Sefiroz (EUW)
: I am sorry to inform you that the health bars both old and new are about equally difficult/easy to see, and that you are having a nostalgia attack. Please try to be more open for changes in the future! If your nostalgia attacks does not go away, please refer to googling remedies for nostalgia.
No i dont have who will be hurt if riot just make permanent option to back. Im open to change but these new runes and new clients and new healthbars are mess. People complain about them whole season and riot just ignore how people just left this game saying they miss old lol and "the feedback is positive" well open your eyes riot and remove all those "new" things and back old good league. You should remove those pink glasses and see reality. I can show you five negative forums about new runes healthbars and clients from yesterday.
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truG94 (EUW)
: Client
Miss old client tho.
: well is true...
I think he is not nostalgic and he is right. I miss old healthbars and old client too.
Mister ADC (EUNE)
: The game is dying *League of legends 2018*
I actually agree with this guy. He is right. But new client lag too much. If PROBABLY they back legacy one i will be happy.
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Alex6998 (EUW)
: Back Legacy Client Dont KIll Potato Gamers | League of Legends Tribute
I agrre old client was the best. No lag and much more beutifull. Hope riot hear us and back it. New one lag and crash as %%%%.


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