Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Because you're on a smurf.
I have more than one acc, you know. And you would perfectly understand that I talk about it from the point of 4+ years of LoL experience. Now let me ask you that question again: "explain how I almost never lose, when I pick him?"
: Well everyone else asked for it lol, the amount of people that actually main and like the current Aatrox, such as yourself, are very few and far between. Most who play him occasionaly or even frequently admit hes needed this rework for a long time.
But did they realy had to turn his character into boring cliche of a villain?
: Not every single person maining a champion has to personally ask for a rework in order for a rework to come. You're not personally entitled to deciding whether Riot can or cannot rework a champion you like to play, no one is.
I believe I don't make any demands for changing him back, all I do here, is giving ppl some perspective on what, in my opinion, suits Aatrox's character better, since I knew lots about him for years. Expect ppl to react with healthy debate, not with remarks about what Im entitled or not entitled to do.
: The true question is: how many of those who now talk s@@t about the new {{champion:266}} will then shut their mouths and spam it after it's release because it will be possibly broken OP? Because that's what tend to happen with quite a bit of new champs and reworks. We will see that soon enough.
I know I will. True Aatrox mains always endured the gameplay mechanics that were considered garbage by others. Its the unnecessary change to his character that bothers me the most, turned him from something unique to a bad cliche.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Going hyperbolic here, won't give you sympathy. Aatrox was problematic to balance and had to be kept at a pretty sorry state, where barely anyone picked him and even when picked it was considered a joke, he was a standard for what is bad. If you lose to Aatrox then you really suck. The change was necessary and it had to be significant.
Then explain how I almost never lose, when I pick him?
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: But there were plenty of people, who did ask for it.
Asked to ruin his character? Or make him a completely different class of a champion? Specify please.
Kaimetsú (EUW)
: Reworked Aatrox extra passive suggestion
Ult should let Aatrox move during Q's, since he gains an ability to fly it would only make sense for him to move around before landing hit to the ground. Also, if nobody kills him during ult, let blood well actually heal him for the same ammount of health.
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