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: The old cursor is coming back. But'll be removed someday.
Hallelujah! They listened to us! <3
: So how is sylas going to be unfun to play against? His kit is very basic with no annoying features. Also very easy to counter pick with champions like corki, kalista, tahm kench, ryze etc etc. Basically champions with ultimates that are not worth stealing because they do not aid him in combat. The rest of his kit is pretty weak. I do not see it as annoying if he can steal ults because you can still use your ult even if he steals it. It's just a different champion with the same ult as you or your teammate has. Nothing annoying about it.
Triple dash with 2cc and a ridiculous heal. Currently just busted op, but with the good old nerf hammer it'll be fine, I hope.
: " zoe has to hit skillshot " kk
One of the problems, yes, most of her current damage rely on skillshots, but if you land both of them, you onshot squishies, in my opinion a design flaw, maybe more tanky, but less damage, because it would allow room for more counterplay and more aggressive RE combo, or just RW in general.
: People overreact so hard... U think Zoe oneshots are bad? At least she has to hit a skillshot from miles away. Ever played vs season 3 lebonk with dfg who only needed dfg q r (all targeted and undodgeable, and possible to use within <0.5 sec) to kill someone from 2k health? That was some unbalanced shit. Compared to that, things seem pretty tame these days. Of course riot always struggles to balance a new champion's kit. It's been that way since the dawn of time (anyone remember release xin zhao?). It's always hard to prophesize how exactly a new kit will impact the game, and how well players will be able to make use of it. Before we get 99% kassawin again, I wouldn't consider champion balance in jeopardy for the most part. Not that there ain't some stuff that needs tweaking *cough* jax *cough*, but we'll survive until riot gets around to taking care of it.
True, I cannot deny the past. But that was mainly the stats, not the champion design, as with the newer champions, the numbers are much harder to get balanced between opaf and troll pick, as we've seen with Akali, and my point is to deal with the anger, frustration and the loss of motivation by making people think. You should learn from your mistakes, but I just can't see it, time and time again, season two I think with Kassadin, then season 3 with Lb, and tanks for 2 whole seasons. They need to learn, the more discussion, even tho you may think I'm just a whiny kid, the better it is, as Riot get's informed about their mistakes.
: Add disenchant option for icons and emotes
+ They already have a space for icons and emotes in the loot inventory, it should be quite easy, I think.
: Dude be quiet please you clearly have no idea what you're saying. Sejuani got a ton of damage base and she already has solid AP ratios. Tanks are pretty useless right now and they need tank steroids so tank items can make them actual tanks but at the same time they're not broken on bruisers.
Agreed, it's basically the fact that tanks in general aren't strong, not the changes on Sejuani, that make her weak.
HitYourHead (EUNE)
: cry cry cry champions don't come out yet and people complain, they calculate numbers, they make predictions, lets complain {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
You may have your opinion on that, but seriously, don't you think that Riot themselves have admitted, that they are struggling to balance the new champions' kit, is worrying? (I am not entirely sure if they have actually said it about every single champion, but we all know they do)
: No ready check? Penalty for declining too many games...
Worry not, it seems to be one time bug, I had it about a week ago, has not occurred ever since
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Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Which champion do you feel most skilled with? ^^
When you have a godlike game with{{champion:268}} {{champion:412}}
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Do Summoner's Rift and Twisted Treeline have the same meta champions?
Basically TT meta will be forever tanks, bruisers and control mages ex. Darius Skarner Orianna vs Kayn (Rhaast) Brand Cho'Gath. {{champion:122}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:61}} vs {{champion:141}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:31}}
: can we hope to get irelia reverted ?
Objectively I don't see a point to revert her (same with Akali) but personally I hope they would revert both, I hate them both so much. They both have an interesting kit, but I see they done too good job on it, as they stuff too much into one champion. (and the reason I hope both of them would be reverted, is that I can't find any fun in playing either of them nor can I find fun playing against them.) But sorry, they will not get reverted, as they both got full updates, not just gameplay.{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} ...But we can still dream :)


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