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: Leona's E should be blockable by minions
I partly agree with you , i dont think that leona E should be block by minions but the stun of it should be lower down, if a late game adc is catch out of position by a leona it has a really hard CC that it can allow other members of the team to attack.I think leona should have a higher cooldown on e or less damage and cc
Gabresol (EUW)
: Support and Mana Regeneration
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: Are you concerned about pro-play, or your own matches ? - when talking about the need of ADC buffs.
The pro play was just an example to show how weak the adc become . Also lets not forget that 1 reason that many people find this meta fun also because of the players in lcs that plays weird champ on bot or the players such as faker bot with darius . So lets not comm that adc was nerf and affect a lot of people so take care of adc
Neferupitõ (EUNE)
: I actually agree with you about adcs buff, but not about Rekkles.. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Please stop .
Is a discussion board not a please stop board
Hydnoras (EUW)
: >Plcs players did leave because of this problem people as rekkles which are one of the best adc in the world.. First off, Rekkles is highly overrated. Secondly, other pros (even adcs) and casters are basically calling him a crybaby and a bad player for not being able to adapt to the meta. He says adcs are unplayable and yet other adcs who are better than him are saying adcs are completely fine. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Just like basically every other adc.
Ofc Rekkles cant adapt to the meta because he is used to play 1 lane and the champ for that lane for example if you play top and in the next meta you have to play support champ on top , it will be hard for you to adapt he plays adc for 4 years . Who do you think is the best adc in the world Uzi?Or tell me the adc that you think is good/better than rekkles
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: Take action!Buff supports especially thresh!He is left out !Lets not forget him!
Yes but a champ it must be reliable for all elos not just for high , i understand that is a hard champ because i main him but look you "hope" for him to be next meta good , this doesnt work it have to be , everything is probably nothing is for sure....and ofc he is annoying every champ is annoying IF YOU KNOW TO PLAY HIM
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