: Christmas map 2019
I would like to see the snowrift, but honestly i think there wont be for this year...since new changes already came out and ..well i think its too soon for them to release snow map right away T_T {{champion:103}}
: I wanna suggest you to post that on NA boards. Riot here is like "F*king EU servers suck" . None will listen to us . You have to get about 20 upvote on NA to get the chance for Riot to see your post
good idea tho.. and i agree with that, noone cares about EU server{{champion:103}}
: NEXUS BLITZ WHEN?!{{sticker:sg-shisa}}
Yeah forgot to mention that one.. {{champion:103}}
: I agree they need to bring back the rotating game modes even if its just a different mode every month its at least something to do other than rift and aram.
I agree.. rotating game modes were amazing{{champion:103}}
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: Some of the most stupid comments I have ever seen.
You had really stupid teammates.. i cant resist ><{{champion:103}}
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