mdasite (EUNE)
: can i run lol in that pc
flaixman (EUW)
: New Lissandra skin leads to confusion on the stun and R.
i have that lissandra skin, and the w does not expand at all, it is instant..
: You're thinking of it wrong. It's more like a triangle of mobility, damage and tankiness. You can only have up 2 of these things. Darius - Damage and Tankiness, no mobility. Morde - Damage and Tankiness, no mobility. Lucian - Damage and Mobility, no tankiness. Jinx - Damage, no mobility or tankiness (but still safe due to high range with rockets). If you let any juggernaut get into your face then you're just asking to be killed.
Darius doesn't need mobility when he's got a pull. Also, Garen is all 3 of them. Damage (broken ult 800true damage on max lvl) can just oneshot an adc, Mobility with Q and uber fucking tanky
: Stop being mean, other people understand it how you dont?

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