: > I am not really sure if riot is joking rn They are not, you are just misunderstanding how rules work. Rules do not become invalid for you, just because others are breaking them first. Two wrongs don't make a right. So it doesn't matter if you "respond" or not, you are still breaking the rules. Let me explain it differently, just to be sure: Flaming is not allowed. You flamed. So you got punished. It really is that simple. Just because others flamed too this doesn't mean the rules don't apply to you anymore, that's not how rules work.
yeah I get dat but they should be banned too if those RULES were in fair use. When you get banned they cant just look at your logs. They must see logs from the game and if they did they would at least ban them but they didnt. My problem is that I am the only one who got banned because I played champion who everyone dislikes so they reported me just for that whole reason. I dont care if I get banned the thing is that the others dont get banned too. It is not fair at all and Riot should remake their ways of doing things
: responding toxicity to toxic behavior is not makes you right. You should just mute and report them
The thing is if Riot really wants to ban players just for this they should ban at least 3 players each game. This is just stupid..
: Do you really it is not toxicity? I wonder what toxicity is on your eyes...
all of it was responses to way more toxic behaviour dat is the point..
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