Cerpyn (EUW)
: Question about Elise
She used to be a viable top (and even mid at some point) after release, but currently Jungle really is the only way for her :T You can try her top, but this doesn't really work too well. Her mana costs in human form are too high, and being mainly in Spider form in top lane is too risky.
blissbomb (EUW)
: the removal of oppressor is a sick joke by riot
Well.. Both the new keystones actually require you to be a *tank* in order to make good use of them. Oppressor was a mastery that damage-dealing champions that had CC built in their kit simply took to further increase their damage without having to do anything unusual. (Think Riven, Syndra, Talon etc)
SonenseS (EUW)
: Demacia Icon
It takes a few days...
: Weird ms "bug"
Are you guys using the same ISP? If so, it's highly likely that your ISP had some problems.
ChainedUp (EUW)
: How to win low elo games as a farm midlaner?
Shove the lane and roam bot when you have a level advantage over bot. Level 3, 6 and 9 should be the most impacftful. Also top when you're 6 is good, or at any time if your top laner is a good diver like Kled, Panth or Malph. Other than that, you can only pray your team won't feed :T
: What to do with Diana??
I'm not much of a Diana player, but when I do play her this is what I usually do; First, start with {{item:2033}}. Get {{item:1082}} on first back, and try getting {{item:3057}} asap after. These items will firstly solve all your mana problems already from early game, and secondly they also give you relatively good damage early on compared to any other items. With this hopefully you can start getting gold for your more impactful itemization. After these 3, I like getting {{item:3157}} /{{item:3001}} against AD/AP, {{item:3020}} /{{item:3111}} and {{item:3116}} after. The reason I'm going for relatively tanky items at this point is because the Sheen effect is best used when playing Fighter-style (QRQR and so on, instead of QRR), so getting your tanky part of the build at this point lets you maximize it. You can sell your {{item:1082}} if you're totally out of space anywhere here, and if it's worth it. After that obviously, finish your {{item:3100}} , and get your {{item:3089}} & {{item:3135}} (order depends on the amount of their MR, ofcourse). (PS if you're sure you're going to need both {{item:3157}} and {{item:3001}} in the game, pass the Rylai and build the latter item at any point of the game it starts to be necessary.) I don't like using any attack speed items because I feel like she's too itemization reliant to just throw in a Nashor that has no impactful passive/active or to pass Mpen from boots for it (since your whole kit is magic dmg). I personally don't use AS runes too, but replacing AP quints with AS ones may work well, especially if you're playing top (Um yea I didn't really refer to jungle Diana anywhere here since it seems you're specifically talking about playing in the lane).
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: Skin shard combining
As others already mentioned, it's completely random. I suggest using only the 520/750 RP shards for rerolls (which give you only 173/250 orange essence respectively when disenchanting), and disenchanting the 975 and higher (which gives 325 and higher); unless you have an absolute shitton of unneeded orange essence.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: How do I make friends here?
Try looking for a club or discord team that promotes positive behaviour.
IceOFire (EUNE)
: Elise or Wukong?
Elise can only be played as a jungler, and it's pretty hard to solo-carry with her. Though she's quite well-rounded and is pretty good if your team is. Wukong is both a top laner and a jungler (and I swear lethality Wukong mid is stronger than many mid laners picked right now), he has a much higher potential of solo-carrying and even if behind, you can build tanky and just press R in teamfights to be helpful. I'd say Wukong is better. {{champion:62}}
: Stoneborn Pact Healing
Firstly, about the healing display, the tooltip for Stoneborn and Warlord is currently bugged. I believe once they fix it you'll be able to see how much it heals for. As for its effectiveness, I believe it's actually pretty strong on certain champions. In fact, it can be a meta changer but people haven't noticed it yet. The fact that it applies on *every* kind of CC, and that it has no internal cooldown can make certain champions really strong. There are the obvious picks like Braum, Alistar or Leona that have a big amount of CC in their kit in order to constantly have it on atleast a single person during a fight. But a few less obvious picks that are probably even far stronger... Singed or Amumu with Rylais will be able to proc it *constantly* on every single one of the enemy team during teamfights. Ashe and Anivia have the ability to constantly slow multiple opponents built in their kit - picking them in AA-oriented-teams along with Stoneborn can make them have a hidden, very strong impact on teamfights. Currently I'm testing tank Bard (it applies on passive autos, which makes it super easy to proc even in lane), Brand support with Rylai/Liandry and the rest full tank (he doesn't really need any more damage items, and with the Rylai he literally procs it on everyone 24/7)... and my secret pick, tank Aurelion Sol with Rylais as only dmg item (In fact, I've been playing tank Aurelion for a long time now, and it works far better than AP builds since the huge nerfs. There are a good amount of tank items that cover for his weaknesses amazingly well, and he's a DPS champion as it is. {{item:3742}} gives him an insane amount of additional mvsp as long as you don't auto, which you shouldn't once you get it - this is a wet dream for Aurelion. {{item:3143}} can help you peel off any champion that has a targeted dash that can get into your circle easily, which is basically 90% of the champion pool that counters Aurelion, and {{item:3102}} gives you the ability to actually charge your Q and be able to get with it into a fight before getting CCed that gets it canceled before it's in a good position. I've been using Colossus till it got butchered with nerfs for him, and now I guess I'm going to try Stoneborn for a while). I know a few of these picks are ranged and have half of the effectivenes, but they also have a much easier way to proc it, so I believe it's still worth it. Singed specifically is both Melee but also is always in a good position to proc it since none wants (and should) focus or chase Singed during teamfights, so I believe we might see him in the meta again in a while, once people catch up on how to use this mastery effectively.
kiwishrew (EUW)
: Idea for Syndra's Ult
Option 3: Remove it.
: You actually need to hit them with the skill for them to get stunned, not just parry the cc. It looks like Renekton dashed away before the skill went off.
No, you can actually see Renekton being slowed after he dashed away, and the slow is far stronger than Nidalee's red buff (which should be 7.5% slow). Fiora's W clearly was the thing that slowed him, instead of stunning.
virus 20 (EUNE)
: i want alistar and her skin
Her? Now this gives a different meaning to "You can't milk those"... On a serious note though, You have to submit a request to the Support and they'll give you it. [here](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new)
: What about a logout button ?
While Riot doesn't take any actions against smurfs and multiple accounts and (their current mindset is that) they never will for various reasons... They still don't quite promote it, and they probably prefered it if there weren't smurfs. Making a logout button is like openly admitting they acknowledge smurfs, which firstly is again, against their ideals (unrealistic ideals, nonetheless ideals), and additionally will restrict them from making any changes to the multiple-accounts policy in the future. Edit: Seems Hansi-senpai said virtually the same thing. Maybe I should stop opening a shitton of tabs and answer after an hour :T
EmZs (EUW)
: Orgnaisation with GIVEAWAYS <3
"Sorry, this content is currently unavailable".
: It's because of how the game is coded. It essentially sees the transition from champion select to the loading screen as a full game.
I don't see how it's relevant. Is it that hard to code "If (Autofill Protection was active & Game was remade) then Grant another autofill protection" . . .
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boss pak (EUW)
: Professional Slayers (Squad) - for Bronze 2 and silver- gold players
> 3. Communicate with chat or discord, also you must be online in discord** but you do** have to speak in voice chanel, aslong as you can listen and coordinate This sentence doesn't seem to make too much logical sense to me. Did you mean **don't** by any chance? At any rate, hope you can get good recruits soon!
: Practice tool and Eggnivia
There is an option to fast-foward game by 30sec. you haev to do it a few times... but it's the only way I guess.
: Fastest way to level 30?
I guess playing normal games is simply the fastest way... .-.
: Just a fast question about Fiora
Fiora is actually pretty strong. But as you probably know Fiora relies *heavily* on hitting her passive constantly during fights. But the passive damage, unlike about all top laner passives, scales on *bonus AD*. This mean that if you rely on your passive in order to kill tankier targets, you can only do this once you get a good amount of AD - only in the mid - late game. With a good amount of AD, Fiora can 1v1 literally anyone if played well. But without damage on her passive, you'll have a hard time dueling many juggernaut and juggernaut-like champions. Simply know when you're strong against your opponents, and play accordingly.
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: [Riot turned Galio into Johnny Bravo...]"I'm Here. You're Welcome."
: Anivia's Glacial Storm vs Banshee's Veil
This is most definitely not a bug. There are certain abilities that will simply go through the shield instead of consuming it. Abilities that fall under that category are either AoE DoT spells - Miss Fortune's E, Anivia's R, Karthus' E, Amumu's W, Morgana's W etc, Fiddlestick's R, etc. Or abilities that have a small amount of damage on every attack, as long as those attacks aren't "guaranteed" (namely targeted DoT, for example Malzahar's E, which does tick damage but the full duration of it is guaranteed.). mainly pets - like Malzahar's W, Heimerdinger's Q (not the lazers, just the basic attacks) or Shaco's boxes (not the fear portion). This is not a bug, but in fact a balance feature. If these kind of spells did consume the spell shield, it would only comsume a single tick. Considering they usually tick around once in 0.25sec, it'd mean the Spellshield is practically useless.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: It was and is a lot more teamwork oriented than ritos summoners rift
Summoner's Rift may involve much more strategic depth to it, even in the teamwork aspect, but this is inapplicable in non-pro-play. Obviously Rito doesn't seem to notice it. Not that I'm against that or anything though :T
: The damage in the game.
I have to disagree on this one. Firstly, yes, in the earlier stages of the game the balance was completely different. Keep in mind that 99% of the somewhat-complex mechanics the game currently has weren't existant, and that mobility was somewhat rare. If all damage was reduced in the game in its currect state, then getting kills would be extremely hard and games would be much more slow-paced. Champions that heavily rely on itemization will completely fall off (yes, you can try farming well, but that's literally suggesting "Let's remove kills from the game", or atleast a very big aspect of that core feature). Most one-shots are something that can be easily avoided (I'm not talking about skillshots, not necessarily. More like a really bad positioning or an incorrect approach when facing certain champions). The other option is that someone's fed. While "snowballing" might not really be a good thing, in the last years Riot put lots and lots of underlying game mechanics that help recover against a snowballed team, as long as you're not playing stupidly and keep on attempting to 1v1 the fed enemy. I do agree some certain abilities (yes, Syndra's ult and such) need some tuning because the counterplay is minimal (unless you're a Yasuo that presses W, which is yet another stupid ability that needs changes), but saying overall damage should be reduced is completely out of scale. --- To be honest, all of this is based on presuming you're actually familiar with all the game's mechanics, and are able to roughly measure how much damage a champion can deal in every given circumstance, or identify if your current positioning is good compared to your opponent's, etc. I believe lower-end elo players are not really able to do it, and no one expects them to. I don't see what can be done to fix the "balance" in all tiers of players, and this is one of the biggest balance problems Riot is facing since the dawn of time.
: Banned For absoloutley nothing...
If you haven't received an Email (check all your folders through "All mails" tab, or search for something from Riot) and all it says in the loggin screen is as you stated, then it's very likely that your ban is simply a temporary safe-lock because of some sort of account safety threat. Contact the Support and you should have an answer soon enough.
: Um... if you don't like maths why did you take it for A levels... it's completely optional so you did kinda bring that upon yourself.
Well, I am planning on going to university at some point later. And even if the subject I chooes doesn't necessarily involve it, students that didn't do A maths are looked down upon (atleast at the start). My sister (who finished university already, being the best in her department) had that problem because the place she studied before didn't have an A level program.
Rismosch (EUW)
: People that say they hate math don't know what math is about and how beautiful it actually is.
Well, I'm not sure what level of math knowledge is required so someone can be called as "knowing math", but if my current studies are lower than that you shouldn't be surprised I don't find it beautiful, and if it's higher then your point is contradicted. On a more serioues note and with less smarty-pantsu, I do believe math is (can be? ._.) beautiful sometimes... Though not so much when it takes hours upon hours of your free time weekly because you have to figure out how to solve problems of kind you've never encountered >n<
: Math**s** as well as spelling are some things in life you just need to know. These homeworks are meant to give you practice so you will get better.
Mehh, English isn't my native language >< (btw online dictionaries seem to treat math and maths all the same, as a short for mathematics? not that I don't believe you). Anyway yep I know I'm going to need it. Doesn't make me hate it any less D:
blissbomb (EUW)
: dw it'll get better one day ^^
I'll have to hide in a corner until that day comes then D: Thx for cheering me up *hugs*
: If you hate that never take A level maths... 8 hours a week, at least 7 large pieces of homework a week, and although we do get slightly less tests... it's more like 1 2 hour test a month but oh well. Combine that with really hard maths. Like I generally enjoy maths and I find this taxing as hell... I'd happily swap with you tbh, 2 hours a week sounds like bliss.
...I somewhat forgot to mention (or didn't think it's necessary), but I *am doing A level maths*... With 2 hours session a week, and a test on each one, as I said. :T And I usually have 10-20 pieces of homework >_> Yep I'm in a somewhat weird school with session times of its own. Bleh why am I ranting so much ;^;
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Math is the most beautiful and needed subject in your life. But she is like woman. If you don't pay her enough attention you will never understand her, and in the end she will leave you.
I'd rather be a math-virgin forever then >^>
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: So i got yasuo{{champion:157}} "supp" in draft (!) today. As a result: stolen CS, his 1/9, lost lane. I was on quinn{{champion:133}} with 13/17 and spent 45 min on suffering vs fed brand{{champion:63}} . Same happens in ranked, that's why i'm in bronze. You say that u have main velkoz{{champion:161}} supp, i can say that i played against velkoz with sona and nami, and traditional supp won those matches. And i met in 250 matches of this season ppl who said they are smurfs, boosters etc. And i didn't see special anything in their actions. Team always win, not "clever"{{item:3107}} high-ranked player or unusual skilled supp.{{champion:16}} P. S. I tried to play Orianna{{champion:61}} supp and with the best stats in team and without feeding my team still lost those matches.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
I hope you're aware that it's not always possible to single handedly carry your whole team. The thing is, that you simply need 51% win rate in order to climb out of bronze. Having a *consistent* positive impact on the game, no matter how small it is, is enough. If you can't achieve that, I don't believe you have anyone to blame.
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Rismosch (EUW)
: I think I quit League
I've quit LoL a few times for a few months at most, and I always enjoyed it far more after I returned. You might feel the same way after a while of not playing it. At any rate, I think we all hope you'll still lurk around the boards :^ It's sad to see an active forums member quit D:
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: You gotten a response from Support yet? I'd really like to hear what it says.
https://snag.gy/TbRpNK.jpg Meh, didn't have high hopes anyway >< I think I'll just make a skin list manually or something lol.
: What is Wrong with you Riot?
Firstly, the automatic suspension system has saved keywords, and a certain threshold of "use" of these keyboards must be met in order to get banned - so yes, there is a "reason" you've been suspended. Secondly, the fact that others flame too is not an excuse to flame yourself - you'll be punished, and so will they. Thirdly, an "age restriction" will do nothing because it's not kids that flame, but grown-up people that act like kids. I highly suggest you take a look at [this](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/t1nm4WZ1-humpels-guide-for-almost-everything-chapter-2-are-children-more-toxic) thread. Fourthly, I believe Riot can suffer a loss of one player. I don't see where people get the idea of "the game is dying" "people will leave this game" when in fact statistics show otherwise. Fifthly, the amount of RP bought on an account has literally nothing to do with the account's susceptibility to a ban. You can see players all around the forums going "WOT PERMA BAN RITO I SPENT 500$ IN YOUR GAME WHY U BAN ME PLS" Sixthly, bye? Honestly though, I suggest you reform yourself if you actually intend to keep playing. The 14 day suspension is your last warning before a permanent ban, so make up your mind - if you want to keep playing, reform yourself (or don't talk at all), or just quit right now because your account is as good as gone.
: Easiest way to increase the quality of ranked games
Many players have a very high minimum ping because of their distance from the servers - like players from North Africa (I believe they have 150-200 ping regularly) and such (Myself, I play from Israel and have an average of 70-95 ping - there simply are locations that don't have servers close enough). Prohibiting these players from ever playing Ranked is simply not how we want things, and is not how Riot's ideals work or should be. Other than that, many players learn to adapt to their high ping (For example I played my first two years of League in the NA servers for a few reasons, and had a regular 200 ping there, and could still reach low gold. I don't want to say it's much, but arguably players will be able to adapt to their ping and play accordingly). I guess the best solution is to give players the option to set a maximum ping threshold for themselves (and maybe with an option of also avoiding normal games too if their ping is unusually high) - but prohibiting players from playing is off the charts.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: I've used it to make a skin profile. http://www.elophant.com/league-of-legends/summoner/eune/37320309/skins If it really were dangerous to use, it wouldn't get the commercial attention that is has. While I don't know of any specific, official approvals, I can pretty much vouch for its legality. The skin saving feature doesn't interfere with the in-game experience and doesn't give any advantages, and it's only THAT that is frowned upon. That said, and this is likely only me being security conscious to the point of bordering paranoia, I do change my password after every use. The client requires to run while writing your password, and you have no way of telling there is no keylogger tracking this in the Elophant client. It's likely nothing, but I prefer not taking chances. _And on that note, I need to update my Elophant skin tab..._ EDIT: Updated skin tab.
Thanks for the reply :D I just decided to send a support ticket to be on the safe side, though they probably won't be very helpful on this matter >^> Well, shall luck be with me~
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: Question about spellblade passives
No, and I don't see why it would. How it works algorithmically with WW's ult: 1: An ability is used (His ult), spellblade passive is activated. 2: First ult hit procs the spellblade, the on-hit has been used and is now deactivated. 3: Additional ult hits..? There's nothing to reactivate the spellblade passive in the first place. Guinsoo: 1: An ability is used (Whatever), spellblade passive is activated. 2: You autoattack. On-hits are taking effect. Spellblade is used and is now deactivated. 3: On-hits are taking effect an additional time. Spellblade is currently deactivated, therefore it doesn't proc.
: What's your favorite song or songs at the moment?(Pls read the post too)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VG8rAmgZBlI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AS2Y3_DKvh4
MeIania (EUW)
: How much does it cost when it was released ?
Why are you reviving such an old discussion XD At any rate, what I mean by "full price" is that at that time every 1350 RP skin got released went on a short ~3 day sale for 975 RP. This got replaced with the current "Early-sales" system. So when the Project: skin line had been released, there were 4 days of 1350 RP "full price" in which you could also get the border, before they went on the 975 RP sale and the borders have no longer been available.
: Why are people so damn toxic
The sad thing is that this isn't 10 year olds, these are grown up people behaving like 10 year olds.
Forsakén (EUNE)
: My girlfriend just drawed this
Oh sh-- this is an absolutely amazing concept art.
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