(like 5/0 every lane) with 1 feeding player, resulting into few deaths on other teammates = more gold from shutdowns, it's rly funny, it has been so long and I still didn't understand why is there team-sharing bounty, like ok give the money to ones that killed him, but no, afk farming adc on the other side of the map will get some too, lol. Also soloQ is about consistency, so statistically if you are god, you will just win more(sadly I'm not xD).
Luca Vayne (EUNE)
: Poor Doublelift
Why you care about this hypocrite? Big friend of Rito, big fighter for their NA and EU politics. Yet stating that NA is obviously shit, cuz his good friends in Rito have only one server to cover whole country, they made robot from you, cuz you never know when you are toxic, so you rather not use chat at all. Big supporter of "never surrender mentality"(aka NA open=team will agree on openig, yet there will be these guys that will just def/korean open=they just open, winnable or not, it's not worth to lose time when 2 player afk). Just watch his videos, he might be good(in comparison with me, world wide? nah just NA player lol) exemple: Doublelift: WOW you should get perm banned for leaving games Also Doublelift: NA is so trash because you can’t leave games
Lagenias (EUW)
: Advance the ranked system - Add Penalties for Leaving
Sure, in this never surrender mentality, when it's 0:20, idc if there is 3% chance to win I just don't want to waste 15+ mins. I rather leave(more like feed, open, cuz it's not bannable :)). It might be frustrating, but if you are good you will climb. As exemple I'm always giving Korea, server where you won't get bannad for leaving, toxicity, it must be done manually(mainly for boosting). Yet, they're soloQ is trash, obviously, they are the best and still have the biggest players/population in country. Also you can find losts of articles about this done by Rito and why it would result in worse things than how it is now.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Imo you are incorrect and are making false assumptions here. 1) Playing Rumble against immobile mages sounds nice. But the reality is, that they can clear the wave further than your Q range. The immobile mages also tend to be ranged, thus being able to harass you with AAs. Yes, you can dodge their skillshots, but so can they. You have no CC to stop them walking out of your ult. 2) You have no CC to stop assassins. Take champs like Talon, Katarina, Zed etc. They can wait your W and Q to go CD, and just go straight at you. And as Rumble is melee champion, and constant usage of Qs, Ws and Es will eventually overheat you, thus you either miss CS or are forced to AA them. 3) And then there is the fact that taking him mid, your team needs to get long range wave clear / long range harass elsewhere. I'm not saying Rumble mid is bad. I'm just saying it isn't as good as you say it is.
Well, you are maybe correct, but here is my experience(from plat :D) 1. You don't rly want to push waves early on(first few mins), after few points in your Q it will melt wave quickly, but you are risking poke, thats true. AAs are kinda irrelevant since you have W(6)+dorans shield to sustain and most of the times I'm using E to farm(6 secs). Rumble don't have hard CC, but your E and R does nice slow tho. 2. I don't rly rely on CC vs assasins, vs Kat, Zed you want to get out so normaly I just W away, ulting under me(flash, barrier depends on hp), if I don't have W up I will obviously sit far back, again I mostly cs with E, handling heat isn't that hard, you just use E whenever you can or q>w since w can save your live 3. Well idk waveclear/harras isn't long range(one E in mid/late can take like 1/5 hp of glass cannons tho), but in exchange for my ult it ain't bad I'm not trying to argue here, I just giving thing as I'm doin and feelin them.
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Bodö (EUW)
: silver is not a hard elo to climb in, people are bad and have no idea how to trade, all you litterally have to do is be better at farming and you can easily get to gold, so I don't see a reason to be toxic in silver in the first place it's when you get to high gold where the true challenge comes because it's where all the smurfs are playing and all the eloboosters and where you get unbalanced games with your gold 5 adc vs a full high-mid plat team.
I think you are actually extremely wrong. I just climbed from silver to plat 2 in like 2 weeks. And if you would ask me if there is any big difference I would say hell nah bro. In these elos I would say it is all about individuals(ones that take most blame), like when one jngler is autofilled and other isn't(or he can be smurf idk), he will make more pressure and he will punish mistakes, but after all, it is mainly your fault that you played aggressively without knowing position of enemy jngler, this was only exemple, but I think you got the point. Ppl still make tons of mistakes, with higher elo less mechanical and more macro mistakes, but they won't admit that they did mistake and it will end up with insultin your jng or insulting enemy for smurfing. So is it true challange? No. Can you blame others(Rito or players)? Yes. Will it help with your climb or will it somehow improve your skill? No.
: Why a player would care about his rank if he don't receive ranks at the end.
The real question is why do you care about any rewards? It won't make you better. I got banned in G5 like 2 moths ago and I knew it is unlikely to get back to lvl 2 honor, since on my other acc it took me almost 8 months(2-3 games per day and I wasn't even writing in chat for all this time, not a single word, no gg, gj, wp nothing) and I continue and I'm curently in P2, eventhough I had little tilt today, I'm planning to get that Dia, not for any reward, but for like good feel? Idk. Like when you learn new song on piano for exemple. I don't need anybody to hear it or clap I just want to get better. Also it make sense, I mean, you will for sure make sure to not be toxic or spam in chat again, cuz you want that rewards next year. So is it harsh? Maybe? Does it work? Hell yeah, atleast for those who cares about rewards, for those who don't there is only way out => perma => new acc(continue until you will get that any kind of unnecessarily chat spamming is pointless).
zedxlegend (EUNE)
: i mean alot of them were complaining how zoe is unplayable now,mostly they do that because they cant oneshot you pre 6, while missing everything,those people dont even deserve to play this game i mean wtf...
You mean they were mad at Rito, cuz they were unable to nerf her w and passive + dmg after e? While you are Zed main, which is skill champ till {{item:3147}} {{item:3095}} +electrocute? And counter play to Zoe? Same as vs Zed right? Just dodge the shit. I'm not saying that playin vs her is fun, but Rito just refuse to make her playable. And it is still more fun to play vs her than vs {{champion:90}} {{champion:14}}
: I have something to say..
So first of all, it seems like you kinda mixing MMORPGS and MOBAS together. Right question about new maps isn't Why Rito won't do that but Would players play it, bcs from all what Rito done it seems like once you release new thing it will get tons of ppl(that make sense), but most of players will end up back on Summoner Rift. About tank meta, it seems like ppl forget about real reason behind it(expect low tank item prices, colossus and grasp) and that was adcs(later joined by ardent meta). The true meta was "PROTECT THE ADC" for so long. I'm not saying that assasin meta is good, there is way too much dmg outside of champs kits(duskblade, ludens, electrocute), but e. g. I also remember early season where they realesed life steal and it was hell of boring. If games are too short for you and you want to try "new" MOBA game, I recommend DOTA 2. You have like +-40 mins game, you have more mechanics(some of them stupid, e. g. there is hero that get invisibility at lvl 25 and not even attacking won't cancel it, it is counterable by visions but in low mmr it is so much fun) > People influence each other in the way of learning. Might be true, but who wants to learn smthing, will learn smthing. First of all ppl(sometimes me and maybe everyone) tends to pointing out others mistakes, rather than focusing on themselfs. I mean if you will get consistent playstyle you will climb, yet tons of ppl don't get it. Low elos crying constanly about their team mates, but in reality they are same. I have been in silver like 5 times and I climbed with ease. About 2 jnglers meta. It is like every other meta, in low elo you don't have to follow it, so I guess you encoutred ppl that just fed as hell or atleast I met lot's of them. But in Korean challanger it kinda became instawin. So I got your point, I would even like so big map(I personally prefer open world MMOs where when you die you will lose everything) but in my opinion ppl play LoL for Summoners Rift, I mean I knew there was Dominion, if I needed like 20 ip for champ, I played it, but I didn't rly care about it. Was it reason to delete it? Probably no. > You have the players that even play this braindead modus. Idk why you even play this game. This game never promised smthing new. I would even compere it to Minecraft(not in that that it was free game full of kids). You generate your world, it is different from every others, yet it is same. Same with LoL, you will encounter same matchups, same teamcomps, yet every person is different so it is your new world in Minecraft. I would love to see even some LoL universe MMO, but it would be such a risk for Rito that I understand they just won't. And last thing about toxicity. It is bcs ppl not game itself. I mean where is competitivness there will be always frustrated guys/girls. And idk if I'm true but it seems like toxicity=harder soloq=better/more skilled players(Korea). I mean it separates strongs from weaks. Does it destroying fun? It surely does. So this is just my long opinion and I have more of these pointless things in my head, but until you just overfill new things with rewards, ppl won't play it and even if so, they will probably come back to Rift.
: Season 8 - RIOTS biggest JOKE!
Just tell me if you had time machine, which season would you prefer? I will tell you that in every season so far there were op picks and annoying metas(e. g. tanks and ardent etc. etc.). Only big flaw I see in this season is too much dmg outside of champs kits({{item:3147}} {{item:3285}} +electrocute). If you have only 5 op champs in your mind, lucky you, I have like 130 on my mind. > Snowball effect - get one kill and become a GOD of any world Yet, ppl cries that it is impossible to solo carry Even if Rito isn't punishing trolls, afkers... how does that encourage you to become one of them? Anyway this thread should be in jokes probably. Hope I cleared your murky mind.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > can even be that it's simply easier to get to honor level two if you actually prove to be SPORTSMANLIKE. It already is. Actively display good behavior, and you'll regain your honored status faster. Don't show improvement, and you'll be spending months in an less than honorable rank.
Honors have just minor effect on honor lvl right(they quicken honor lvl up a bit)? So what is "Actively display good behavior", not getting reported(cuz ppl threathens me by reps all the time) or not being toxic(what is toxic? is e. g. "don't gank me again you died two times already" or "we need next dragon or we can ff" toxic? so far I can't tell what is toxic anymore). How do I know what is toxic if I wont get punishment, I feel like it is just safer to not communicate through chat.
: what makes you tilt the most?
When I make bad play or bad decision.
Shädäm (EUNE)
: Proof that the system supports trolls and inters
Or you can just focus on yourself? From my experience 4v5 with 1 or 2 fed enemies are winnable as far as you can keep up in farm or even kills. Especially if you are Talon abuser, it is easy to snowball. Statistically speaking enemy team is more likely to have troll since you aren't one. Or you can just open if your team agree. Also any kind of communication with troll is pointless and it just encourage him to continue. Also permabanning them is pointless since they will just creat new acc and they are lvl 30 in like 2 weeks. You can also predict troll-like behavior in champ select and dodge.
: You simply misunderstand honor. If you are toxic, even repeatedly, you are not supposed to have a high honor rank. Honor is a reward for players who are not toxic consistently. You do not belong into that category of players right now, because you were NOT "consistently not toxic". Why would you get a reward for something that does not apply to you? You criticize Riots logic, but this is PERFECTLY logical. Giving you are high honor rank although you are not actually "honorable"...that would be illogical.
honorable=not toxic? I got never ever honored becouse I was nice or non-toxic. Every single honor I got, expect premade ones, was for being good at game. I mean I see what Rito wants, but players don't get it, I can be slightly toxic with 15/0 and I'll get like 3 honors or I can be nice dude with 2/1, supportive and positive and nothing. So I understand that 15/0 positive guy is more likely to get honored than toxic one, but many players will honor both(not in same game of course since it is impossible). So I'm saying that it is illogical from Rito to think that ppl will think logicly, but it works I guess. I also wonder why they don't want us to see progress, there was article about it, but I can't find it.
I Leva (EUNE)
: Karma top is not such a bad pick I'll agree with that, maybe the guy's some amazingly OTP that can actually play god-like karma top. But still, who are you to judge him for being angry that a dude tries some off-meta thing, he's right to be angry, if it's "silver" elo like you just stated then that karma will probably lose him the game. Yeah, adding a report button in champ select would save you the world. Just 3 days ago I had a draven player instalock as jungler and go 0/13 whitout even blinking, so having that button would've helped me. Oh btw congrats on your solution, so that was the key all along, I should dodge, get a penalty and lose some LP'S, maybe even get demoted, cus maybe I'm playing that 0 LP game that keeps me in the division I am in and I'm gonna dodge and get a penalty because someone else decides to troll. Tons of games I've dodged and a lot of other players playing with me did the same because some monkey that got filled wouldn't play his fill and troll us a game. That's not right and it's not fair for the other 4 teammates that went in a rank to win and instead gotta dodge and lose some lps and even get a penalty BECAUSE of another troll. Having a kick button in champ select would be great, and voting 4 persons to kick that one would make it harder to be abused.
But who are we to judge what is troll pick and what is off meta pick. I mean you could say that it should be tried in normals and then taken to ranked, but honestly you can win normals with completly random picks, even in low elo you can climb with anything + world don't care about normals stats. So what's my point? The game might get little bit more "stable", but there wouldn't be some picks. Like cheesy twitch jng( idk if vayne, ez or tf is still thing), mid Garen, galio, cho, rumble or even ire, not sure about adcs, tf and lulu was kinda fun, all bot bruisers, top lane cass, liss, vayne. I've seen like every champ on supp, sadly. And many more. So I got your point, but I think you can't just implement such a thing since it would take part of evolution of LoL. Plus I can imagine 4 ppl just kickin yas or riven just cuz they are mains. And yes, dodging is solution 3, 10<20. Reporting that Draven wouldn't rly get him banned and it also wouldn't give you your elo back without changing banning system. And if you implement like lp return it could be abused. Dodging would prevent you loss of full lp instead of 3, 10. I can easily imagine how LoL could turn into Dota with this, where when you get reported you get low priority que(matched with trolls, bad players) or banned. So you can't rly try any new strat until it will be smthing that will carry the game and even then they can still rep you. And who will judge if you get camped by jngler or you are trolling? So I would like to have such a thing but idk if it's possible without breaking the game. It doesn't feel right to give such a power to players(from my Dota experiences). Problem might be solved by improving rep system, but since it is impossible to do via bots, I don't think we will see any changes. I can imagine like overwatches like in csgo with maybe some rewards for doing so, after like 10 reps in small time, you will get judged by community(like idk 5+ ppl will watch replay, ppl with like 5 lvl honor, 100+ lvl and activity in few days so they know what is going on in meta), it is propably impossible so dodging is the only way for now. P. S. - You can't demote by dodging, you're losing lp not mmr. You will only be in negative numbers.
: Add champ selection reports!
This is exactly example why Rito wont listen to community. I can see how LoL could become Nazi-like game after ppl like you got into Rito. You don't have right to judge picks, especially in our elo. > Everyone agreed of course and now we all now this game is lost due to a special someone who wanted to troll. Four silvers agreed on smthing, what a rare thing. You can always dodge if you are sure it's lost. And btw Karma top can be play as tank with kleptomancy which is absolute pain in ass for almost every melee champ since you are tanky, doin dmg with sheen and sustaining tons of hp via R+W. She might be also played as mage these days as it is possible to have ad mid. I'm Rumble mid main and I absolutly hate any1 who automatically assume I'm troll. Eventhough you lost(idk if she got camped) it still doesn't make you a judge. Idk what happens in that game but cs numbers looks odd to me xD
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ShadyKnife (EUNE)
: > I mean it was just tank fokin meta at it's finest, the definition of boringness < I just get trigered when i hear "Tank meta". Tanks are tanky? No, sh#t, thats what they supposed to be. Its hust again, pro players whining, when they cant oneshot a tank. And what did it lead to? They ruined tanks. Currently its either "meta" or unplayable. And again, all because of "pro" players whinign
I meant tanks are tanks, but with grasp/aftershock and how cheap tank items were and still kinda are. I don't know bout pro players whining but it was rly annoying. I mean it is ok when i cant one shot maokai, but also when he can get 1/4 hp back by AA while ccing carries. And mao was ok but there were/are tanks that actually doin dmg(mundo, cho, orn, voli) and that was/is pain in a#s. For exemple I can still go tanky Gragas(champ without any tanky scaling in his kit) and 1v1 almost every toplaner to midgame and that just feel stupid. For me good exemple of tank is Ali, he has cc, rly small heal, tankines, but can't rly do good alone(I missed the old one tho it was my fav toplaner). So I'm saying tanks are good and teams need them as utility(CC, tanking turrets...), but when you look at Mundo, when he is standing under turret in 20 mins, killin adc and laughing his a#s off, it just feels dump.
ShadyKnife (EUNE)
: The state of the game
I would rather say it's bleeding than dying. I'm not sure if you are masochist or smthing that S7 was the best season for you. I mean it was just tank fokin meta at it's finest, the definition of boringness. Then they added lethality to fight that problem, but it didn't end up that well, since tanks were just still good, but also your (talon, zed, rengo...) could just one shot every adc or mage. You aren't toplaner if you think Conqueror is somehow op, it's just tool to utilisate your late vs tank, but laning vs grasp is just pain. Every other rune has meaning? Like what meaning has eary? You either land you sh#t and do bonus dmg/shield or not, comet might require little bit more of skill, but it is punishable by champs with spammable slowing skills. Than you have electrocute, aka we need more dmg eventhought assasins can already oneshot your a#s. Cleptomancy? RNG in game that was bout skill(there were only crit in my times). And so on. To statement there are only new players or addictive ones is kinda fishy. I havn't met more than 5 new players and I was exping 2 acc to 30 lvl. Game is just to unfriendly to new players, just give them everything omg, they need to learn bout champs by playing them(aka the funniest way), same with runes, just let them discover it. It is like being prisoner to lvl 11. Saying it's free game and how much you wasted like idk what you mean. It's your choice if you want to spend 500+ hours on Skyrim ok, if on league ok, if smhting else ok. League isn't that much bout shiny gameplay, it's truly bout repetetivness(someone might say skill). The boards are here to complain, so it is no surprise that it is all you see, some post are already becoming memes. I mean I'm not trying to somehow argue with you, we are on the same boat, so I'm just expresing myself about game dying/bleeding.
BigManJones (EUNE)
: The implications of the misuse of the "missing enemy" ping, and a solution.
It is obviously ritos fault. I cant say you %%%ed up in chat so ill just ping.
Mr Hubson (EUW)
: Fun to play midlaners to main?
It may sounds weird but for me it's rumble(i'm in plat elo so thats why it's working). It's so funny to watch immobile mages to eat like 2/3 of your ults.
iaxel (EUW)
: Please help me understand how this is toxic so I can reform
LOL. Dumb players in your team? Just softint, works everytime, never banned.

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